Great Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Mom Happy

Great Mother's Day Gifts

It’s hard to believe, but Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. If you act now then you don’t have to worry about shopping for last minute Mother’s Day gifts a few days before the big day. That said, I believe we should show mothers we love and appreciate them every day because they serve our families and societies in so many important ways. Nonetheless, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to do something a little extra special to show Mom that you love her. Even with that intention though, it never fails for many of us that we’re trying to think up Mother’s Day gift ideas and the well is dry so to speak.

I read an article recently, from MSN, that stated that just over 18 billion dollars was spent on Mother’s Day gifts during 2012 in the U.S. alone. It also spoke about how so many of the Mother’s Day cards are bought the week of the holiday, which shows me that many are looking for last minute Mother’s Day gifts up until the last day. With that in mind, I thought I would share some of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas. Of course, the list is not exhaustive in nature, but meant to get the mental juices flowing.

Think Outside the Box

Without a doubt, buying your Mom flowers or candy is a common Mother’s Day gift. Many women love getting flowers or candy as gifts and if you’re in a pinch for last minute Mother’s Day gifts, then either one will do the trick. However, what thought or time (other than the act of buying the gift) does buying such a gift take?

Is there something specific your Mom loves that she does not get to do that often? That is a great place to start. Mrs. Frugal Rules loves going to the botanical gardens here in Omaha. However, we don’t have a membership and even when we did we lacked the time to really go and allow her to enjoy it. In order to rectify that, we take her as a family on Mother’s Day as they serve a nice brunch and the cost of the brunch covers admission. We usually spend several hours there and she enjoys it immensely.

If that is not your mom’s thing, then maybe it’s wine, chocolate or something else like lotion. Try finding a local winery/chocolate facility that offers tours and I am confident it’ll be a hit with the Mom in your life. Another option to consider is getting a Kindle Fire for your Mom if she enjoys reading or you’re looking for a cheaper, yet still quality tablet option.

Give Mom the Day Off

I wrote about giving your wife the day off in my last minute Valentines gift post several months ago and the same idea still applies in the case of last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas. This can be anything from getting her a massage to setting up a lunch/coffee date with some of her friends to simply enjoy herself. If you’re at wit’s end of what to set up for her then you can always ask your Mom or wife what she would like to do for that day. She might surprise you by asking for something very simple or just a carefree day to do whatever she wants. In the event of that happening, I always like to buy a gift card for my wife, at the very least, to one of her favorite stores so she can go buy something she’d like to have for herself.

Many daily deal sites, like Groupon, also take advantage of those looking for last minute Mother’s Day gifts and offer specials the weeks running up to May 11, so be on the look out for those if you’re needing some help. I will sometimes use my credit card rewards points to buy purchases like this so I can stretch my budget a little further and buy a nicer gift for my wife or Mom. Also, If your Mom cooks, then one of the best last minute Mother’s Day gifts to give is to make her a nice dinner so she does not have to cook dinner, but can take it easy that night.

Put Mom at the top of the List

I think part of the hoopla surrounding Mother’s Day is that the greeting card industry has helped build up the expectations game. Don’t just follow the standard, but take time to think about your Mom or wife and listen and look for what she really wants. Do you have a “honey-do” list that she’s been adding things to? If so, look for a few things you can accomplish during the week of Mother’s Day.

Another idea is to write your own personal card as opposed to spending money on a mass produced one. A variety of online sites including traditional card-makers like Hallmark can help you do this or you can really spend some time and write out a note or a poem for her to tell her how much you appreciate her. Not only does this show her that you love her, but it also shows that you took the time to tell her so in your own way as opposed to giving in to the craze of shopping for last minute Mother’s Day gifts.

Memorable Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Last minute Mother’s Day gifts do not have to cost an arm and a leg to be special. As Mrs. Frugal Rules likes to say, pricey does not mean the gift is priceless. I remember when I was growing up, my Mom always loved presents that I made for her myself. I like to encourage that in our children as they get a kick out of making something for their Mom and Mrs. Frugal Rules loves receiving them.

If you’re looking for last minutes Mother’s Day gifts, then think about having your children make Mom something special (if you’re married and have kids) or take the time to come up with something special that your Mom will cherish for years to come. After all, it really should come down to that and not the amount of money spent on the gift.


What kinds of things have you bought as last minute Mother’s Day gifts for your Mom? How many Mother’s Day cards do you buy? How much will you be spending on flowers for your Mom this year?


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*Revised from original post on May 1, 2013

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