Frugal Living

Saving money feels good. But frugality is about more than saving money. It’s about finding financial freedom. Today, I shop for deals, live on a budget, and avoid fees like the plague. But, I still enjoy life, and I’ve learned to enjoy it debt-free. Join me on my journey toward finding freedom through frugality!

Frugal Living Isn’t About Cold Showers


When some hear ‘frugal living’ they think it means taking only cold showers, reusing dental floss, and never splurging on a meal out. In reality, frugal living is less about deprivation and more about discipline.

It starts with living on a budget and ends with financial independence.

Want to Live Frugally? Start Here.


Frugal living is about not paying more when you don’t have to but it’s also about having confidence in your purchasing decisions. If you’re looking for frugal living tips, start with these articles, which are some of my favorites.

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