5 Best Grocery Rebate Apps To Get Cash Back on Your Groceries

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The best grocery rebate apps let you save money on groceries and more. Here are the 5 best cash back grocery apps that put more money in your pocket.

Spending less money on groceries is difficult for many people. If you walk into a grocery store with a specific budget in mind and end up grabbing items that weren’t on your list, you’re not alone. Cutting back is one easy way to save money on groceries. You can also use the best grocery rebate apps to help stretch your grocery budget and get cash back.

Clipping coupons is a popular way to save money at the grocery store. Unfortunately, it’s often not worth the effort. You may also find that most coupons don’t let you save money on generic items.

The best rebate apps take less time than clipping coupons and you don’t give up any money saving opportunities. Plus, the apps let you save money on generic items. Some of the top grocery rebate apps also let you save on things beyond the grocery store, helping you extend your savings.

Best Grocery Rebate Apps


You can save money at the store with little effort and directly from your phone. You can even combine one with shopping at a cheap grocery store to increase your savings.

Below are six of the best grocery rebate apps and how they work.

1. Ibotta


Ibotta is one of the best grocery rebate apps available. It’s a free app you download to get cash back on your spending at the grocery store. How it works is simple. You download the app and sign up. Then you search the app for rebates for food items in your local area.

What I like about Ibotta is that they offer rebates for name brand products and generic store brand products, which is great for your budget.

If you’re planning a shopping trip, it’s best to look for items you already planned on purchasing or feel you need anyway. Once you find a rebate you want, you unlock it by completing a simple task on the app.

Once the rebate is unlocked, go shopping and hold onto your receipt. You need to verify your purchase by submitting a photo of your receipt.

After that, it’s time to get paid. Ibotta deposits the cash into your account within 48 hours of verifying your purchase. You redeem your payments for cash via Paypal or Venmo once you reach a balance of $20, making it one of the best apps to make PayPal money fast.

While most people use Ibotta for grocery rebates, you can also use the app at 350+ other retailers. It’s one of the best apps to get paid to shop online, or at the store if you wish. Here are a few of the online and non-grocery retailers that work with Ibotta:

  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Dollar General
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target
  • Walmart

Check out our Ibotta review for additional information on how to use the app to save money on your shopping.

Ibotta gives you a $20 bonus just for signing up.

2. Checkout 51


Checkout 51 is another grocery rebate app I like to use to save money. Every Thursday morning, the app updates with new offers to save money on grocery store items you may need.

You can browse the offers and pick the ones you like before going shopping. Use the app to take clear, readable photos of your receipt.

You also want to check off the items you purchased as you upload your receipt and indicate how many times you’re claiming each offer so their system knows what to look for.

For example, if you purchased two boxes of cereal and want to receive the offered rebate for each of them, be sure to check those items off in the Checkout 51 app as you upload your receipt so you’ll get credit.

Checkout 51 credits your account with cash back once your receipt is processed. You need to reach a $20 account balance before you can request a check.

3. Fetch Rewards


Fetch Rewards is one of the best shopping apps to use if you want to redeem earnings without a hassle. This app is strictly for name brand products. While buying generics are an easy way to save money, you may prefer a particular brand, or not have the choice to buy generic all the time.

Fetch Rewards is a simple to use and one of the best apps to scan receipts for money. After you finish buying your groceries, you scan your receipt. If your receipt is itemized you receive points for each product that has an active discount offer.

The app gives you ten points for each dollar spent on those products.

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You can redeem these points for cash, or gift cards from hundreds of retailers. Fetch Rewards has a low redemption amount of $3, making it one of the best money saving apps you can use.

Use the code FETCH2K to receive a free $2 when you open an account!

4. shopkick


Shopkick allows you to earn rebates from purchases made in stores and online. You do need to link your debit or credit card to the app. When you’re shopping in the store, you walk up to different products and scan the barcode to earn “kicks”, or points. that add up to a cash back offer.

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If you purchase the item with your linked card, you earn kicks for every dollar spent. Another way to earn kicks from in-store offers is to purchase select items and upload your receipt to the app.

If you’re shopping online, you earn kicks by visiting the sites of select partners or by simply checking out offers on the Shopkick app for iOS or Android.

You earn kicks for every dollar you spend shopping online with one of ShopKick’s partner retailers. Plus, you can earn kicks by watching videos on the app to discover new products. This makes Shopkick one of the best apps like Ibotta to get cash back on your shopping.

The great thing is that there are so many ways to earn kicks and 100 kicks equal about $0.40. The kicks you earn can be redeemed for your favorite gift cards.


5. Receipt Hog


Receipt Hog is a cool way to turn your grocery purchases into cash back and rewards. Unlike some of the other best cash back grocery apps, it doesn’t matter where you shop or what you buy when you use Receipt Hog.

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You can upload any receipt to the app then you’ll start earning coins for each one you upload. The coins can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

The app gives you coins based on how much you spent on the receipt. Once you’ve requested your coin redemption for real cash, Receipt Hog usually sends it out within seven days.

Grocery Savings Apps: Bottom Line


In the past, cutting and printing out coupons was a popular way to lower your grocery bill. Thankfully times have changed and grocery rebate apps surfaced, allowing us to use a more streamlined process to save money on groceries.

It’s so easy and less time-consuming that I wonder why everyone isn’t giving these best grocery rebate apps a try.


What other grocery rebate apps have you used to save money at the store? Do you prefer to clip coupons to save money at the grocery store? Have you ever used grocery rebate apps? Do you know of any other good ones that we could add to the list?

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