The 8 Best Apps for Budgeting

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Apps for Budgeting

Staying on budget is an incredibly vital part of your financial future. If you want to start saving for that dream vacation, or even further down the road in terms of retirement, you need to start making some financial sacrifices sooner rather than later. In order to help you do that, there are a plethora of app options available to keep you on budget. Here are the best eight apps for budgeting your personal finances.


BUDGT may seem simple, but it gets the job done in an efficient way that doesn’t confuse anyone. There are obvious areas for adding and subtracting finances, information that tells you if you are on track, and easy to understand visual displays for where your money is going. If you are looking something more detailed and extravagant, BUDGT may not be the best option. But for beginners and those who are looking to keep things organized, it’s easy to understand and very functional.


MoneyWise is not only friendly to use, but it’s also free in the Google Play store for Android devices. The top feature for this app might possibly be the ability to add repeating expenses. This allows you to see things like cable bills or student loans, without having to re-add them every single month.


This app has a ton of features that any budget-minded individual will enjoy having on his or her mobile device. You can pay for monthly service at $1.99 or yearly for $19.99. Either way, you will have an expanded view of your spending on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Everything will also be organized into categories such as groceries, food, medicine, entertainment and more.


MoneyBook is full of features that people who are looking to go deep into their financial awareness will be happy with. You can easily transition between categories and individual transactions, as well as see how your money was spend on each purchase. MoneyBook also syncs to a cloud backup service, which means you won’t lose all of your information if you change phones.


Spendee is great because it allows you to take photos of your bills and receipts and store them inside of the app. It also displays a colorful and interactive user interface that is easy to understand and even enjoyable when tracking finances. You can search the different modes to track your expenses over an extensive amount of time, which will show you where your money is going and when you are spending the most amount of cash.

Evolve Money

Evolve Money is a great app and website that helps you organize your bills and bill payments. The highlight of this app is the ability to pay bills easily and on time, so that you won’t get late fees or other penalties that are associated with late payments. You can also set up calendar reminders so that you are sure everything has been paid when it says it will be.


ToshI is another great app that really utilizes cloud functionality. This app will sync every update and transaction you add, so that you never have to worry about losing information regarding your financial history again. There is a free service and an upgraded service that costs around $20 for a year.


Mint is one of the older apps that has had plenty of time to iron out glitches and become one of the best options available for managing one’s personal finances. This app allows you to sync your bank accounts to the app, so it doesn’t require you to manually update your transactions. Instead, you can just open the app and find everything listed in an easy to understand display with all of your information. It also displays investments, which is extra helpful for those who have them.

Technology makes many things in life go much easier. This is especially true with personal finances. These apps can help  you know where all of your money is going which in turn will help you plan for the future.


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