11 Easy Ways to Get Cheap Baby Clothes

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Do you need to find places to buy cheap baby clothes online? Here are 11 top ways to find affordable kids clothing and save money for other items you need.

Let’s face it; kids are expensive. Once you recover from the shock of the hospital bill to deliver your bundle of joy, you quickly learn how much they cost to raise. Diapers alone are costly, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One terrific way to mitigate costs is to find ways to get cheap baby clothes online and near you.

We all know babies grow like weeds, which means lots of outgrown clothes and rapidly-mounting clothing costs. As a parent of a fast-growing child, I find myself buying clothes nearly every month, not just every season.

My daughter will likely be almost six feet. And, she’s oddly proportioned for a child right now, with broad swimmer shoulders and a long torso. So, for me, finding clothes, especially affordable baby clothes, has always been a struggle.

This guide shares a few of my favorite methods I’ve used to buy baby clothes online and keep more money in my pocket.

Best Ways To Get Cheap Baby Clothes


A lot of people believe you need to spend significant amounts of money on clothes for your children. Don’t believe that myth!

You can shop at cheap baby clothing stores, and your child will still look cute and have their needs met.

Here are 11 ways you can buy cheap baby clothes and save money. I’ve used many of these to help cut costs when shopping for my children.

1. Shop Online Stores


I love shopping online, but it’s challenging when your kid doesn’t fit their “normal size”. I’ve found that the best stores for my super long and top-heavy child are Target and Old Navy.

They are the best stores when your baby is longer or bigger than what some stores consider the normal.

However, there are quite a few other cheap baby clothing stores online that offer savings. Here are my favorite choices.

Old Navy

Old Navy offers numerous deals when you shop online. You can usually receive 50 percent or more off on cute, cheap baby clothes.

I highly recommend signing up for their email list, just remember not to get too tempted with shopping.

I also think they have some of the cutest boy clothes if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s difficult for many parents to find cute and affordable boy clothes.

They also sell baby bowties if you’re into that sort of thing.


Target is another store for awesome deals. I usually wait until the end of the season and buy clothes in a few sizes bigger to use for the next winter or summer.

I’ve purchased shirts for as little as $0.75 online. The store is also a good resource if you need to buy cheap newborn baby clothes as they regularly have sales on those items.


If you shop at Gymboree, I recommend jumping on their email list too. I was able to use a first-time shopper coupon during a sale and saved over $50 during a shopping trip.

You can also earn rewards and use those rewards to receive cash back.


Are you a couponer? If so, JCPenney is one of the best places to find cheap name brand baby clothes.

I have a friend who coupons online and has been able to buy clothes for her three children while spending less than $50.


If you need a specialty item or clothing (like a costume or announcement shirt), Zulily has you covered. I can typically find clothes for less than $10 a piece.

Just keep in mind that shipping can take a few weeks.

2. Use Swagbucks to Get Cash Back Online


One overlooked way to save money when buying cheap baby items online is using a cashback rewards site. While you won’t receive a lot of money, it’s a convenient way to cut costs.

Swagbucks is my go-to portal to receive cash back on my shopping online. Swagbucks is a portal that gives you SB points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

A few of the ways you can earn SB points include:

  • Taking paid surveys
  • Watching sponsored videos
  • Using their search engine

Another way you can earn points is by using their shopping portal. After downloading the Swagbucks Chrome extension, the portal notifies you when they find opportunities to receive a kickback.

The amount varies, usually in the eight to ten percent range, but can reach up to 40 percent in some cases.

Some of the participating retailers include Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart. If you want to increase your savings, you can use the gift cards you earn to buy additional items your baby needs. This is a terrific opportunity for parents of newborns to get some cash back when you buy baby formula online.

I’ve earned hundreds of dollars using Swagbucks, and it’s a great way to save money.

3. Buy Clothes on


It’s surprising to see on our list of clothing stores. However, the retailer is one of the top choices to find cheap designer baby clothes online without a hefty price tag.

While designer clothing may not be the most important thing to you, sometimes we just want our babies to look super cute. But that doesn’t mean we want to pay the designer price.

If you’re the type of mom that wants to “splurge” on baby clothes without really splurging, is an excellent option for you. Just be careful when shopping.

Because these clothes are on Overstock, once they sell out, they’re gone. So, if you see something you like, grab it, or it might be gone the next time you look.

4. Shop on Amazon


Amazon is one of the best places to buy cheap baby clothes online. The retailer is a must-stop if you need multiples of one item, like onesies, socks, or undershirts.

Amazon also carries numerous different brands that you can choose from. That way, you don’t have to shop at different stores just to get all of the clothes your baby needs.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you receive free shipping, so it’s not necessary to spend a particular amount to save on shipping.

Lastly, if you’re an expectant mother, Amazon is one of the best baby registry sites you can use for your new little one. They send you a free welcome box worth $35 that includes a baby blanket, bottle, diapers, and wipes.

If you create a registry on Amazon, they offer Prime members a 15 percent discount on eligible items when you purchase them. This perk provides an additional opportunity to get cheap baby stuff online and save money.

5. Shop Thrift Stores


Thrift stores, or consignment stores, are a must-stop to shop for clothes, especially baby clothes. My daughter exclusively wore Target clothes and thrift store clothing for the first 18 months of her life.

The biggest con to shopping at a thrift store is that you have to search thoroughly to get the right size and clothes you want your baby to wear. However, they’re gold mine when you find the clothes your baby needs.

We have a baby thrift store nearby, and they only sell baby clothes and baby items. I’ve been able to buy an entire wardrobe for my daughter for less than $20.

Some thrift stores will give you store credit, or a discount, for donating items. So, you can donate the clothes your baby has grown out of and earn credit to purchase their new wardrobe. Doing this can save you tons of money.

6. Clothing Swaps


Do you have family members or friends that have kids that are slightly older than your baby? Or, maybe you all have multiple kids and a lot of extra clothing at home.

Why not do a clothing swap?

Hand-me-downs are great, but if you have a boy and a girl, hand-me-downs may not work. Instead, swap old clothes with a friend that has girls that are a bit older than yours.

You can also trade with a family member that needs boy clothes but only has girl clothes.

This option is a great way to keep clothes out of landfills, get baby clothes for free, and help others. That’s a huge win in my book.

7. Craigslist


Craigslist is an excellent choice to find cheap baby clothes often sold in lots, or large quantities.

For example, my local Craigslist has someone selling three bags of girls three month to 12 month clothing for just $15. She says the clothes were boxed away in their attic and forgotten.

While you would certainly have to wash these clothes and go through them to make sure they will work for your kid, that’s a lot of clothes for just $15.

It’s a simple way to give a second life to clothes that may have ended up in the trash.

If you need a lot of clothes for super cheap, Craigslist should be one of the first places you look. Looking for other ways to get lots of clothes for cheap, there are other sites like Craigslist that may help you save money.

8. Try Freecycle


While this may or may not be in your area, if it is, you can get free baby clothes. Freecycle is a website like Craigslist, but instead of asking for payment, people give their items away for free.

Freecycle isn’t highly active in my area, but if you live in a bigger city, it may be in yours. It’s a fantastic resource to look at if you need baby clothes but can’t afford them.

You can always return the favor when your baby grows out of them.

9. Sell Used Clothing Locally


Do you have clothes your baby can no longer wear? Try selling them to earn money to buy the new clothes you need.

You can sell items locally on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and other local options.

It’s also possible to sell baby clothes to a baby boutique or reselling store. You may not receive as much money back, but they typically give you higher store credit, which you can then use to find baby clothes in the store.

10. Shop Sales


If you don’t like buying secondhand, you can still save money and get cheap baby clothes. The best way to do this is to shop sales.

Sales for baby clothes usually happen at the turn of each season, and during holidays like Christmas, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July.

If you choose to shop around seasons, it’s best to buy the clothes at the end of the season and buy ahead. For example, when summer clothes go on sale, by them a size or two bigger for next year.

This method is perfect if your state experiences all four seasons. For us, we’ve saved hundreds of dollars on jackets, boots, and coats just by shopping at the end of the season and buying ahead.

11. Avoid Collections


If you want to buy cheap baby clothes, you should avoid designer collections. While these clothes are undoubtedly cute, and there are ways to save money on them, buying them full price can cost a small fortune.

Instead, wait until you see these collections in the thrift store or consignment shops. Sure, that may mean your baby wears clothes that are “no longer in style/season,” but overall, you’ll save a lot of money and the clothes will still be fashionable.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with dressing your baby well and wanting them to look cute. However, going into debt or spending hundreds of dollars on items they will quickly outgrow isn’t the best use of your money.

Do you need to find places to buy cheap baby clothes online? Here are 11 top ways to find affordable kids clothing and save money for other items you need.

Bottom Line


There are numerous ways to buy baby clothes online and save money. Sure, babies are expensive, but it’s not necessary to overspend on clothing.

In my daughter’s first year, I only spent about $150 on clothes, with $25 of that being boots that I had to purchase because she was a winter baby.

Babies outgrow their clothes in the blink of an eye, so it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. With these tips, you could save hundreds of dollars.


What’s your go-to way to buy cheap kids clothes? How much money do you spend on clothing for your children each year? What’s your favorite store to find affordable clothing?

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