5 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight in 2021

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You can get paid to lose weight to start the New Year! Here are the 5 best apps that pay you to lose weight and help you make money on the side and get fit.

Losing weight takes motivation. You may want to improve your health or fit into clothes you haven’t worn in years. However, the process can be long and there are times we all need a little extra encouragement to be successful.

What if you could get paid to lose weight?

Yes, you can make money losing weight. Money can be a strong motivator when doing something you find challenging. As a result, there has been a growth in diet bet apps that reward you for losing weight.

Not all services are equal. With many diet plans and weight loss programs available, it can be overwhelming to select the best one for your needs.

As with anything health-related, always do your research before moving forward.

5 Apps That Pay You to Lose Weight


Losing weight isn’t quick or easy. It takes work and motivation. Frugal Rules founder John Schmoll lost 100 pounds on Nutrisystem. The key for him was staying motivated when he wanted to give up.

Weight loss bet apps recognize this and motivate people by tying a dollar amount to your weight loss.

It can be confusing to wade through different platforms. Here are five awesome apps to consider if you want to earn money by losing weight.

1. HealthyWage


HealthyWage is a great weight loss challenge app. The service allows people to place a bet on themselves to improve their health. 

How it Works

Choose the amount of weight you want to lose and then decide how much money you want to wager. When you open an account, use the HealthyWage prize calculator to determine the time you’ll give yourself and the amount you can win.

If you reach your goal, you win cash. However, you should be prepared to lose money if you give up on your goal or don’t reach it. If you need more time to reach your weight loss goal, you can extend the bet by purchasing more time.

If you find that losing weight with others provides more motivation, you can choose the team challenge option. This lets you team up with others to lose weight. There is a $25 monthly charge to do this, but you can win up to $10,000.

The team challenge requires weight verification via video or in-person at a Weight Watchers location.

HealthyWage - Win up to $10,000!
Cost: Varies

Bet on yourself. Choose how much weight you want to lose and how much money you want to wager.

Sign Up Now

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HealthyWage pays out a significant sum of money if you lose weight. The HealthyWage site claims the average winner earns $1,400 after reaching their goal.

Unlike other diet bets, there is no need to convert points for gift cards. When you reach your goal, you earn cash via PayPal or check. You can also win money by maintaining your weight or referring friends.


Unless you become pregnant, there is no way to cancel or suspend the bet once you begin.

Read our HealthyWage review to learn more.

Does HealthWage really pay out?

Yes, HealthyWage does pay out winnings. After you verify your weight loss you can choose either check or cash via PayPal. HealthyWage charges $7 for checks and nothing for PayPal. However, PayPal may charge a fee.

How does HealthyWage verify your weight?

HealthyWage requires weight verification at the beginning and end of challenges. You can verify your weight in the following ways:

  • Uploading a video through the HealthyWage mobile app
  • Film a weight check-in and upload it to their website
  • Have a fitness or health professional verify your weight, and have them complete the VerifyMe! form available on the HealthyWage site
  • Having a WW staff member complete the VerifyMe! form on your behalf

Regardless of the method you choose, your information is private.


2. DietBet


Dietbet is another legitimate weight loss app that allows you to get paid to lose weight. You won’t win as much as you could with HealthyWage, but you can snag a sizable amount.

How it Works

Decide whether you want to reach a short- or long-term weight loss goal by selecting one of three weight loss programs:

  • Kickstarter – lose four percent of your body weight within 28 days
  • Transformer – lose ten percent of your body weight within six months
  • Maintainer – keep your weight loss off for 12 full months

Similar to HealthyWage, you can do this as an individual. You can also join a team. However, you must pay based on how many people are competing with you.

DietBet charges the following fees to start:

  • 25 percent fee for bets under $100
  • 20 percent fee for bets $100 – $249
  • 15 percent fee for bets $250 – $500
  • 10 percent fee for bets over $500

You should expect to pay at least $25 to try to lose weight with DietBet.


The long-term challenges make it easier to earn money by losing weight. The service discourages users from trying to lose weight in an unhealthy manner to game the system. It promotes a long-term view of health.

You can win money and receive payouts via PayPal. This means you do not need to convert points for gift cards.


The amount you can win with DietBet varies depending on the number of people competing with you. When more people compete alongside you, earning opportunities decrease.

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Unlike HealthyWage, DietBet does not communicate how much you can earn. This may be a detractor if money is a significant motivator.

3. Stickk


StickK pays cash for doing healthy things like exercising or competing in a marathon. 

How it Works

When you open an account with StickK, you bet against yourself to lose weight or achieve a health goal. Users sign a “commitment contract” acknowledging potential winnings will be forfeited if they give up on a goal.

StickK assigns a “referee” to verify your weight loss or progress towards your health goal. The app also allows you to invite friends or family to cheer you on. 

If the goal is longer-term, you must provide a weekly progress report. If it’s short-term, you only need to report at the end.

Upon finishing, the referee determines whether or not you reached your goal. If you don’t reach your goal, the amount you bet goes to either a charity, StickK, or an individual you choose. Unlike other weight loss bet apps, you do not earn anything with StickK.


The app is available on both Android and iOS-based phones. You get to determine the amount you bet. Additionally, having a referee assigned to your goal helps increase your chances of success.


You won’t get paid to lose weight or reach any other health goal. StickK operates on the premise that negative reinforcement of losing money will encourage you to continue trying to lose weight. This may hold some people back.

However, payment isn’t collected at the beginning of the bet. You only pay if you don’t reach your goal.

4. Walgreens Balance Rewards


The Walgreens Balance Rewards is a program that pays users to pursue healthy living goals. These can either be physical, like losing weight, or lifestyle, like exercising. The program is free to join and runs in increments of four weeks. 

How it Works

When you sign up for the Walgreens Balance Rewards program, you track your progress manually or through their app. You can also link your account to a health device, for example a FitBit, to monitor your progress. 

The Walgreens app pays you in points you can convert for savings at the store. You can earn points in various ways, including:

  • Connecting a FitBit = 250 points
  • Walking, running, cycling = 20 points per mile
  • Getting a vaccination = 100 points

Every 1,000 points is equal to $1. Points can be redeemed for savings at participating Walgreens locations. While this won’t directly pay you to lose weight, the service does encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle and potentially lose weight.


There is no risk because the program is free to join. If you shop at Walgreens, it can be a terrific way to earn savings you can use at the store.


Compared to other diet bet apps, you won’t earn a ton with this option. Earnings can only be used at Walgreens.

5. Achievement


Achievement is the final app that lets you make money by losing weight. The platform takes a holistic approach to improving your health. However, it doesn’t directly pay you to shed pounds.

How it Works

Available for both Android and iOS-based devices, you can connect the service to devices like FitBit or MapMyRun to monitor your activities and earn rewards for various tasks, including:

  • Exercising
  • Keeping track of your steps
  • Eating right
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Losing weight

The app pays you in points for completing different activities. For example, you can earn up to 80 points each day for exercising. You can also earn up to six points per day for logging the food you eat or weighing yourself.

The service is free to use. Once you reach 10,000 points (equal to $10), earnings are redeemable via PayPal.


There is no risk to use the service because it is free. You can earn points in multiple ways, not just by losing weight. You can earn cash since earnings are redeemable via PayPal as opposed to gift cards.


It can take several months to earn enough points to redeem your earnings. For example, it will take just over three months to earn enough points for $10 if you earn 100 points each day.

Other Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight


Weight loss apps aren’t the only way to earn money by losing weight. Here are a few alternatives.

Office Challenges


Weight loss challenges are the perfect choice for small office settings. Try recruiting co-workers to work together or challenge each other to lose weight.

You can set the timeframe to be as short or as long as you want. You can also determine if you want to use total weight lost or overall percentage lost to evaluate progress. Pool the money and determine prizes for first and second place.

Health Insurance Reimbursements


Losing weight generally results in improved health. Insurance companies know this and encourage people to improve their health.

While reimbursements vary, they often include discounted or free gym memberships. This will cover the membership fee for a weight loss plan or pay for other physical activities.

Work with Your Friends


Friends can be a great resource to help you improve your health. Why not work together to lose weight or complete another health goal?

Similar to office challenges, you will need to monitor each other. You may also want to bet a smaller amount, such as $10 or $20, to keep it friendly. Whoever wins gets the pot.

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight


If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know much of it comes down to motivation. Here are some ways to stay motivated to lose weight this year.

Don’t Do it Alone

Studies show that partnering with someone else makes you more likely to succeed. Find someone to work with as you pursue your goals.

A spouse, sibling, co-worker, or friend are all great options. Make sure to encourage each other and hold each other accountable.

If you don’t know someone that wants to lose weight, then an app like HealthyWage is a great alternative.

Make it Social

Don’t be shy about your weight loss goal. Share your goal with friends and family so they can encourage you.

Social media is a great way to do this. You can even post pictures so your friends see your progress.

If you use a weight loss plan like Nutrisystem, this is built into their platform. This feature makes it even easier to share your goals and progress.

Pick A Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle

It’s important to do your research because there are many weight loss plans out there. Select a plan that works with your lifestyle and specific goals.

Using one that doesn’t fit with your preferences may only cause frustration and lead you to quit.

Celebrate Your Successes and Embrace Your Setbacks

Losing weight can be a long journey. Break up your goals into smaller chunks and celebrate each milestone.

Acknowledge that you will experience setbacks. Rather than quitting, use setbacks to challenge yourself. Work through them and keep pushing towards your goals.

Find an Exercise You Enjoy

You will need to exercise to lose weight. There are many ways to exercise, so find something you enjoy that fits your schedule.

It can be something as simple as walking. You can also try something more vigorous.

The point is to find a form of exercise you like and that you can sustain long-term. Once you’ve done that, challenge yourself to exercise regularly.



You may think it’s too good to be true to get paid to lose weight. Fortunately, it’s not. There are workout apps that pay you to lose weight and make some money in the process.

A big part of losing weight is staying motivated and hearing success stories of others who have lost weight. If you have a goal to lose weight or become healthier in the new year, consider pairing it with a financial incentive to increase your chances of success.


Which apps have you used to get paid to lose weight? What have you found to be successful in helping you to lose weight? How do you plan to achieve your one significant health goal next year?

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