How to Watch HGTV Without Cable

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Want to know how to watch HGTV without cable? Here are 11+ ways to watch your favorite HGTV shows without paying for cable or satellite and save big.

When we were deciding to cut the cord years ago, I wanted to know how to watch HGTV without cable. My husband’s biggest concern was sports.

I like having HGTV on in the background to tune in and out of while I do other things. So, I needed to know how to watch my favorite HGTV shows. Don’t let the cable companies fool you. I’m happy to say that it is possible to get HGTV without cable or satellite.

How to Watch HGTV Without Cable


You don’t need cable to see what latest Waco treasure Chip and Joanna Gaines are renovating. There are multiple ways to see Hilary’s latest interior designs on Love it or List It.

If you’ve been wondering, “how can I watch HGTV without cable?” this post is for you. There are at least 12 different ways to stream HGTV.

Hulu Live


Hulu Live is an excellent way to watch HGTV shows when they air. We subscribe to legacy Hulu, which means we get on demand HGTV content. I recently caught up on two seasons of Love it or List It on Hulu.

We like Hulu because it allows us to watch HGTV shows without cable, with limited commercials, for only $5.99 per month.

While you can’t watch current episodes of Property Brothers with legacy Hulu, you can with Hulu Live. This cable alternative offers 60+ channels for $54.99 per month.

With Hulu Live, you can stream HGTV shows live on two screens at once and create up to six unique profiles. You can even bundle with the new Disney+ streaming service to enhance your content.

We like this feature since we watch completely different shows than our kids. When we login to our Hulu profile, it loads up our shows first. Check out our Hulu with Live TV review to get an in-depth take on the service.

If you’re on the fence about cutting the cord on your cable contract, try Hulu Live free for 7 days.

Sling TV


Sling TV is the second largest and most well-known streaming option for cord cutters. At $25 per month, it’s cheaper than Hulu Live. It’s a very affordable way to get HGTV.

Sling TV includes HGTV in its base package so you don’t need to add anything extra to watch your favorite shows.

The Sling TV channel list includes other popular networks like the Travel Channel and Food Network and more:

  • ESPN
  • Travel Channel
  • AMC
  • Food Network
  • History Channel
  • BBC America

Like other streaming providers, Sling TV is easy to install and use.

You can access it and watch content live or on demand from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other streaming device.

We cover all the particulars in our Sling TV Review. If you want to watch HGTV, Sling TV is a solid way to do it.

Try Sling TV risk-free for 7 days and see what you think.



If you’re looking for another option for how to get HGTV without paying for cable, consider Philo.

At only $20 per month, Philo is the most affordable way to stream HGTV. The catch is that Philo does not show sports.

That’s a big part of how it keeps its price low. Check out our Philo review to read a more in-depth review.

You can enjoy 50+ channels in its package, some of which include:

  • HGTV (of course!)
  • A&E
  • AMC
  • BET
  • CMT
  • DIY Network
  • Food Network
  • Lifetime
  • Nick Jr.
  • MTV
  • Travel Channel

That’s just a partial list! If you think Philo might be the best way to watch HGTV without cable TV, try Philo free with its 7-day free trial option.



If you’re not a soccer fan, you probably haven’t heard of fuboTV. It started as a streaming service aimed at soccer fans.

Today, fuboTV has expanded far beyond soccer content.

Fox News, USA, and FX are just a few of the channels available. If you like sports, and you’re wondering where to stream HGTV without cable, fuboTV may be right for you.

Its base package includes more than 100 channels for $54.99 per month. In addition to sports, those channels include:

  • HGTV
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Fox News
  • The Weather Channel
  • National Geographic

It’s important to know that fuboTV does not offer ESPN. Read our fuboTV review to learn more about this cable alternative.

Platform support and streaming quality are decent. However, it is more expensive and doesn’t include ESPN. Still, if you love soccer, it could be great for you.

fuboTV offers a 7-day free trial, which is a decent way to answer the question of ‘can I stream HGTV?’ without any risk.



AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now), launched in February 2017. Now a mature platform, AT&T TV Now is good way to save money and watch your favorite HGTV shows.

Are you paying too much for cable?
Cut the cord on your overpriced cable contract today! Save big by switching to Hulu With Live TV. Get 60+ channels, DVR, locals, ESPN, HGTV, Disney, CNN, Fox News and more for only $54.99/month. Get your 7-day free trial now!

We’ve tested the AT&T TV Now platform and find it an easy and enjoyable way to watch our favorite TV shows.

We used to be DirecTV customers but since we cancelled our contract with them four years ago we’ve saved $90 per month. It lets us watch Flip or Flop, Caribbean Life or Beachfront Bargain Hunt. With plans that start at $65 per month, AT&T TV Now is one of the best ways to stream HGTV.

Unlike other platforms, AT&T TV Now includes HGTV in its base package. For $65 per month, you get:

  • HGTV
  • ESPN
  • CNN
  • Disney Junior
  • Hallmark Channel
  • FX
  • E!
  • Nick Jr.

Learn more about the benefits of switching to a streaming service in our AT&T TV Now review now.

With AT&T TV Now’s 7-day free trial, you could try watching Love it or List It tonight!

*Related: Looking for a cheap cable alternative? Check out our Hulu Live TV channel lineup guide for why they’re a great solution to cut the cord.*

How to Watch HGTV for Free


Want to know how to watch HGTV shows for free? This section is for you.

You can watch certain shows for free on HGTV’s website. However, the number of shows are limited. Still, if you’re traveling or aren’t interested in signing up for a streaming service, this might work for you.

There’s one more ‘free’ way to watch HGTV shows online. That’s if you currently have a cable subscription.

If you do, you can use your cable’s online app to watch HGTV content. However, without a monthly cable subscription, you’ll get a black screen.

Watch Shows Online: Buy Full Episodes


Don’t need regular access to HGTV shows online? Another way to stream HGTV without paying for cable is by purchasing full seasons of HGTV shows on Amazon.

The latest seasons of popular HGTV shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop are available for purchase on Amazon for $25 each.

If you only watch one or two HGTV shows then that would bring your yearly cost to only $25 or $50. This is cheaper than paying $25 per month to watch every episode of every show HGTV offers through Sling TV.

If you don’t mind watching older content, you can catch up on older seasons of popular shows on Hulu and Netflix for free.

The bottom line is that you can watch HGTV without cable or satellite but if you want to watch it for free, you are limited in what you can watch.

Want to know how to watch HGTV without cable? Here are 11+ ways to watch your favorite HGTV shows without paying for cable or satellite and save big.

Can You Watch on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, or Roku?


At this point, you may be just about ready to cut the cord on your cable subscription and switch to a streaming service.

However, you might be wondering how you can watch HGTV without a cable box. It’s easy to watch HGTV on your laptop or other device. If you have Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, or Roku, they make it easy to watch HGTV without cable.

All of the major streaming device platforms mentioned in this article have apps that you can install and use on the above devices.

Bottom Line


The bottom line is that if you want to get HGTV without cable, there are various ways to do it. Now is a great time to pick one and try it free.

If you don’t like it, you can always stick with your overpriced cable contract.


Which of the streaming services have you tried? Which looks most intriguing to you now? What has your experience been trying to watch HGTV for free (or your other favorite shows)?

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