9 Best Places to Sell Video Games for Cash

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You can make money selling video games and declutter your house. Here are the 9 best places to sell video games for cash online or locally for top dollar.

Do you or someone in your home enjoy playing video games? While there are some games you may want to keep, you can also sell video games for cash to pad your wallet.

Video games can entertain both kids and adults. Often, newer games are more expensive, so buying used games can save people a lot of money.

My son is into gaming right now, but if I notice he’s not playing with a particular game that much, I’ll ask if he wants to make money selling video games and use the cash to supplement the purchase of another game or system.

If you’re interested in selling old video games for cash, this guide will show you where to start.

Best Places to Sell Video Games for Cash


There’s a lot of money in new or used games; console games alone are on track to break $37 billion in 2020.

Whether you have the latest Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat or a classic like Sonic the Hedgehog or Grand Theft Auto, you can sell used video games for cash.

Like cell phones and other devices, there’s often decent value in video games that have life remaining in them. If you don’t want cash, you can trade-in video games to offset the purchase of a new game.

Instead of letting the game collect dust, use it as a way to earn money for other necessities, or fund your habit.

1. Decluttr


Decluttr is an online resale shop that will buy DVDs, books, games, and more. The platform is one of the best options to sell video games online for cash.

You can sell games from the following platforms on Decluttr:

  • Nintendo
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox

When you visit the Decluttr site, you enter the game’s barcode to see if they will buy it back. If you choose to accept their quote, Decluttr provides you a shipping label to send it to them for free.

Once they receive your game and confirm that it works, they send you cash via check, direct deposit, or PayPal.

The best part about using Decluttr is they send payment the day they receive your item. Additionally, you only need to earn $5 for them to send cash.

2. BuyBackWorld


BuyBackWorld purchases numerous items and is an excellent option to sell classic video games for cash. Don’t have video games? They purchase anything from used cell phones to computers.

BuyBackWorld buys games from five of the biggest video game manufacturers including:

  • Atari
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Microsoft
  • Sony

BuyBackWorld gives you a little more flexibility than some of the other options on this list since they purchase games from more manufacturers. Like Decluttr, you scan the barcode and provide the condition of the game to receive a quote.

Assuming you accept the quote, BuyBackWorld gives you a shipping label. Once they receive the game(s), they send your cash.

3. Swappa


Swappa cuts out the middleman and lets you sell old video games for cash directly to other customers on their portal. There is no charge to join, and as soon as your video games sell, you are eligible to receive payment.

Payments come through PayPal, which offers you protection and privacy that other payment methods do not.

If you need money for the newest video game set to release, clear off your gaming shelf by using Swappa to sell video games for cash.

Swappa lets you list video games, consoles, and accessories on their platform. The first step is to start a listing with a few important details about the game.

You’ll need:

  • Clear, high-quality photos of the game
  • A brief description of the item and condition
  • Your asking price

You will receive pricing data on similar games that recently sold on Swappa, so you have a good idea of what to list your game for.

Once Swappa reviews the listing to verify the required information, the game is added to the marketplace for buyers to view.

Well-priced games go as quickly as a few hours after listing in some cases. Sellers get paid instantly, and shipment must occur within two business days of the purchase.

4. Amazon-Trade In


You can use Amazon Trade-In to sell video games online for cash. The platform lets you use either the website or mobile app to unload your games.

You can trade in the game to receive an Amazon gift card, or you can attempt to sell it on their site.

How much you get depends on a few factors. Specific editions of games are worth more through Amazon’s program in some cases.

Special edition games are just that, special; the gaming manufacturer made fewer copies of them.

I’ve used Amazon trade-in once before, and it was super easy. They gave me a gift card credit instantly, and I just had to ship the game within a few days.

The one drawback to using Amazon is you don’t always receive the best price. You’re also competing with other sellers and incur sellers’ fees.

However, if all you want is to trade-in a game, it’s a good option.

5. GameStop


GameStop is a terrific option to sell anything related to video games. The retailer is a nationwide chain with over 6,000 locations.

You can bring your games or console to a location near you and see how much they will give you.

You can also receive buyback quotes on their website. Just begin typing the title of the game. If GameStop is currently accepting that particular game, the title will populate in the autofill box, and you just choose the name of the game.

Online quotes are valid for one day, so you must bring the game to the store and exchange it if you want that price. The game must be in good condition and work.

GameStop also offers a program known as GameStop Powerup. Members receive a ten percent extra trade-in credit on accessories, tech, and games.

If it comes down to it, a store manager can make the final decision if the location will accept the game or not.

6. DK Oldies


DK Oldies specializes in selling and buying retro games and consoles. Systems from the ‘80s and ‘90s, like the Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System, are perfect items to sell.

While DK Oldies loves old systems, they will buy almost anything as long as it is in good condition.

The site has a large amount of the game and console prices posted on the website, but if your game isn’t on the list, they do give quotes through email or phone.

They just ask for you to give them one business day to respond. Payment comes via PayPal, trade-in, or check. Quoted game prices include the case and manual.

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The one drawback to DK Oldies is they require at least $50 in sold items to receive free shipping. If you have a handful of games to sell, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s something to keep in mind.

7. is one of the better places to sell video games for cash as they’re currently accepting over 30,000 video games, accessories, and consoles for trade-in.

They currently offer four payment options for sellers.

  • Redeem for purchases (buy on their site) Instant processing time
  • Amazon gift cards 2-7 business days
  • Check by mail 4-7 business days
  • Paypal 2-7 business days

Sellers have to include all original manuals, maps, cases, and discs to receive full credit. If you have a duplicate copy of a game and you like you to send in both, that is ok.

EStarland can accept up to two copies of the same game per customer.

8. eBay


EBay is one of the most well-known platforms to sell many items. You can sell virtually anything on the site, including all things related to gaming.

There is restriction on what console or how old or new the game is unlike other selling platforms. Just make sure you take quality photos and a detailed description of what the buyer will be receiving.

If you’re wondering what might sell well, eBay posts “items making top-dollar” and “what’s trending now” lists that could benefit your selling efforts significantly. EBay allows you to list up to 50 items for free every month.

Read our review of other auction sites like eBay to learn about other platforms that may offer a cheaper avenue to sell your video games for money.

9. Craigslist


Are you asking yourself, “How can I sell used video games near me?” and don’t know where to start? If so, Craigslist is an excellent place to sell old games.

Like eBay, you can sell virtually anything on Craigslist. Better yet, Craigslist is available in many cities, so you can likely sell items near you on the platform.

Safety is the number one priority when selling an item on Craigslist. Choose a public place to meet a buyer to make the exchange.

Keep your cell phone with you and even consider bringing a friend or family member with you just in case.

Be ready for buyers to toss out their best offer if they don’t like the price you listed for; be open to at least consider it if your items are not selling.

You can read our guide on alternatives to Craigslist if you want to open up your selling possibilities to other local people.

How to Maximize Earnings When Selling Used Video Games


Any time you sell an item, you want to maximize your earnings. This rule also applies when trying to make money selling video games.

Keep the following in mind:

Condition matters – No one wants to buy a video game that doesn’t work. To receive the most for your game, ensure it works, and has no scratches.

Compare prices – When selling anything, you want to compare prices. It’s best to compare quotes from multiple sources to ensure you receive the best prices.

Depending on inventories, platforms may vary widely on what they can offer for a video game. If you jump at the first quote, you’ll likely leave money on the table.

Don’t overlook local sales – While it’s possible to sell video games online, you don’t want to overlook trying to sell items locally.

Do a simple internet search with the following terms to find options:

  • How to sell video games near me
  • Used game stores near me

These searches will likely bring back results like GameStop and Best Buy, but there may be other choices in your area.

You may receive more for in-store credit – This is of importance if you want to buy new video games. Stores often give more if you opt for in-store credit.

If you want cash, don’t be surprised if they quote you less.

Most sites work the same – Selling video games online is relatively straightforward as most websites work similarly.

You provide the name of the game and the details, and you send it in with a prepaid shipping label. Once they receive the game(s) they pay you via check, direct deposit, or PayPal in most instances.

You can make money selling video games and declutter your house. Here are the 9 best places to sell video games for cash online or locally for top dollar.Summary


It’s great to see how many options we have when we need to sell video games for cash. If some of your games are just collecting dust and you’re not sure if you’ll plan them again, start selling and earn extra money.

Some sites aim to offer the best price over competitors, so before you make your final decision, browse around in case another option would get you the best deal.

The instant quote buyback sites will also give you a good idea of how much you could earn before you sell.


What other items have you had success selling? How many used electronics do you have collecting dust in your home?

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