9 Apps like Taskrabbit to Make More Money

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Apps like Taskrabbit let you find odd jobs to earn extra money. Here are the 9 best alternatives to Taskrabbit to find gigs near you and make $20+ per hour.

If you’re out of work or need to earn money on the side, using side gig apps is a terrific option. Taskrabbit is a well-known odd jobs platform that can help you find work by connecting you with people who need tasks completed. There are numerous apps like Taskrabbit that let you make money, each with its own unique spin.

What is Taskrabbit and How Does It Work?


Taskrabbit is a platform that connects people looking for work (also known as Taskers) with people who need help completing odd jobs. The type of work varies and each job is generally a one-time gig.

Tasks can include anything from home repairs and assembling furniture to running errands for people.

As a Tasker, you set your own hours and rates. After creating a profile, potential clients can find your services by running a search on the platform. If you are a fit, they send you an invitation for work.

This odd jobs app handles all payments, so no cash exchanges hands. The service pays Taskers weekly. You keep 100 percent of your earnings, including tips.

To become a Tasker, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to work in one of Taskrabbit’s active cities
  • Consent to an ID check
  • Have an active checking account
  • Have a smartphone
  • Provide a valid U.S. social security number
  • Pay a one-time, non-refundable $25 registration fee (in select cities)
  • Submit a business license confirming you are a sole proprietor (only in California)

Taskrabbit is one of the most popular side gig apps to find odd jobs.

Alternatives to Taskrabbit


The on-demand space is a perfect opportunity to supplement your income. In fact, at least 15 percent of Taskers earn up to $7,000 per month. However, Taskrabbit isn’t the only platform available.

Here are nine Taskrabbit competitors that can help you earn extra money.

1. Postmates


Postmates is an on-demand goods and meals app similar to Uber Eats. While you mainly deliver meals to customers, you can also deliver items like dry cleaning and alcohol.

In order to sign up, Postmates has to be active in your area. The service is in over 700 cities nationwide and growing. You must be at least 18 years old and complete a background check to deliver for Postmates.

While having a car will make delivering for Postmates more convenient, you can deliver on foot, bike, or scooter.

You earn a flat rate per order which can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The time you spend waiting at a restaurant
  • Drive time between locations
  • Blitz bonuses

The service pays a minimum of $4 per hour in most locations. Postmates lets you keep 100 percent of your tips, so you can earn $20+ per hour. The app pays weekly via direct deposit.

You can read our review working for Postmates here to learn more.

2. Handy


Handy is a house cleaning and handyman app. It’s one of the best Taskrabbit alternatives. One key difference between the two is Handy focuses on home improvement services.

This means you can get paid to do light housework like mounting a TV or you can book a larger gig to help remodel a bathroom. With Handy, you can make up to $22 per hour as a cleaner, $45 per hour as a handyman, and $62 per hour as a lawn care pro.

According to Handy’s site, some of their top professionals earn $1,000+ per week. Since you can earn more and the services are fairly specific, there are additional requirements you need to meet before accepting work through the app.

These include:

  • Having paid experience with the services you’re offering
  • Being authorized to work in the country where you’re offering services
  • Having excellent customer service skills

Handy allows you to set your own schedule. You receive payment through the app as soon as you complete a job.

3. is one of the best places to find quality caregivers in your area. If you have experience caring for children, the elderly, or pets, you can sign up to start finding short-term gigs in your area.

Recently, expanded to allow you to offer services like cleaning and tutoring. Similar to other sites like Taskrabbit, you must create a profile to start finding work or be found by potential clients.

Your profile lets you list things like your experience and desired hourly rates.

Technically, the service is free to use. However, you need a paid membership to take advantage of all of its perks.

If you sign up for six months, the fee is $10 per month. It increases to $15 per month if you sign up for three months and $20 per month for one month.

Regardless of if you pay for a membership, you keep all of your earnings through the platform. You and your client decide on payment terms.

According to, the average hourly rate is $13.95 for babysitters and $15.58 for housekeepers.

4. Nextdoor


Community is so important. Knowing who your neighbors are along with their needs can help you make money. Nextdoor is a neighborhood hub that can help you do just that.

You can meet neighbors and build a relationship, share community announcements, recommend local businesses, and promote your own services through Nextdoor. If you have a service-based business, you can join their directory for your area.

Alternately, you can simply spread the word about the tasks you’re willing to take on for others. These could include babysitting, running errands, cleaning, gardening, and more.

While Nextdoor’s main focus is not to help you find clients, you can leverage the site to spread the word about your expertise in the hopes of finding paying work.

5. Zaarly


Zaarly is a one-time gig app where you can get paid to do everything from landscaping and painting to window and gutter cleaning.

Most of the work available on Zaarly is outdoor and/or home repair services.

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Zaarly’s strong focus on screening users makes it unique among Taskrabbit competitors. For example, trade professionals must complete a nine-step screening process.

Additionally, if you agree to a task and don’t show up, you must pay the client $100 for your no-show.

If you are just looking for side gigs, the screening process is a bit less intensive. It includes the following:

  • Phone interview
  • Criminal background check
  • Customer reference check (Zaarly will call previous customers)
  • Face-to-face interview with their team

To list your services on the platform, you must have liability insurance enabling you to do the work you’re contracted to perform.

Zaarly collects the customer’s payment information as soon as you book a job. They charge the customer’s card and pay you once the work is complete.

Zaarly is a small but growing service. Currently, it is only available in Charlotte, Dallas, and Kansas City.

6. Porch


Porch is one of the more specialized apps like Taskrabbit. While you can do gigs like painting or cleaning, they do offer skilled tasks including:

  • HVAC work
  • Plumbing work
  • Electrical work

Like some of the other options on this list, you want to fill out your profile completely. Make sure to include your credentials and past reviews. You can also choose where you want to work, your rate, which projects you’ll do, and how you prefer to be paid.

Another feature that makes Porch unique among money earning apps like Taskrabbit is that it’s a lead generation service. This means you can buy leads individually or set a monthly budget and receive jobs as they become available.

The pro membership is $360 per year, but Porch commonly runs specials. Currently, you can join for $259.99 per year. Despite the cost, it’s a terrific service that will help you connect with legitimate leads.

7. Thumbtack


Thumbtack is a marketplace where you can offer over 400 different services related to home repairs, maintenance, handyman work, and more.

They recently added new services categories including caring for pets, wellness coaching, helping at events, logo design, and computer repair.

The platform operates nationally and boasts 1,100 service categories.

You must become a Thumbtack Pro and pass a background check to join. Be sure to list your rates and skills in your portfolio so clients know what to expect.

Unlike Porch, it’s free to join. However, the service requires you to pay for leads if you don’t sign up for a membership.

8. Shiftgig


Shiftgig is a virtual staffing agency that helps match qualified workers with paying jobs in their area. Some of the most popular industries they staff include:

  • Hospitality
  • Light industrial work
  • Experiential marketing
  • Healthcare

Shiftgig is less focused on work for home service professionals, but still offers many opportunities to find odd jobs near you. You can look for part-time or full-time work. Pay depends on the type of work you perform.

You can use your smartphone to browse and claim local shifts that match your skills and availability.

9. So Many Errands


So Many Errands is one of the best apps similar to Taskrabbit. The service helps users locate on-demand, one-time work. As the name suggests, jobs commonly involve running errands for clients.

Errands can include picking up items, mailing packages, delivering food, running multiple errands, and more. The service is free to join. Once you create a portfolio, you can search and apply for local gigs.

People looking for assistance list their job requirements and pay. You apply for the work if you’re interested.

Unlike other apps, So Many Errands does not pay you directly. Payments are handled between you and the client once work is completed.

So Many Errands is working on payment through their platform via PayPal, but cash is currently the only payment method.

As a result, you keep 100 percent of your earnings.

Apps like Taskrabbit let you find odd jobs to earn extra money. Here are the 9 best alternatives to Taskrabbit to find gigs near you and make $20+ per hour.Summary


The on-demand, odd job space is booming. Apps like Taskrabbit make it easy to earn money on the side to supplement your income or meet other financial goals.

If you have expertise in a particular field, that’s great. However, it’s not required for some platforms. If you can run errands, clean a house, or do general labor, there is ample opportunity to make money.


What are your favorite ways to earn money on the side? How often do you look for opportunities to supplement your income?

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