7 Ways to Get Paid to Deliver Groceries

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You can get paid to deliver groceries and earn $20+ per hour in your free time. Here are the 7 best grocery delivery jobs to earn money on the side.

Picture this: after a long day at work, you receive your groceries at your door. If you’re like many people, grocery shopping takes time that you would rather devote to other things in your life.

Thanks to the growing on-demand delivery market, you can have someone else do your shopping for you. This is a win-win for you and the delivery driver as you save time, and they get paid to deliver groceries.

The cost of delivery is minimal in most cases. However, grocery delivery jobs provide an excellent way for many to supplement their income. In some cases, you can earn $20+ per hour!

The best part of this opportunity is you need minimal skills to earn money.

Best Options to Make Money Delivering Groceries


On-demand grocery shopping services have evolved over the years to accommodate more stores to provide a variety of options for customers.

Big chains like Walmart, Aldi, Whole Foods, and Costco work with platforms to offer delivery to people.

Smaller stores in your area likely offer delivery options as well, either independently or through various providers.

There are some qualifications you want to keep in mind when considering grocery delivery app jobs.

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Be able to lift at least 30 lbs
  • Have a driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Own a newer smartphone

Additionally, as an independent contractor, you’re responsible for paying your own taxes. You’re also responsible for paying for your gas, and any wear and tear on your car.

Each platform operates differently, but if you can meet the above requirements, you can start earning money with most on-demand platforms.

1. Postmates


Postmates is one of the largest apps to use for grocery delivery, being in over 700 cities nationwide. When you work for Postmates, you can deliver numerous items, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Clothing
  • Groceries
  • Meals from participating restaurants

Like many delivery jobs, you can create your own schedule when driving for Postmates. Evenings and weekends provide the best earning opportunities, but you can work at any time you wish.

To start working for Postmates, simply download its Fleet app and apply. You will need to pass a background check, but the rest of the application process is simple.

If you don’t have a car, that’s no problem. Postmates also allows you to deliver on a scooter or a bike.

The platform factors in a few things when determining how much shoppers earn delivering groceries to people, including:

  • An amount for each completed drop-off
  • A per-minute-waited rate for the time you spend at the pick-up point
  • A per-mile rate for the distance between the pick-up and drop-off point
  • An amount for each completed pick-up

Payments arrive weekly, and the app lets you track how much you’re making along the way.

Read our Postmates driver review to learn more about working for this platform.

2. Instacart Shopper


Instacart Shopper is one of the best-known platforms to get paid to grocery shop for others.

In your roll as a full-service shopper you’ll grab the items off the shelf to fulfill each order, and also deliver it to the customer’s home.

As a full-service shopper, you are an independent contractor, which offers great earning potential as you receive a commission on the size of the order. You can also earn tips when you deliver groceries.

If you’re a fast worker, you can earn at least $20 per hour though reports put it closer to $15 per hour.

Read our detailed guide on working for Instacart to learn how to maximize earnings on this platform.

3. Shipt Shopper


Shipt Shopper works similarly to Instacart Shopper. While the former is its independent platform, Target owns Shipt Shopper.

This does not impact where Shipt will shop, however.

Additionally, Shipt Shopper is only available in 300 cities, whereas Instacart Shopper is in over 5,000 cities.

Like other on-demand grocery shopping jobs, the application process is simple. You download the app and complete the background check.

Once done, you can start scheduling shifts and accepting orders. Shipt claims drivers can earn between $16 and $22 per hour when you include tips.

After you complete your 100th delivery, you can earn up to $24 per hour.

Unlike other grocery shopping service jobs, Shipt offers substantial support to drivers. Through its Shipt Shopper Hub, you can find loads of helpful information when in need of assistance.

New and experienced drivers alike can refer to the hub for any questions they may have.

Read our review of Shipt Shopper to learn more about the platform.

4. TaskRabbit


You may think of TaskRabbit as merely a platform to offer handyman services in your city. While it’s possible to only use the platform for that type of work, you can also get paid to shop for people.

Unlike other on-demand apps, you can set your own rate to perform this service on TaskRabbit. Once a customer puts a request in the TaskRabbit app, you can select it and work out all of the details with them.

This includes shopping at the store they want, and determining what to do if the chosen store does not have certain items.

Once you create a TaskRabbit account, it’s a simple process to start working by following these steps:

  • TaskRabbit notifies Taskers of potential jobs nearby
  • Select the one you want to complete
  • Confirm details with the customer
  • Finish the task and submit your invoice

There are a few requirements to become a Tasker:

  • Have a U.S. social security number
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to work in one of TaskRabbit’s active cities in the U.S.
  • A checking account to receive payments No prepaid debit cards, savings accounts, or reloadable bank cards
  • A one-time $25 registration fee
  • A smartphone

If you have other skills and want to start earning on TaskRabbit, it’s filled with many additional options.

Thanks to the variety of jobs available, TaskRabbit is one of the best side hustle apps you can use to make extra money.

5. Favor


Favor operates similarly to Postmates. Not only do you get paid to deliver groceries, but you can also deliver the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Dry cleaning
  • Meals from restaurants

Favor is an Austin, Texas-based company currently serving over 100 cities in Texas. You can choose to deliver in a truck, car, motorcycle, scooter, or bike.

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Bikes are limited, though, and only allowed in the downtown Austin area.

Favor has a few qualifications that a driver has to meet:

  • Have a smartphone
  • Active driver’s license
  • Vehicle with insurance
  • Bank account for direct deposit

Favor runners make 35 percent of the delivery fee and keep 100 percent of the tips. For those that work in busier areas, you can earn up to $18 per hour during peak times.

Like other services, you can set your own working for Favor.

6. Amazon Personal Shopper


AmazonFresh is another option for drivers wanting to make money delivering groceries. The AmazonFresh service is not available in all areas.

You can check if it’s in your city through the Amazon website. As a delivery driver, you deliver groceries and other locally-sourced goods to customers.

And, you typically have to pick the groceries up from an Amazon warehouse. Drivers may have to pick up multiple orders at once.

If you have multiple orders, Amazon tells you in the app who gets what and how many packages each customer should receive.

Amazon claims drivers can earn $18 – $25 per hour. Like other services, Amazon Fresh drivers keep 100 percent of their tips.

You also use the same app as AmazonFlex drivers use to accept orders.

7. Walmart Personal Shopper


Walmart once offered personal grocery shopping services for people through its Jetblack service. This was an on-demand service the retailer offered to customers in the New York area.

Unfortunately, this service shuttered in early 2020. That does not mean it’s impossible to make money through this avenue.

However, it does mean you do need to work directly for Walmart to grocery shop for people.

This limits earnings to usually $12 per hour.

In this role, you complete customers’ orders, and they pick up their items at the store. With the growing need, Walmart needs more help when it comes to having employees shop for the items to get each order ready in time.

You can get paid to deliver groceries and earn $20+ per hour in your free time. Here are the 7 best grocery delivery jobs to earn money on the side.
Bottom Line


There are a lot of ways to get paid to deliver groceries. Most delivery apps work similarly to increase your earnings. You need to work fast and provide excellent customer service.

If you do that and earn tips, it’s possible to earn roughly $20 per hour. That may not replace your day job, but it’s a terrific way to supplement your income.

In-store shopping is available through several platforms and is easy to do if you don’t have reliable transportation to deliver. However, it will impact your earnings potential.


What do you look for in a side hustle? How much do you need to earn per hour to make a side gig worthwhile? Have you tried working for one of these services?

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