30+ Best Paid Survey Sites for Making Extra Cash and Rewards

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The best paid survey sites let you earn extra money in your free time. Here are 30+ legitimate survey sites to use to make money in your free time.

Did you know that you can make money in your free time? That’s right, you can use many of the best paid survey sites to make money and monetize your spare time. The best online survey sites pay you for your opinion, or even to test out a new product.

While some survey companies look for a specific type of individual, most of the legitimate paid survey sites take individuals from various backgrounds. Unlike other side hustles, you don’t need any special skills or expertise to make money from the best survey sites.

All you need is a computer, internet connection, and your personal opinion. In fact, many of the top paid survey sites let you complete surveys from your smartphone so you can do them whenever you like.

One thing to keep in mind with many survey sites is that you have a variety of ways to redeem points. Cash is always an option, but most of the best paid online survey sites also let you redeem points for free gift cards from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more. You get to select which redemption option you prefer and can change at any point.

The best paid survey sites for 2021


Do you want to make money in your spare time with little work? Here are the 31 best paid survey sites to make money and put a little extra cash in your budget.

1. Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites to make money because it’s so simple to use. The Survey Junkie platform is one of the oldest survey sites in the space, starting in 2005 and boasts over three million members.

It’s pretty easy to start earning money with Survey Junkie. When you open an account and fill out a quick profile, you can start taking surveys. You can start redeeming points once you hit the 1,000 point mark, which is equivalent to $10. You can redeem cash via PayPal, or you can get e-gift cards, whichever you prefer.

Survey Junkie lets you take surveys on your smartphone or desktop. All you need is access to the internet to use the Survey Junkie platform.

Check out our Survey Junkie review to read more about how the platform works.

2. Pinecone Research


Pinecone Research is one of the highest paid survey sites in the market. They pay $3 per completed survey, and they also pay $3 when you first sign up.

Pinecone Research is a little more picky in their selection process. You can only start an account by clicking the above link and not through their public site.

Pinecone specializes in product testing over straight surveys as they want to test products before they make it to the public. Like other survey sites, you can redeem points for cash or e-gift cards and every 100 points equals $1.

Our favorite part of Pinecone Research is that they have no minimum redemption amount, so you can start redeeming after your first completed survey.

Is Pinecone Research legit? Check out our review to learn how the platform works and to maximize earnings.

3. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is one of the best paid survey sites for 2021 because they offer so many ways to earn money – and they’ve paid out nearly $60 million in rewards. You can earn money by taking surveys, of course, but you can also make money doing other tasks, such as:

  • Downloading coupons
  • Watching videos
  • Reading sponsored emails sent by InboxDollars

You can also play games online for money through InboxDollars.

Another great part of InboxDollars is that you don’t have to do any point to cash conversions. InboxDollars pays cash (you can also redeem cash for e-gift cards) so you know exactly what you’re going to receive. Each task is worth a different amount so you won’t always earn at the same frequency.

The one downside to InboxDollars is that they have a minimum redemption amount of $30. They offset this by paying a $5 signup bonus to help you start earning right away. InboxDollars offers so many ways to earn money that it’s easy to rack up rewards.

Read our InboxDollars review to learn how to earn more on the platform.

4. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is one of the most popular paid survey sites in the space, having paid out nearly $200 million in rewards.

The Swagbucks platform much like InboxDollars. It allows you to earn money in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Using their search engine
  • Completing surveys
  • Using their shopping portal

You can also get paid to watch movies on Swagbucks so there are plenty of opportunities to make money. When you complete tasks, you earn SB points that can be redeemed for cash or e-gift cards from hundreds of different retailers.

The minimum redemption for cash is $25, but you can often redeem gift cards for as low as $1. Swagbucks regularly puts gift cards on sale so you can redeem them for fewer points.

Swagbucks offers many ways to earn money on the side and is one of the best legitimate paid survey sites you can use.

5. Vindale Research


Vindale Research is similar to InboxDollars in that they don’t mess around with points. They pay out in cash, so you know exactly what you’re going to earn with each survey you complete.

You can also make money in a variety of ways, from using their search engine, to reading sponsored emails. The platform is also a great option to get paid to review products.

Vindale Research surveys for a number of niches (as do many survey sites), including cars, fashion, and restaurants. You simply open an account, fill out a quick profile, and you can start filling out surveys that match your demographics right away.

Vindale Research has a higher than average minimum redemption amount of $50. However, Vindale Research is one of the higher paid survey sites so you can hit that redemption amount fairly quickly. They also pay a $1 signup bonus to get you started.

Read our Vindale Research app review to learn more about the platform.

6. MyPoints


MyPoints is like several of the other online survey sites already listed. You can make money by taking surveys, in addition to other tasks like:

  • Using their search engine
  • Booking online travel
  • Downloading coupons

You can also earn money by watching video ads on MyPoints. We love sites like these as it increases earning potential. MyPoints has been around since 1996 and is simple to start using once you open an account.

You can redeem points for cash or gift cards. The minimum redemption amount is $5 for gift cards and $25 if you want cash sent to your PayPal account.

7. Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost is another well-known online survey site. One of our favorite features of Opinion Outpost is they offer seven different payment options, from cash to physical gift card so there’s plenty of options to choose from.

Opinion Outpost has a relatively low minimum redemption amount of just $10, but you can redeem gift cards starting at $5. As with other paid survey sites, completely fill out your profile information when opening an account to ensure you get more opportunities.

The best part of Opinion Outpost is they’re one of the fastest in the space to process payments. When you request funds, they’re moved instantly to your PayPal account. Their $10,000 quarterly reward drawing isn’t too bad either.

8. GrabPoints


GrabPoints is similar to other survey sites in that it’s a get-paid-to (GPT) site that pays you to perform various tasks online. You can earn rewards on GrabPoints in one of the following ways:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching sponsored videos
  • Downloading apps and games
  • Signing up for free and paid offers online
  • Referring friends to the platform

GrabPoints is free to join, and you just need to be 13 years old. You earn points for each task you complete, with every 1,000 points equal to $1. You can redeem rewards once you reach 3,000 points in your account, which is one of the lowest redemption levels in the space. When you sign up through Frugal Rules you receive 500 bonus points.

The GrabPoints platform does not work on iOS devices, but you can access it via Android devices or their website. They recommend using the website, if possible, as it updates with real-time earning opportunities.

You can redeem points for cash, or gift cards – including free Google Play credits. If you want an easy way to earn free gift cards or cash, GrabPoints is worth checking out.

9. Panda Research


Panda Research is like many of the other survey sites mentioned. You can make money by taking surveys, but you can also earn by referring friends, reading emails, and more.

Panda Research is one of the highest paid survey sites in the space, offering some surveys at up to $25. Payouts vary, of course, but it’s great to know they have surveys that pay.

The minimum payout is $50 and they pay out twice a month – on the 1st and 15th of each month. Panda Research also pays out a $3 signup bonus after you open an account, fill out a profile, and verify your email.

10. VIP Voice


VIP Voice is one of the oldest online survey sites in the space. Its parent company started in 1967 and they do more than 12 million surveys each year.

As with other survey sites, sign up is fairly simple. You open an account, fill out a short survey, and you’re able to start taking surveys that match with your demographics. You earn points when you complete surveys with VIP Voice.

The one downside to VIP Voice is that they do not have a direct paid system like many other of the best paid survey sites. Instead, your points are entered into drawings for cash, appliances, electronics, and vacation packages.

On the flip side, VIP Voice claims to give away thousands of rewards each month. you can complete their surveys relatively quickly and they offer regular drawings for cash, including a $5,000 scholarship for students.

11. Toluna


Toluna is one of the largest survey providers in the space. The platform has ten million active members. Toluna works with reputable companies to learn your opinion on products and services you buy as well as your shopping habits.

You can receive 3,000 to 6,000 points per survey you take. Toluna also offers longer surveys that pay up to 50,000 points. The one drawback to Toluna is they have a higher redemption amount with 30,000 points equaling $10 in gift cards.

If you want to redeem points for cash the minimum is $30 in PayPal cash, which is equal to 90,000 points.

However, they do offer several opportunities to earn points. You receive 500 points for opening an account and 15 points if you do not qualify for a survey. You can also earn points for buying apps or magazine subscriptions as well as sweepstakes for points.

There are other better paying sites on this list, but if you want a way make money in your spare time Toluna is worth a shot.

12. E-Poll


Do you like to watch TV? Then, E-Poll could be one of the best paid survey sites for you. E-Poll is one of the easiest survey sites to sign up for. You fill out the simple sign-up form, click the activation link they send you via email, complete a short sign-up survey and you’re good to go. That first survey nets you 100 points.

E-Poll specializes in surveys based on television shows. E-Poll runs a points based system, so you get points for each survey you complete. You can start redeeming once you hit the $5 threshold, which is equal to 3,750 points.

Most E-Poll surveys pay out between 500 and 1,000 points so you can hit that minimum relatively quickly. They also run a $250 monthly sweepstakes for users. Like some other of the best online survey sites on our list, the more surveys you take with E-Poll, the more points you earn.

The best way to earn more money with E-Poll is when you get invited to review shows the day after they air. These reviews are longer than their typical surveys but they also pay more.

13. FusionCash


FusionCash is like Swagbucks and Panda Research; you can earn money in multiple ways. The main way FusionCash pays users is through product testing.

Each product is different, sometimes you may test an app and other times it is a physical product.

You may have to purchase a product, or remember to cancel before a free trial offer ends. In the latter case it’s best to set a calendar reminder to cancel it so you don’t have to pay for the product.

FusionCash pays you at the end of testing the product or app.

In addition to product testing, you can earn money in the following ways with FusionCash:

  • Taking surveys
  • Using their shopping portal
  • Using their search engine
  • Watching videos

You can also get paid to open emails through FusionCash. The minimum redemption amount for FusionCash is $25. They give you a $5 bonus for opening account to help you reach the initial amount.

14. Forthright


Forthright is one of the more unique survey sites that pay you cash. You don’t deal with points, they have no minimum balance requirements, and they don’t pay in gift cards.

All of those are common gripes by many who attempt to take paid surveys as it slows down the redemption process. Forthright works as its name implies.

You take a survey and receive cash upon completion. For example, if you take a survey that is worth $2, you receive the $2 after you submit the survey. This makes the site one of the better choices to earn free cash.

Payouts range from $1 to $5 with Forthright. They also pay a loyalty bonus of $2 for every three surveys you complete. Forthright pays via PayPal, Amazon gift card, or you can receive earnings in Bitcoin.

15. InboxPays


InboxPays is a newer survey site. Like several of the other sites on the list, you can make money in a number of ways with InboxPays, such as:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games online
  • Referring friends

In addition to the online micro jobs, InboxPays also has a coupon section where you can select coupons to save money at the store.

You can earn up to $50 per survey with InboxPays, though those are limited. You can start redeeming cash or gift cards once you hit a $50 balance. InboxPays also pays twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of each month.

16. Springboard America


Springboard America is a newer paid survey site, starting in 2009. Our favorite part of Springboard America is that you get entered into a $1,000 drawing just for opening an account.

Springboard America is a points-based survey system where every 100 points equals $1. Most surveys range between 50 and 500 points. They do have a higher minimum redemption amount of $50, which you can get in cash or gift card to a variety of different retailers.

17. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel


You’ve likely heard of the parent company of Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel before as they handle the well-known Nielsen’s Ratings for TV programming. They’ve been around for over 90 years and collect data on television viewing habits.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, formerly known as Digital Voice, compensates you to monitor your web habits. They use this information similar to how they do for TV viewing habits, and are a legitimate service. You don’t surf the web any differently than you normally would, it just works in the background.

Nielsen will also send you surveys to complete on an irregular basis.

18. Ipsos i-Say


Ipsos i-Say is one of the oldest online survey sites in the market. The company started in 1975 and specializes in political-based surveys, but they offer plenty of other surveys as well – including many of the same ones you’ll see with other sites.

What we love about Ipsos i-Say is their low minimum redemption amount. You can start redeeming rewards once you hit 500 points, which equals $5. You can redeem points for cash or for e-gift cards that they deliver instantly.

i-Say also pays loyalty points for each survey you complete as well as get entered into drawings they offer for bonus points or other awards.

19. MySurvey


MySurvey is one of the most popular online survey sites. Their parent company has been around since 1946 and they do surveys for a wide variety of companies, including being used by The Wall Street Journal.

MySurvey uses a points-based system, which you then convert into cash that you have sent to PayPal, or to purchase e-gift cards. MySurvey also has a relatively low minimum redemption amount of just $10.

One highlight for MySurvey is they quickly inform you if you do not qualify to complete a survey. This helps you save time and allows you to focus on surveys you qualify for so you don’t have to wait around to earn money.

20. YouGov


YouGov is one of the more unique online paid survey sites on our list. The primary purpose behind YouGov is to provide individuals an opportunity to sound off about their views on politics, spending habits, what television shows they watch, and what retail brands they use. In some instances you might even be featured in the news for your opinion.

YouGov uses this information to provide statistics they publish daily on their site with the goal of helping companies and institutions better understand how to support individuals.

YouGov doesn’t only focus on current events. They also pay you to take surveys and pay out a bonus of 2,000 points when you become a user. You can convert points for cash or gift cards, with many gift cards available at the $5 redemption mark.

21. Survey Club


If you’re looking for an opportunity to make money locally, Survey Club is a good consideration. Not only can you earn money taking surveys with Survey Club, you can also earn money in the following ways:

  • Product testing
  • Focus groups
  • Clinical trials

Survey Club contacts you when local opportunities are available. Survey Club is also one of the biggest online survey sites, boasting more than 16 million users.

The minimum redemption level is $20, which you can get as cash or e-gift cards. Survey Club even guarantees you’ll make at least $5 in the first five minutes using the site.

22. Product Report Card


Product Report Card is one of the best paid survey sites as they pay you more the more surveys you take. Some sites claim they do this, but with Product Report they do pay you more as you go along.

In fact, they pay you up to $8 just to complete your profile – which is nice since their minimum redemption amount starts at just $25.

Not only can you make money taking surveys for Product Report Card but you can also earn money by giving short reviews of products you use around the house, as well as joining focus groups. Product Report Card works with brands like Microsoft and Gillet so you know they’re a legitimate paid survey site.

23. OneOpinion


OneOpinion may not have the name recognition that Swagbucks and others have, but it’s one of the most popular online paid survey sites in the space. This is helped largely by their great customer service and ease of redeeming funds.

OneOpinion lets you make money taking surveys and testing products. OneOpinion operates on a points-based system and the minimum redemption amount is 25,000 points, which equals $25 in cash or gift cards.

Most of the surveys with OneOpinion pay 1,000 to 5,000 points so you can start earning relatively quickly. If you qualify for product testing, you can earn even more points. Additionally, if you don’t qualify for a survey, OneOpinion pays you 50 points.

24. Opinion City


Opinion City is a newer online survey site. Like the name suggests, you give your opinion by taking surveys on a variety of different brands, from Best Buy to McDonald’s.

Signing up for Opinion City is as simple as other survey sites. You fill out your profile information and, once complete, you start taking surveys.

You can redeem points for cash or gift cards. The minimum redemption amount is $5 for gift cards and $25 if you want cash sent to your PayPal account.

25. Panel PayDay


Panel Payday is one of the more unique opportunities on our list of best survey sites for money. You don’t directly take surveys with Panel Payday; rather, they connect you with survey opportunities from other companies.

Panel Payday is also unique in that they offer a $25 signup bonus for opening an account. Their surveys pay anywhere from $1 to $25, but you can also earn money in the below ways:

  • Joining a focus group – pays $30 – $100 per group
  • Mystery shopping – pays $10 – $50 per hour

The higher paying opportunities aren’t as plentiful, but they’re higher than what you’ll see with other paid survey sites. Thanks to the higher payouts you’ll also see fewer surveys on a whole. Many survey sites will provide you with at least one opportunity per week, if not more. Panel Payday is closer to once every two weeks, up to four times per month.

26. Survey Voices


Survey Voices is one of the more unique survey sites on our list. You don’t take your surveys with Survey Voices, rather they direct you to legitimate paid survey sites and you complete surveys with them.

Survey Voices claims you can make up to $300 per day taking their surveys. We’re hard pressed to believe that claim. That aside, they do direct you to legit sites so they can be a good way to add a little extra cash to your wallet.

27. ShopTracker


How would you like to make money from your normal shopping on Amazon? That’s how ShopTracker works. After you open an account with ShopTracker, you login to your Amazon account, which will sync the two accounts.

ShopTracker pays $3 per month, or $36 per year for you completing a two-minute survey each month. It’s admittedly not a lot of money, but it does pay you for something you’re already doing so why not take advantage of a small win?

ShopTracker is run by the Harris Poll, a well-known marketing research company that has been business for nearly 50 years. They’re looking for information that will help companies with their sales and distribution.

Once you complete the monthly survey, ShopTracker sends you a $3 Visa gift code you can use anywhere you shop online.

28. Rakuten


Rakuten is one of the more well-known survey sites on our list. The site is a lot like Swagbucks and offers many ways to earn cash besides the typical surveys. You can make money using their shopping portal, which is their most popular feature.

Rakuten works pretty simply. You use their shopping portal to make a purchase and they give you cash back for that purchase. Amounts vary by store and product you purchase. You can even stack coupons with other coupons, or use a cash back credit card to increase earnings.

Rakuten pays out a $10 bonus when you open an account and you can start redeeming for gift cards at $25. Read our Rakuten review here to learn more.

29. MobileXpression


MobileXpression is a little different; they work with companies to discover how we use our mobile devices. As a result, you can only use this online survey site with a smartphone or an iPad-like (tablet) device.

MobileXpression is free to use and they make it simple to open an account. Once you open an account and download their software you start earning rewards that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. They also hold weekly drawings for devices like Kindles or iPads.

30. Lifepoints


There are two different options to earn points and trade them in for cash and other prizes with LifePoints. You can earn rewards using your phone with LifePoints-US-mobile. Or, the other option is to earn money and prizes from home on your computer or laptop with LifePoints-US-desktop.

Although LifePoints is one of the great survey sites out there, they offer more than surveys as a way to earn cash and prizes. If you don’t want to complete surveys or mini-polls, you can test products or complete other activities to get rewards instead.

You can use LifePoints beginning at age 14, making it one of the better jobs for 14-year-olds.

31. Branded Surveys


It’s easy to sign up and complete surveys with Branded Surveys. After filling out your profile, they’ll match you to specific surveys offered by market research companies.

Once you complete the survey, the company reviews it and approves your survey answers. Points are awarded to your account by Branded Surveys. When they reach a certain level, you can cash them in for gift cards or even money in your PayPal account you can use on anything.

32. Quickthoughts


Sharing your thoughts and opinions while getting paid for it is easy with QuickThoughts. You can download their mobile app for android through your app store, then sign up to complete surveys and get paid. You must be at least 18 years old  to use QuickThoughts.

Surveys can be accessed regularly through the “find me a survey” button inside the app. You can also enable push notifications to find out about survey opportunities.

Rewards received from completed surveys can be in the form of points or dollars but may also be sweepstakes entries or other rewards. You can only redeem rewards points or dollars from QuickThoughts once they’ve reached a minimum of $10. Unredeemed points or dollars expire one year after they’ve been posted to your account.

33. PointClub


PointClub encourages their members to take surveys, polls, and participate in “Daily Streaks” while having fun. The minimum age to join is 13, with parental permission. It’s a good way for both teens and adults to make extra money.

Points are awarded for completed surveys and polls. When you reach 25,000 points or more, you can redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards. You can even donate your winnings to the charity of your choice.

34. Dabbl


Dabbl gives you multiple options to make money with their app. You can have fun earning money while playing interactive games, taking quizzes, and watching videos.

To download the Dabbl app free go to the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. Minors using Dabbl must be at least 13 years old and have parental permission.

Sign onto Dabbl often to provide your feedback and start earning cash. The top of your main Dabbl Feed shows your current accumulated earnings at any given time. Once the balance reaches at least $5 you can turn it into an Amazon, Target, or other gift card.

You can find the available gift cards through the Earnings screen. Dabbl will ask for a first and last name as well as an email address before you can redeem your balance. According to the Dabbl website, the gift cards never expire.


best online survey sites faq


There’s a lot of misconception behind many of the best paid survey sites. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding taking online surveys:

How do paid surveys work?

The basic premise with paid online surveys is that companies want to get feedback on their products. This tells them what consumers think of their products and provides them with information on how to improve their products.

This is where a market research company comes into play. They work with companies to ask consumers what they think. This can come in the form of surveys or focus groups.

How much can I make taking surveys?

You will not get rich taking surveys. Some survey sites will claim you can make $500+ each week taking surveys. Maybe some people can, but it’s difficult at best and not worth the time or effort.

Yes, taking surveys can be a great way to make money in your free time such as when you’re eating lunch, waiting in the doctor’s office, or watching TV. Taking surveys will not replace your day job. However, if you need to get money today surveys can be a good way to earn a little extra cash.

How will I get paid?

Each survey site pays a little differently. You want to understand how they pay, and when they pay, before you get started. Some survey sites do everything electronically while others handle payment with physical checks and gift cards. If a platform only pays by check, read our guide on where can I cash a check near me for options to cash it for free.

Taking surveys is a great way to get free Amazon gift cards, not to mention gift cards from other retailers. You may even find more value in redeeming points for gift cards than getting cash. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each survey site before you start.

Should I pay to join an online survey site?

No! You should never pay to join a survey site. The legitimate paid survey sites in the space are all free and are compensated by the companies they represent.

If a survey site asks you to pay anything to join that should be a sign that you need to look elsewhere.

Why do I have to qualify to take a survey?

This is a common and understandable complaint of some who take surveys. There’s nothing worse to spend more than a minute or two filling out a form to then find out you don’t qualify. That’s why a paid survey site like OneOpinion stands out for giving you points when you don’t qualify for a survey.

In short, survey sites need to ensure you match the demographic background for a given survey. If you don’t, it’s a waste of their time and money. They want information on their target market, which is why it’s so important you complete your profile information when you open an account.

Are all online survey sites the same?

No! Each survey site is different, so you want to make sure you know how they operate before moving forward.

The best survey sites to make money make clear how they work, how they pay, and what to expect. Shady survey sites will hide that information, which should be a red flag.

What personal information should I give to a survey site?

Survey sites need to ensure you’re in their target market. It makes sense for them to ask for things like your name, age, career, number of children, income level and so forth.

However, you shouldn’t really provide more information than that. If the profile begins asking for credit card information, bank information, or your Social Security number then you should go elsewhere.

Taking surveys can be a fun and flexible way to earn extra money, which can come in handy around the holidays, birthdays, or even if you’d like to use the money to pay a small bill each month. They won’t make you rich but they can be a great way to monetize your free time.


Have you ever tried taking surveys before to earn extra money and gift cards? What are some of the best paid surveys sites that have worked for you? What are some of your favorite ways to make extra money in your spare time?


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