I haven’t always made wise financial decisions; I graduated college with nearly $25,000 in credit card debt because I didn’t understand the importance of living within my means. It’s been a long and winding road but today I’m an ex-stockbroker living debt-free with a passion for helping people take control of their financial futures.

I’m also an entrepreneur running a booming marketing and advertising business with my lovely wife, Nicole. Together, we write for some of America’s best businesses, ad agencies, and online publications. We also ring lead a three-ring circus with our little Frugal Rules (Carla, Perry, and J.P.) who we love beyond measure and are hoping to one day pass along our business to.

When I started Frugal Rules, my goal was to create a blog that would teach people how to make decisions that lead to a life of financial freedom. Today, the site has grown into an online community where a symphony of talented staff writers and other team members lend their voices and talents to the topics of Attacking Debt, Investing, Frugality, Financial Products and Tools, Financial Literacy, and much more.

What makes you qualified to speak on Financial Matters?

Growing up, I was always provided for but never taught the financial principles I view as foundational to wise living. Free t-shirts from credit card vendors on my college campus and impulsive spending landed me in a mountain of debt that I had to methodically climb my way out of. As a Dad, MBA grad, and veteran of the financial services industry, I’ve gained knowledge and experience that I feel burdened to share so that you don’t repeat my mistakes. I don’t profess to be an expert, but I do enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about finances in the hopes that my own personal experience may benefit you.

I’ve learned that money is a powerful tool that, when managed appropriately, can help you accomplish your goals and provide for the people you care about. Through budgeting and frugal choices, we can live free of financial burdens.

Join My Journey

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