7 Best Bill Negotiation Services to Lower Your Bills

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The best bill negotiation services let you save money with little effort. Here are the top 7 bill negotiation apps that help you lower your monthly bills.

It often feels like our monthly bills are steadily increasing. We all want to save money, but inflated bills make that problematic. You can call and negotiate a lower price, but, if you’re like me, negotiation isn’t something you enjoy doing. That’s where bill negotiation services can help.

Whether you don’t like to make the dreaded call or lack the time, you can still save money on your monthly bills. The best bill negotiation companies do the work for you, often allowing you to save money with little effort.

If you want to save more money this year, but don’t enjoy negotiating, our guide shares a few of the top companies that will put more money in your pocket.

Best Bill Negotiation Services to Lower Your Monthly Bills


Bill negotiation companies have risen in popularity over the past several years. Most services connect to your bank account to analyze your recurring bills.

In many cases, the provider also allows you to upload copies of your bills to their service.

Once they analyze your bills, they go to work. Let’s face it; what these companies do isn’t difficult. They merely contact a service provider to negotiate your bill.

This step is something you can do as you look for ways to save money on bills, but they remove the emotion and do the dirty work and act to reduce your recurring costs.

Bill negotiation apps can help you reduce a variety of bills, including:

  • Cable TV
  • Cell phone
  • Gym memberships
  • Home security services
  • Internet service
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Medical bills
  • Satellite radio

The services can also help you save money on bank fees, as well as services you use around your home. Most bill negotiation companies are free to use.

If they’re able to reduce a bill, they keep a percentage of the savings. In most cases, they do not charge if they’re unable to secure savings.

If you hate to negotiate but want to lower your monthly bills, consider using one of the best bill negotiation services below.

1. Trim


Trim is one of the leaders in the bill negotiation space. In the last month, Trim has helped users save $1M by negotiating on their behalf, according to its website.

Once you sign up, the service connects to your bank account to analyze your spending habits and help you get a better idea of where your money is going. They do this to help you see how you can reach your financial goals quicker by saving extra money.

Trim is free for users and includes helpful tools to better manage your money. Those tools include:

  • Spending alerts
  • Fighting overdraft fees
  • Detection of old services you no longer use

Canceling old subscriptions is a significant relief because you may find that you’ve stopped using a product but are still paying for it. If you have debt, Trim even offers a debt payoff calculator to help you pay off debt quicker.

For other bills, you can either send or upload a copy of the bill you want to lower to Trim, and they’ll get to work for you.

You may receive a call from Trim with additional questions about your account and the bill. If Trim can secure savings, they will keep 33 percent of your annual savings.

So, if Trim can save you $10 per month for 12 months, they keep $40.

Read our Trim review to learn more about how the service works.

2. Billshark


Billshark works much like Trim and Truebill and will fight for customers trying to save on their monthly bills. If they are successful, they keep 40 percent of the savings.

Just download the Billshark app and upload the bill you want to reduce to a more reasonable price. Billshark has an 85 percent success rate when negotiating phones, internet, home security, cable, and other bills, according to its site.

Like other bill negotiation services, Billshark works with various companies to lower prices, including:

  • ADT
  • Charter
  • Comcast
  • Dish
  • Sprint
  • Terminix
  • Time Warner
  • Verizon

We know that we want to save on particular bills, but sometimes we don’t have the time to negotiate. Billshark does it for you, and only takes a small percentage of the savings.

*Special offer: for a limited time receive $25 in bonus dollars with any bill submission to Billshark. No code needed!*

Billshark is typically able to save you at least 25 percent on the service you want to negotiate.

It only takes 15 seconds for the service to identify savings, according to its website.

Read our review of Billshark to learn how the platform operates.

3. Truebill


Truebill works similar to Trim and is one of the best bill negotiation services to use. Sometimes with the everyday grind of life, it might be hard to keep our finances organized. Truebill will do all of that for you.

Your cash, credit, and investment balances are all organized to look at one screen. Truebill says that 84 percent of people have some sort of subscription they have forgotten about. Are you one of them?

You can connect your bank account to Truebill, or you can upload monthly statements to their app. After you provide this information, they start by looking for available promotions on the services you use.

The service then goes to work to negotiate lower bills on your behalf. Truebill, like other bill negotiation apps, does not cancel or downgrade a service without first asking you.

Truebill is a bit unique compared to Trim, in they also monitor for utility and internet outages. If you experience such an outage, they work to earn a partial refund on your behalf.

Truebill is free to use. If they can earn savings for you, they keep 40 percent of the total annual savings.

They also offer a premium account that offers additional services like budget management, a smart savings account, and late fee refunds.

Read our Truebill review to learn more about how the service works.

4. Cushion


Do you hate paying bank fees? I do too. Cushion is a service that works to help you save money on bank fees. Banks love to charge fees and rob you of your hard-earned money.

Unlike other bill negotiation apps, Cushion focuses solely on bank and credit card fees. Upon connecting to your bank account Cushion begins to analyze your account to find unnecessary fees and work to win a refund.

Those fees include:

  • ATM fees
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Interest charges
  • Late fees
  • Monthly service charges
  • Overdraft fees
  • Wire fees

Americans pay U.S banks roughly $200 billion in credit card interest and bank fees annually, according to the Cushion site. Before Cushion, there wasn’t a digital solution in place to find a fight those fees for customers.

Cushion has a bot named ‘Fee Fighter’ that finds any bank fees in your account and asks your permission to dispute it. You will receive a message with a list of the fees that the bot has found for you.

How many fees and the total amount will both be on the list.

After looking it over, just messaging yes or no back would be the next step. You’ll receive a summary of the refund, typically within 24 hours of the dispute.

Cushion makes their money when they keep 25 percent of the refunded amount.

5. BillCutterz


BillCutterz claims to be able to save users up to $3,000 off their monthly bills per year. Since 2009, BillCutterz has been helping clients save on their cable, satellite TV, phone, and internet.

They are even able to help negotiate lower electricity bills for customers who live in Texas as well. It doesn’t stop there. You can also use BillCutterz to potentially lower other payments, including:

  • Car insurance
  • Car payments
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Life insurance

They keep up to date with the service provider’s promotions and discounts to ensure you are maximizing all possible savings.

BillCutterz is a bit more expensive than other bill negotiation companies. They split the savings they find in half, so you keep 50 percent, and they keep the other 50 percent.

The process usually takes less than 48 hours to complete after bills are submitted.

Read our Billcutterz review to learn more about how the service works.

Top Medical Bill Negotiation Services


We all want to find ways to save money on bills. However, this does not merely consist of monthly bills you pay to service providers. It also includes medical bills.

Medical bills are easy to get out of hand, making it difficult to make ends meet.

If you have health care bills, consider either of the two medical bill negotiation services below to reduce costs.

6. Medical Cost Advocate


Health care bills are often confusing, making it difficult to know what you owe. Worse yet, they’re usually expensive and cause financial stress.

Medical Cost Advocate is one of the best medical bill negotiation companies to help you wade through the maze of hospital and doctor’s bills.

After signing up for the service, you confirm your information, including the procedures and services you want to negotiate. Then the service begins work to win savings for you. including emergency room bill negotiation.

If you don’t have healthcare insurance, don’t worry. Medical Cost Advocate also works to secure savings for uninsured customers.

The company has expertise in all medical, health, and dental procedures and will negotiate any bill over $300 for you.

Prices can be lowered in as little as three days but can take up to a week if the provider delays the process. If Medical Cost Advocate earns savings for you, they charge 35 percent of the savings as a fee.

Customer savings for using this service typically range between 20-50 percent.

7. CoPatient


CoPatient is another medical bill negotiation and started in 2015. The company was founded as a way to help consumers save money on their medical bills.

Over 80 percent of healthcare bills include errors according to CoPatient; they work to correct them and save you money. Upon signing up for the service, you scan your bills to CoPatient, and they begin a ten-point review of the bills in question.

If the bills do not provide enough information, they contact you with follow-up questions to ensure accuracy. After finding any savings, CoPatient will contact you and it will be up to you to confirm they negotiate the medical expenses for you.

CoPatient is free of charge for users. Like Medical Cost Advocate, they charge 35 percent of the savings as a fee.

Top Bill Negotiation Companies: Bottom Line


Bills aren’t fun to deal with, especially those for services you either stopped using or rarely use. If you don’t like to negotiate, you can still save money by having a service do the leg work for you.

Some companies do retain up to 50 percent of the savings to perform the service for you, but they are saving you money without any effort on your end.

If saving more money in 2021 is a goal of yours, consider using one of the above bill negotiation services to aid in that effort.


What do you think of using bill negotiation apps to save money on monthly bills? What’s one bill you want to reduce this year? How often do you analyze your recurring bills?


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