I love credit cards. I love how the best credit cards allow my family and I to travel for free or pennies on the dollar. I love how through our normal, everyday spending we’re able to earn rewards that unlock doors of opportunity and make cherished lifetime memories possible. Many of those rewards allow us to travel or get cash back by something we’re doing anyway, so why not get something back? If you’re looking for a new credit card, I’ve made it simple for you by compiling some of the currently available offers.

Think of your finances like you would a toolbox. In a toolbox you have a variety of tools that help do a job. Money is no different. I believe that credit cards are a vital tool to have in your financial toolbox…assuming you use them correctly.

How do you use a credit card correctly? It’s simple. You use the card for items you have budgeted for anyway and you pay the bill off in full each and every month. If you’re unable to do that you simply should not be using credit cards. Plain and simple.

Why? Because misusing credit cards will put you in debt. Debt, especially credit card debt should be avoided at all costs. However, if you’re wise with your money there’s no reason to not use a credit card for your everyday spending. Personally speaking, we use our credit cards for virtually every purchase and take advantage of some of the most lucrative credit card offers available.

I know some would caution against that, or say that it’s foolish to do so, though we’ve been able to earn some pretty sweet credit card rewards all through our normal spending. However, as said above, if you’re using credit cards only to be in debt then you should not be using credit cards at all.

If you have a past problem with debt or out of control spending, you should not be applying for new credit cards. That being said, if you haven’t (and you pay off your cards each month, you can truly benefit from your discipline. If the latter describes you, you will find my affiliates links below – if you do click on them, you’ll be directed to a third party site. If you then apply and get approved for a new credit card I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support of the site and using my links.

Overwhelmed by which card, or cards, you should choose? I can help. Just provide some of the details of what you’re looking for and I’ll point you in the right direction. Click here to contact me.

Points and Rewards Credit Cards


Points and rewards credit cards are my favorite. Why is that? It’s one simple word – flexibility. It depends on the card, of course, but you can convert points from many cards for everything from gift cards to cash to hotel points to airline miles. Finding a card that offers a variety of different redemption options is a beautiful thing. I personally like to convert them for travel points, which I’ll touch on below.

Find points and rewards credit cards here

Airline Miles/hotel Points Credit Cards


We have five people in our family. Travel can be expensive. That is just one simple reason why airline miles credit cards are likely my favorite. My family has used airline miles credit cards to travel across the country and internationally for free or pennies on the dollar. You can’t beat that. You’ll also likely notice a few hotel points credit cards in the link below, which are just as good!

Find airline miles credit cards here

Find hotel points credit cards here

Cash Back Credit Cards


Do you like free cash? I know I do. That’s the benefit of cash back credit cards. You do your normal spending and you get cash back as a result. It’s pretty self-explanatory. You can find a wide variety of cash back credit cards below.

Find cash back credit cards here

Business Credit Cards


Do you run a business? Or a side business? If you have regular business spending that requires a separate credit card you should take advantage and earn rewards. You can use the business credit card for anything related to your business – which can be fairly broad. Check out some of the business credit cards below.

Find business credit cards here

Balance Transfer Credit Cards


Balance transfer credit cards allow you to do one thing – lower the amount of interest you owe. Whether that’s to pay off debt quicker or to take advantage of a 0% option, balance transfer credit cards can be a helpful tool. Check out some of the balance transfer credit cards below.

Find balance transfer credit cards here

Credit Cards for Bad and/or No Credit


If you have a relatively poor credit history, or none at all, using a credit card can be one of the best ways to improve your credit score. To be fair, this is also assuming you’ve changed your mindset and are disciplined with your money. That decision is up to you. You can find some of the credit cards for bad or no credit below.

Find credit cards for bad credit here

Find no credit history credit cards here

As I stated in the beginning, I love to use credit cards. They can be a great tool to help you manage your finances. They can also be abused and enable poor financial decisions. That is a decision you need to make. We love using them in our family, but it also takes work and discipline to do so. If you apply for a new credit card, make sure to do it thoughtfully, after reviewing all the terms and conditions of the new card.