16 Legit Auction Sites Like eBay to Sell Your Stuff Online

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Auction sites like eBay let you sell stuff for money. Here are the 15 best alternatives to eBay to sell items online and locally for money.

Do you like to sell items online? If so, you’ve likely heard of eBay.

As one of the largest marketplaces on the internet, some people think eBay is the best place to sell stuff online. However, there are many other sites like eBay that can help you sell items for top dollar while potentially avoiding fees.

If you like to sell your stuff online, our guide shares a few of the best alternatives to eBay that can help you make money.

Best Auction Sites like eBay


Some of the best sites like eBay can be less competitive, making it easier to sell your items. These alternatives might also have lower fees so you can boost your profits.

Top Options for Selling Anything


Online marketplaces make it easy to sell almost anything. To make things simple, you can use one site instead of listing your items in multiple places.

1. Amazon


Amazon is one of the best alternatives to eBay if you want to sell stuff online. The retailer is larger than eBay and boasts millions of users.

If you want to succeed when selling stuff on Amazon, new or handmade products typically fare the best. However, if you have used items that are in good condition, you should have success.

As a seller on Amazon, there are a few fees to keep in mind:

  • Subscription/Item fees – There are two selling plans. The professional plan has a flat rate of $39.99 per month. The individual plan rate is $0.99 per item sold.
  • Referral fees – These run between eight and fifteen percent of the sales price.
  • Shipping fees – This is charged based on the product’s category and the shipping method selected by the buyer.
  • FBA fees – These vary depending on if the item is apparel or non-apparel and how large it is.

Amazon offers plenty of inventory and metric tools to make keeping track of your sales easy.

If you want to make money on Amazon but don’t want to deal with shipping, Fulfillment by Amazon (known as Amazon FBA) can help.

With Amazon FBA, you focus on selling the items while the site handles all the shipping logistics. Check out the course by our friends at The Selling Family to help you learn how to grow an Amazon FBA business.

  • Pros: Can sell most things online, large customer base, trade-in items
  • Cons: Fees can be higher than other marketplaces, may pay shipping costs

Best for: Amazon is best for selling small merchandise online.

2. eBid


eBid is one of the best auction sites like eBay. You can sell virtually anything on the platform, from CDs to cars and more.

With over 13,000 categories to choose from when selling items, eBid is a true online auction site.

Price is the one key difference between eBid and eBay. It’s free to create a listing on eBid. Better yet, the highest fee you pay on eBid is three percent versus ten percent on eBay.

If you want to keep more of your profits, eBid is a terrific alternative to eBay. However, since eBid gets less daily traffic, it can take longer to sell products. Some eBid sellers recommend paying the extra fee to promote items that you want to sell and make money fast.

  • Pros: Lower fees than eBay, sell many items, auction-type listings
  • Cons: Less traffic than eBay, may need to promote items to sell quickly

Best for: eBid is best for selling items with auction-style listings at a low cost.

Top Options for Selling Electronics


You might consider selling your old phones, laptops, and video game consoles on an electronics marketplace. It’s possible to get instant buyback offers for the best items and not spend time looking for a buyer.

3. BuyBackWorld


If you’re looking for platforms to sell electronics, BuyBackWorld is an excellent choice. The site focuses entirely on used electronics.

You can sell the following items to BuyBackWorld:

  • Cameras
  • Gadgets like Apple Watches and iPods
  • Game consoles
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Tablets

BuyBackWorld won’t charge you to use their site, so it’s one of the best platforms to sell used electronics for cash.

When you go to the site, you provide the name and condition of the item you want to sell. You will then be provided with a quote on the item based on the information you submitted.

If you like the quote, you can accept it and get a free prepaid shipping label. If the item condition doesn’t match what you initially described when BuyBackWorld receives it, they may revise your offer.

Return shipping is free if you reject the final offer.

BuyBackWorld offers payment via PayPal, check, or direct deposit. The entire payment process takes one week from when you ship your device.

One advantage of using BuyBackWorld is its 30-day price guarantee. You have one month to mail your device to BuyBackWorld and receive your initial quote price. Other vendors may only guarantee an initial offer for 14 days.

  • Pros: No fees, instant buyback offers, free return shipping
  • Cons: Final quote may be lower than the initial estimate, may make more on eBay

Best for: BuyBackWorld is best for selling used phones and tablets.

4. SellCell


If you want to receive simultaneous quotes when selling used electronics, SellCell is one of the best online selling platforms to make money fast.

You can compare quotes from over 35 buyback platforms at once. SellCell does not buy the items, but they connect you with the vendor. After selecting a price quote, the vendor coordinates shipping and payment.

Like BuyBackWorld, SellCell is free to use. They also provide you with a shipping label when you accept an offer.

You can sell used cell phones for cash as well as the following devices:

  • Amazon Kindles
  • Fitbits
  • Gaming consoles
  • GoPros
  • Laptops

SellCell is so confident that you won’t find a better deal that they offer a ‘best price’ guarantee. If you happen to find someone who will give you a better price within 24 hours of accepting a quote, they will provide you with a refund of double the difference.

In addition to seeing the best price, SellCell displays the potential fees, shipping costs, and payment speed for each vendor.

  • Pros: Compare multiple quotes for free, price match guarantee
  • Cons: Final quote from the vendor may be different than the initial quote

Best for: SellCell is best for selling used electronics.

5. Whistle


To sell your used electronics and know exactly how much money you’ll receive check out Whistle. They provide an instant, guaranteed offer or they’ll return your device at no charge.

After getting your offer, Whistle will send you a free shipping kit to ship your used electronics to them without having to pay shipping fees. But if you don’t want to wait for the shipping kit, simply download their free shipping label to use on your own box.

Some of the devices you can sell through Whistle include:

  • Phones
  • iPads
  • MacBooks
  • Apple Watches
  • Headphones
  • Gaming consoles
  • Amazon Kindles

Whistle provides payment within 24 hours of receiving your electronic devices. To ensure they arrive safely they include insurance and tracking on what you send. What’s more, their website claims they pay 50 percent more than their competitors.

  • Pros: No shipping fees, instant buyback offers, free return shipping, in-transit insurance and tracking
  • Cons: Final quote may be different than the initial quote if the device condition is different than stated

Best for: Whistle is best for selling used electronics.

Top Choices for Selling Locally


There are some selling sites like eBay that are better for finding local buyers. Even though eBay offers a local pickup option, it charges the same fees as selling online. These alternatives make it free to list and sell your items.

6. Craigslist


Craigslist is one of the best sites to sell items online, making it a top alternative to eBay.

The site receives a lot of traffic, especially if you live in a larger city. The main difference between the two is that Craigslist is for local buyers and sellers, while eBay allows you to bid on items and have them shipped to your home.

Another notable difference is that Craigslist is free to use when selling items. However, it costs $5 for owners to sell automobiles or offer services.

While you can ship an item to someone, it’s easiest to sell to a local person if you use Craigslist.

Craigslist isn’t the only eBay alternative to sell items locally. Read our guide on other sites like Craigslist to sell your stuff locally.

  • Pros: No selling fees (except for select items), can sell locally
  • Cons: Five-dollar fee to sell automobiles, must meet buyers in person

Best for: Craigslist is best for selling locally.

7. Bookoo


Bookoo lets you sell items locally for free. The site prioritizes the safety of buyers and sellers.

This marketplace app is available across the United States and is near several military bases to sell items “on post.”

It’s possible to sell almost anything using Bookoo by scheduling a meeting with the buyer. If they buy your item, they can pay you in cash.

Sellers and buyers can create a short bio to establish trust and prevent scams.

If you sell multiple items, buyers can see what else you have for sale. This feature is similar to eBay.

  • Pros: Free, can see buyer ratings to avoid scams, family-friendly
  • Cons: Only available in select cities, no in-app payment options

Best for: Bookoo is best for selling locally and avoiding scams.

8. OfferUp


OfferUp makes selling from a smartphone easy. You can upload photos from your phone in less than one minute and offer local pickup, nationwide shipping, or both.

There are no selling fees for local sales. For items that require shipping, sellers pay a service fee of 12.9 percent of the sales price ($1.99 minimum) and receive a prepaid shipping label. The buyer pays any shipping fees.

Buyers can make offers in the app. One advantage of using OfferUp is that buyers and sellers can leave ratings to help prevent scams.

This app works in large and small towns. Since OfferUp has fewer users than Craigslist, it may be better in large cities with more buyers.

  • Pros: Free to sell locally, buyer pays shipping for online sales
  • Cons: Service fee for items that require shipping, few items available in rural areas

Best for: OfferUp is best for selling items in large cities.

9. Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular alternatives to eBay. In rural areas, Facebook may have more users than other local selling apps.

There are no fees to sell items on Facebook Marketplace or other local buy and sell groups. Since you must communicate with potential buyers in the Facebook app, you will need to create a Facebook account.

You can schedule meetups or “porch pickups” with the buyer. It’s possible to receive fee-free debit card payments through Facebook or get paid in cash directly from the buyer during pickup.

  • Pros: Free, works in small communities, receive electronic payments
  • Cons: Must have a Facebook account, may not be able to ship products

Best for: Facebook is best for selling in rural areas.

Top Choices for Selling Clothing


Selling designer clothing can be easier and you can earn more money if you use fashion marketplace sites.

10. Poshmark


Poshmark is a popular website that allows you to sell your gently used clothing. Sellers list clothes for men, women, and children.

Once you list your item, you wait for someone to purchase it. Sellers can offer discounts to make faster sales and buyers can make offers on items.

Poshmark recently expanded its platform to allow sellers to list kitchen items, dining, bedding, and other types of home goods.

Poshmark charges $2.95 for all items you sell under $15. If your sale is over $15, the platform charges 20 percent of the total order. Buyers pay for shipping, so you only pay the service fee.

If you want an alternative to consignment stores, Poshmark is worth a look.

  • Pros: Sell designer clothing and home goods, buyer pays for shipping
  • Cons: Selling fees, items must be in like-new condition

Best for: Poshmark is best for selling designer clothing brands.

11. Vinted


It’s possible to sell women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing on Vinted. You can list items for free by uploading smartphone pictures.

There are no listing or selling fees when using Vinted. However, sellers can purchase add-on services to promote a listing. Buyers pay the shipping costs for each sale.

After making a sale, Vinted deposits the cash into your Vinted Wallet. You can request a payout to a linked bank account or make a purchase using your wallet.

If a buyer pays with PayPal, the payment goes directly to the seller’s PayPal account.

  • Pros: No selling fees, buyer pays to ship, can sell adult or kids clothing
  • Cons: No PayPal payout option for credit card payments

Best for: Vinted is best for selling clothing with no fees.

Top Choices for Selling Handmade/Vintage Items


Several platforms make it easy for artisans and collectors to sell their items.

12. Etsy


If you love to create unique things or have antiques to sell, Etsy is a great option. Etsy lets you create an online shop to list handmade, custom, unique, or vintage goods.

You can sell these handmade and vintage items on Etsy:

  • Art
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Collectibles
  • Craft supplies
  • Home decor
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Wedding

What makes Etsy unique from other online selling sites is that it’s a marketplace for handmade products. Typically, you will only find creative products on Etsy.

It’s free to create a storefront on Etsy, but you must pay a $0.20 fee for each item you list. Etsy also charges a five percent transaction fee and a three percent payment processing fee plus an additional $0.25 payment processing fee.

Even with those charges, Etsy is cheaper than eBay.

  • Pros: Can sell handmade and vintage items, create a personal store
  • Cons: Listing fee for each item, each listing is only active for four months

Best for: Etsy is best for selling handmade items.

13. Bonanza


Bonanza is one of the more unique sites similar to eBay. They market themselves as the site to find anything but the ordinary.

This can be the best site to sell collectibles or items with unique value. However, you can sell virtually anything on Bonanza, including both new and used items.

Bonanza is a little different than some of the other selling sites on the internet. They do not charge a listing fee for sellers or monthly store fees. You only pay fees when you sell or advertise items.

You will get charged a fee when you sell an item, but it’s only 3.5 percent instead of the ten percent that eBay charges.

To make selling easy, Bonanza integrates with Google Shopping. Sellers can also pay to advertise products to reach more potential buyers.

If you want an online auction site, Bonanza does not offer the ability to bid on products. All items sell at a fixed price.

  • Pros: No listing or store service fees, Google Shopping integration
  • Cons: No auction listings, less traffic than other sites like eBay

Best for: Bonanza is best for selling collectible and unique items.

14. Ruby Lane


Do you like to sell unique or vintage items like dolls, antiques, or fine art? If so, Ruby Lane is one of the best eBay alternatives.

Ruby Lane is not the site for you if you want to sell items occasionally. It’s best for someone who wants to earn a side income selling unique or vintage items.

You can create a shop and list items for free on Ruby Lane. That said, you do get charged a monthly maintenance fee based on the number of items in your shop.

The fee breakdown is:

  • $54 for stores with up to 50 items
  • $0.30 per item for items 51-150
  • $0.20 per item for items 151-1,000
  • $0.01 per item for items 1,001+

The site also charges a 6.70 percent service fee on all order totals. Ruby Lane lets the seller decide if which party pays for shipping.

This site is terrific for anyone who is looking to start a business selling items online since your fees go down as you list and sell more items.

  • Pros: Sell antique and vintage items, frequent sellers can pay lower fees
  • Cons: Monthly maintenance fee, sellers may pay shipping costs

Best for: Ruby Lane is best for selling antique items.

Top Choices for Selling Home Goods


Large and bulky items can be challenging to sell on eBay because of shipping costs. Fortunately, these home goods marketplaces can make it easier to find buyers for fine and unique goods.

15. Chairish


Chairish is an online consignment store for upscale furniture, home decor, and jewelry. Consignors can list and unlist items for free. When an item sells, the seller keeps 70 percent of the sales price. Professional and Elite sellers keep 80 percent of the sales amount.

Sellers can offer local pickup or shipping at the buyer’s expense.

It’s also possible to drop off items with the Chairish Drop Off and Go program. When an item sells, the seller takes it to the UPS Store for professional packing. Depending on the item size, the fee is between $5 and $33.

  • Pros: Sell fine furniture and home decor, no listing fees
  • Cons: Thirty percent consignment fee, can only sell select items

Best for: Chairish is best for selling upscale furniture and home decor.

16. Trove Market


For unique items, consider Trove Market. You can sell small and large personal items as well as home decor. Examples of current “troves” include insulated water bottles and candlesticks.

Sellers need to apply to sell their items. Trove Market will either buy the inventory stock upfront or sell on consignment. Wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers can apply to sell products.

Since Trove Market typically sells large quantities, this eBay alternative may not be the right choice for you if you only have a handful of items to sell.

  • Pros: Can sell unique items, Trove may buy entire stock upfront
  • Cons: Must apply to start selling, need large quantities

Best for: Trove Market is best for selling unique items.



When you’re getting rid of an item, it’s always a good idea to consider selling it before throwing it away. The extra money you earn can help you pay the bills.

Using online selling platforms with low fees helps you maximize profits. Selling on eBay and these alternative marketplaces can help you reach more buyers, allowing you to sell more of your unwanted items.


What do you think is the best site to sell stuff online? How often do you throw out items that you could sell for money?


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