11 Best Online Dollar Stores with Sizzling Deals

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Online dollar stores are a good way to save big on shopping. We share the top dollar stores to find bargains for your home and family.

Finding a good deal doesn’t have to be difficult. Online dollar stores can make it easy to save money on regular purchases. While your local store may have many products to choose from, some dollar stores sell online-only items.

If you are looking for online dollar store sites, our list has you covered.

Best Online Dollar Stores


There are many different online dollar stores. Some are online-only while others have local stores as well. In addition to looking for the best deals, also look for ways to get free shipping to save more money.

1. DollarTree


DollarTree is one of the most popular dollar stores. They have physical store locations in most towns. Each item in the store costs $1, making it easy to save money on small purchases for almost any occasion.

Here are a few shopping categories DollarTree offers:

  • Food and candy
  • Kitchen and dining
  • Office and school supplies
  • Health and beauty

One downside of shopping online at DollarTree is having to buy items in bulk. For example, some products come in a case of 32 and some come in a case of 40. Instead of spending $1 if you only need one item, you spend $32 and get 32 items.

That said, having to buy large quantities can be good if you’re getting gifts for a wedding, birthday party, or decorating your house.

DollarTree provides two options for getting your items. Pick up at your local store is free. Otherwise, shipping costs via UPS depending on the size of your order.

If you regularly shop at DollarTree, sign up for their Value Seekers Club for deals not found anywhere else.

  • Pros: Each item costs $1, can buy food and merchandise
  • Cons: Must buy in bulk, home delivery costs vary by order
  • Shipping: Free in-store pickup, UPS home delivery costs money

2. Dollar General


Most people live near a Dollar General. According to their website, the retailer has over 14,000 nationwide locations.

You get access to their ads, sale items, and coupons when you shop online. Not all items cost $1, but most are $6 or less.

Unlike DollarTree, you can buy individual items instead of the entire case. This is just one way Dollar General helps you save money.

Purchasing the “generic” dollar store brands can also save you money. Two private brands include Clover Valley and DG Home.

Expect to find deals in categories including:

  • Auto
  • Clothing
  • Party
  • School and office
  • Toys

You can schedule auto-delivery for many items and receive a five percent discount using the DG AutoDeliver program. Free shipping is available on auto-delivery orders greater than $25.

Shipping is a $4.99 flat rate. Orders ship in three to seven days. You also have the option to pick items up for free at your local store.

Once you receive your items, you have 30 days to return or exchange them. You can either ship your items back or take them to your local store. If you return an item, you don’t get a refund on the original shipping costs.

  • Pros: Discounted auto-delivery ordersdigital coupons, and sales
  • Cons: Some items are only available in-store, $4.99 shipping fee
  • Shipping: $4.99 per order (DG AutoDeliver orders above $25 are free)

3. Rosegal


Are you looking for trendy and affordable clothing? Rosegal is an excellent choice to find discounts on clothes.

Rosegal has online-only deals on clothing. They sell women’s, men’s, children’s, and plus-size options. These offerings make Rosegal one of the best places to buy cheap clothes online.

Clothing ranges from $5 to $50. Very few items cost over $50. Most items are cheaper than many department stores. You can claim online coupons and earn loyalty points to save more money.

Beyond discount clothing, you can find deals in these categories:

  • Accessories
  • Hair
  • Handbags
  • Home

If you want to buy discount shoes online, Rosegal is a good option as well.

Because RoseGal ships from China, receiving your order takes up to 25 days. Expedited shipping is available for people who want their items in as little as three days. Standard shipping is free on orders over $59.

Once you receive your items, you have 30 days to ask for a refund or exchange. As long as the item is unworn, unwashed, the labels are intact, and the original packaging is undamaged, you can return it for a full refund.

The only items not allowed for returns or refunds are swimwear, lingerie, and sale items.

  • Pros: Discount clothing for the entire family, can earn loyalty points
  • Cons: Slow shipping times, some items cost over $50
  • Shipping: Free standard shipping on orders over $59

4. DHgate


DHgate offers lower prices and a wider product selection than most online retailers. Some items ship from the United States for fast delivery. Others come from China, which means they will take longer to receive.

Items can cost as little as $0.10 per piece to over $100. You will find many options that sell for less than $5. Furthermore, DHgate makes it easy to find bargains online.

Some of the DHgate product categories include:

  • Apparel
  • Cell phones and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Hair and styling
  • Shoes
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Weddings and formal events

There are online coupons to save money on items. You can save more money by getting exclusive discounts with the DHgate mobile app.

Shipping costs vary by seller. Many items offer free shipping. Keep in mind that other sellers charge a fee and ship by DHL, USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

  • Pros: Items cost as low as ten cents per piece, wide variety
  • Cons: Buy from individual sellers, items may ship from overseas
  • Shipping: Fees vary by seller, free shipping may be available

5. Harry’s


Harry’s is different than most online dollar stores on our list. They sell razors as well as these shaving and men’s accessories:

  • Face care
  • Shower
  • Hair
  • Anti-dandruff and scalp care

Their Starter Set starts at $5. It includes a reusable weighted razor handle and a five-blade razor cartridge. You’ll also receive foaming shave gel and a travel blade cover.

After joining Harry’s, you can receive an auto-refill Shave Plan package every two, three, or five months. Eight replacement blades cost $15 per shipment. You can even upgrade to a plan that ships shaving accessories.

It’s possible to cancel your Shave Plan subscription penalty-free.

Harry’s is a good choice to get cheap razors online. The quality of the razors can be better than other dollar stores.

If you love Harry’s, you can join the Core membership plan. This premium service costs $15 per year. However, you can save ten percent on orders and get free expedited shipping.

  • Pros: High-quality razors and shaving accessories
  • Cons: Only sells men’s shaving gear, requires a subscription
  • Shipping: Free standard shipping on orders over $15

6. Five Below


Five Below has many physical stores and recently bought Hollar to expand their online presence. While not all merchandise costs $1, you can expect to pay $5 or less for an item.

There’s also a “Five Beyond” section for items that cost above $5. While these can cost up to $15, they may be of better quality than the other products.

Expect to find deals in these product departments:

  • Apparel
  • Beauty
  • Books
  • Candy and snacks
  • Pet
  • Room
  • Tech
  • Toys and games

Online orders have a flat rate shipping fee of $5.95. There isn’t a free ship-to-store option. Fortunately, the flat shipping fee can cost less than other dollar stores that charge more for large orders. You will receive your order with ten business days.

  • Pros: Most items cost up to $5, many products are available
  • Cons: No site-to-store shipping, all online orders have shipping fees
  • Shipping: $5.95 shipping fee on all orders

7. DollarStore


Given its name, DollarStore belongs on our list of the best online dollar stores. Items start at $1 and can go up to any amount.

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With over 30,000 products for sale, the site claims to be one of the largest discount stores online. Over 60 percent of the items are made in the USA, according to DollarStore.

You can find deals in a variety of categories including:

  • Accessories
  • Auto
  • Clothing
  • Hardware
  • Party
  • Pharmacy

There is no minimum order total for DollarStore. Free shipping is available on orders over $25. Everything ships from the U.S. for fast delivery. Extra shipping charges apply to Alaska and Hawaii.

If you need to return an item, you have ten days to start the return process.

  • Pros: Items cost as little as $1, no order minimum
  • Cons: Online-only, ten-day return period
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $25 (extra charges to AK and HI)

8. 99 Cents Only Store


While the 99 Cents Only Store doesn’t offer the ability to shop online, they do have great deals.

If you live in the southwestern U.S. and do a search for ‘dollar stores near me’, it’s likely you will find a location. According to their website, they have over 350 stores across Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas.

The 99 Cents Only Store is like most online stores because offers various products. You can expect to find deals for the following items:

  • Alcohol
  • Beauty
  • Brand name closeouts
  • Home goods
  • Party
  • Pets

It even has fresh produce and other food items if you’re trying to save money on groceries.

Items start at $0.99. Keep in mind that merchandise can cost more. You can visit the online website or use mobile apps to see weekly specials.

  • Pros: Items start at $0.99, sells food and merchandise
  • Cons: No online ordering, only in a few states
  • Shipping: No shipping available

9. DollarDays


DollarDays is a little different than most online stores. While they are also a wholesaler, their focus is on nonprofits, businesses, and betterment organizations. They also provide items for fundraisers.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of their deals. You just have to purchase in bulk.

If you have a big family, a business, or are planning an event, DollarDays can be the easiest place to find bargains online.

For example, they have boxes of crayons for as little as $0.27 each. Keep in mind you’d have to purchase 96 eight-count boxes to get that deal.

You can find deals in the following categories at DollarDays:

  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Clothing
  • Home
  • Party
  • School and office

DollarDays is located in the United States. You will receive your order within seven to ten days. Orders may only ship within the contiguous 48 U.S. states.

While you probably won’t order enough to qualify for free shipping (only available for orders $499 and up), you may be able to shop when they’re offering a shipping discount to save money.

DollarDays has a 14-day return policy. If you’re not happy with your item and need a refund or exchange, contact them as soon as possible.

  • Pros: Discounts on bulk orders, caters to non-profits and organizations
  • Cons: Must buy large quantities, must create account to order
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders above $499

10. Miss A


For affordable makeup, consider Miss A. Each item starts at $1. The most expensive items cost $10.

These prices are competitive with other online dollar stores, but Miss A may have a broader product selection.

Some of the beauty items you can buy include:

  • Accessories
  • Brushes
  • Hair
  • Jewelry
  • Lashes
  • Makeup
  • Self-care

Each order ships within 48 hours, excluding weekends. Shipping is free on orders over $35.

Miss A only ships within the lower 48 states. There are also Miss A discount stores located in the Dallas and Houston metro areas.

  • Pros: Most items cost $1, orders ship within 48 hours
  • Cons: No designer label makeup, ships in the continental U.S. only
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $35

11. Dollar Fanatic


Dollar Fanatic has some of the best deals on our list. One exciting offer is the “11 for 10 deal.” You can buy 11 items for the price of 10 by mixing and matching participating items, including name brands.

You will see many items that cost between $1 and $5. Your order may also come with a free item. The free item offer changes every few days.

Some of the products Dollar Fanatic sells include:

  • Cosmetics and accessories
  • Food and snacks
  • Holiday and seasonal
  • Household products
  • Office and school supplies
  • Personal care
  • Tools and hardware

There are also coupon deals and clearance sales to save money. If you need to buy large quantities of one item, wholesale pricing starts at $0.50.

Standard shipping is free for orders above $35. Orders smaller than $35 incur a $7.95 shipping fee. You will receive your order within 14 business days.

It’s important to remember that you need to place a minimum order of $9.95.

  • Pros: Many items cost $1, online coupons, free product offers
  • Cons: $9.95 order minimum, cannot combine discounts
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders above $35 ($7.95 for small orders)



These online dollar stores offer terrific deals for you and your family. You can save money and have access to almost everything you need.

If you are worried about using these stores, most of them offer great return policies. Give them a try if you’re looking for new additions to your shopping repertoire.


When was the last time you visited a dollar store in person? What are some other ways you save on your shopping?

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