Capital One Shopping vs. Honey: Which is Better for Shoppers?

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Many look at Capital One Shopping vs. Honey when trying to save when shopping online. Our guide compares the browser extensions to show which saves more.

Shopping online is the new normal for many people. Regardless if you want to save time or avoid the crowds, the internet provides an excellent way to accomplish both goals. However, nothing is worse than buying an item you want only to find it cheaper a few days later.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool to help you find discount codes or promotions to save money shopping? Numerous apps help you identify savings, but many look at Capital One Shopping (formerly Wikibuy) vs. Honey as go-to options to save.

Each of the browser add-ons is well-known in the space to help shoppers procure savings from price-drop alerts and more.

If you want to save money while buying something online, without manually searching for promotional codes, this Honey vs. Capital One Shopping guide shares what you need to know how they stack up.

Capital One Shopping vs. Honey: What do they do?


Picture this. You want to purchase something online but want to find additional savings. You spend thirty minutes looking for a sales code to lower the cost, only to give up in frustration because none of the promos work.

We’ve all been there. The Capital One Shopping and Honey extensions remove that frustration from your experience.

While each of the shopping browser add-ons operates differently, they share a few things in common:

  • They work to find you active coupon codes on items you buy
  • Both of the add-ons are free to use
  • They both have millions of active users

Both the Honey discount app and Capital One Shopping use real-time data from shoppers to ensure the rest of the community gets the best available savings.

You don’t need to install or download either extension. You simply add either to your browser of choice to have the money-saving apps begin identifying savings as you shop.

How Each Browser Extension Works


It may seem like a lot of effort to use a browser extension to find discounts. Both the tools work with a few simple clicks to help you save.

Let’s first discuss how the Honey shopping app can save you money. When shopping online, you add any chosen items to your shopping cart.

Upon arriving at the checkout page of the given store, you click the Honey extension button. It then works to find the available and active discount codes.

After selecting the coupon, the browser extension adds it to your shopping cart. You then complete the transaction and reap the savings.

Honey works with over 25,000 retailers, including:

  • Amazon
  • Lowe’s
  • Target
  • Uber Eats
  • GameStop
  • Nike
  • Pizza Hut
  • Walmart

If there is a retailer you like to frequent and it’s not available through Honey, just contact Honey to let them know so they can add it.

Honey is compatible with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

The Capital One Shopping extension identifies savings a little differently than the Honey browser add-on. The former works with a similar number of retailers, as well as some of the same retailers.

When viewing a product page on a particular retailer’s site, friendly notifications pop up to direct you to potential savings. Capital One Shopping also works to discover other available promo codes to maximize your savings.

When Capital One Shopping locates savings, it also provides a summary of all the details on the product to help the shopper. The summary includes:

  • Item return policy
  • Delivery estimate
  • Total price after taxes, shipping, and coupons
  • Amazon, Google, and YouTube reviews

Capital One Shopping is compatible with the following web browsers.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome

Each of the coupon apps has additional features to help users maximize their savings. You may not need to use all of them but makes each shopping extension more robust.

Honey Key Features


The average annual savings secured through the Honey shopping extension is $126, according to its site. Here are a few of its features that assist users in finding money-saving opportunities.


Do you have time to log in every day to check if an item’s price dropped? Probably not, but Honey’s Droplist feature lets you add items to this list.

Honey will watch the item for you and notify you via email if a price drops. If you don’t need an item right away, this can be a great way to save.

Just add the item to Droplist and set the number of days you want to watch it, up to a maximum of 120.

Honey Gold 

Honey Gold is the rewards program the extension offers. The program is free to use, and you can earn up to 20 percent back on your shopping.

You don’t receive gold from each retailer, but it’s a helpful way to earn something on your shopping.

You can redeem gold for gift card codes to various retailers. And, you need at least 1,000 gold, equivalent to $10, to redeem earnings.

Price History

Knowing the price history of an item is a helpful way to decide if it’s time to buy. The last thing you want to do is purchase something if its trajectory shows it’s ready to go down in price.

Honey helps users identify the price history so they can decide if it’s time to purchase or if it’s best to wait.

Amazon Best Price

Do you love shopping on Amazon? I do too, but you may not always see the best price.

The Honey browser extension lets you see who on Amazon has the best price on the item you want to buy.

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While you’re looking at a product, the app inserts an icon next to their prices. If Honey finds that item for less from another shop on Amazon, the icon turns into a button that shows you the potential savings.

Read our Honey app review to get a more in-depth look at what the shopping extension offers.

Capital One Shopping Features


The Capital One Shopping extension has several features that really help it stand apart from Honey. Here are a few of its top features.

Today’s Featured Offers

Do you like to browse but haven’t identified what you want to buy yet? Today’s Featured Offers is a terrific solution to that problem.

With this feature, Capital One Shopping puts some of their best offers in one location. They may be a store offering free shipping, or a substantial discount on certain products.

Some offers don’t stay long, so be sure to buy if it’s a good deal and something you’d need.

Universal Product Search

I love this perk offered by Capital One Shopping. Through its universal product search, you can look for what all stores are selling an item for.

Instead of going to individual stores, you type in the item you want into the search bar. The extension then searches for the best available prices from top retailers.

If you’re in a store and use the Capital One Shopping app, you can use the search by scanning the barcode of an item.

Loyalty Credits

These work similar to the Honey Gold program. Capital One Shopping gives shoppers a percentage back on certain purchases.

You can then use those credits for gift cards to some of your favorite stores.

Not every purchase is eligible for Capital One Shopping credits, including:

  • Guns and ammunition
  • Real estate categories
  • Travel insurance
  • Canceled orders
  • Subscription renewals
  • Shipping and tax charges

You can spend credits at more than 10,000 stores.

Price Drop Alerts

If you have your eye on a product but don’t need it right away, you can set price drop alerts. The alerts will notify you when the price of your item goes down.

You must opt-in to receive alerts, but this is an excellent way to save on an item you’ve not decided to purchase yet. The extension also allows you to create a watch list to monitor items for up to 60 days.

Shop Local

Do you like to receive offers on deals from your favorite local retailers? Capital One Shopping helps you do that with its Shop Local perk.

You simply link your credit or debit card to identify savings opportunities at local restaurants and stores.


Reading honest reviews of a product is a helpful way to decide if you want a product. The shopping extension provides reviews from Amazon and YouTube, as well as professional reviews from various sites.

Read our Capital One Shopping review to get a more in-depth look at what the extension offers.



Safety is an understandable concern when using any service online. Both Honey and Capital One Shopping take security seriously and are legitimate options to save money.

Both extensions boast a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of a possible five stars.

Honey: Pros and Cons



  • Easy to use mobile and desktop versions
  • Free
  • Works on all major browsers
  • Saves time and money on shopping
  • Cashback credits on purchases
  • The app has a transparent data collection policy
  • Easy to uninstall whenever you’d like


  • You can only get cash back in the form of gift cards

Capital One Shopping: Pros and Cons



  • Free to use
  • Desktop and mobile options
  • Works on all major browsers
  • Easy way to save with not much effort
  • Shows local restaurant savings
  • Receive credits to use at your favorite stores
  • Calculates the best available prices including taxes and shipping costs


  • Bases some savings off of previous shoppers’ coupons

Both extensions provide a legitimate way to identify savings. The negatives aside, each offers a lot to users.



Shopping online is a terrific way to save time and money. However, nothing is more frustrating than spending time to find coupons that are no longer valid.

When looking at Capital One Shopping vs. Honey, it’s difficult to say one is better than the other. Since they’re both free, there’s no reason not to try both to help you locate savings.

One extension may find something the other didn’t. It’s also possible that the other may find a promo code the other didn’t have in its database.

Since they’re both free of charge, there’s no reason to give both a try to see which performs best for your needs.


How do you save money when shopping online? Do you compare prices when shopping?

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