5 Great Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Valentine Gift Ideas

Here’s a newsflash for men out there looking for Valentine gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend…you only have a few days left. In fact, Valentine’s Day is next Friday and let’s face it, it really is a holiday for the ladies. The first few years Mrs. Frugal Rules and I were married I was always looking for last minute Valentine gift ideas leading up to the day and have learned my lesson over the years that the amount of money spent doesn’t necessarily equate to a better” gift.

What this wisdom has taught me is that you don’t really need to go all out and buy some lavish Valentine’s Day gift, but you do need to get something that shows the special lady in your life you love and appreciate her and which fits her personality. All that said, I thought I’d share some of the Valentine gift ideas I’ve come up with over the years that are both practical and well-received.

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Coffee Can Be One of the Best Valentine Gift Ideas

You might think coffee would be near the bottom of the list among Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but this can be a great gift for a coffee lover. I’ve done this for Mrs. Frugal Rules in the past and she loves it. She isn’t really a huge fan of Starbucks, so I go with some of the smaller local chains and get her a handful of different coffees she hasn’t tried before as she loves trying new brews.

You can take this a step further and make it into a coffee basket, so to speak, with a new mug or travel mug, a coffee grinder and even a gift card to a local coffee shop. Believe it or not, this is one of the most liked Valentine gift ideas I’ve come up with for my wife and it’s incredibly easy to put together.

Does She Like to Smell Good?

Ok, that is a somewhat stupid question but it can be a great Valentine gift idea if you’re in a pinch. This has not always been the easiest for me though, as I HATE going into Bath and Body Works or The Body Shop and finding something for my wife as I always feel lost. Thankfully I’ve gotten to know my wife pretty well over the years and know what she likes.

I also get around going to the mall by doing this shopping online. Not only do I not have to deal with the sales reps (err…lotion mongers) but I can almost always find a deal on Retailmenot or by doing a quick Google search for coupon codes. I’m not cheap by any means, but if I can pair a discount with one of my Valentine gift ideas then even better. :-)

Surprise Her With a Shopping Trip

This is a newer idea I’ve come up with for Mrs. Frugal Rules and have used it for a few different holidays, including Valentine’s Day. It might be a cop out to some, but my wife loves being able to go out on her own and buy a thing or two she has been wanting without having to deal with three kids screaming at or hanging off of her.

For her past birthday she really wanted a new pair of sunglasses, so I gave her the afternoon to go spend however she wanted and to take whatever time she wanted to buy a nice pair of sunglasses. If you’re in a quandary to come up with some Valentine gift ideas, try this out as it’ll likely be a hit.

Jewelry, With a Twist

I know…jewelry and Valentine’s Day…real original! Jewelry is also not the most frugal Valentine’s gift idea you can come up with. There are options you can look at though and not necessarily break the bank. The key, as with any of these Valentine gift ideas, is to make it personal to your wife in order for it to be well-received. In the case of Mrs. Frugal Rules, she loves watches. I could get her a ring or bracelet and it would be loved, but she absolutely adores watches. I’ve bought one or two for her in the past and you’d think I gave her a bar of gold as she loves them so much. Cheap, no, but a great gift none the less.

Of Course, Flowers

I know, another original Valentine gift idea. That said, what is Valentine’s Day without some sort of flowers? I do hate how retailers jack up the rates just to take advantage of one blasted day, but you do what you gotta do. With that in mind, I’m always looking for deals on flowers and can usually find something somewhat decently priced, or you can always go the Costco route and get something reasonable. If budget is a concern, you can still usually get something for your wife – even a singular rose or two as the last thing you want to do is hurt your wife’s feelings if she does enjoy receiving flowers.

If your wife works in an office, try having the flowers delivered there as I know Mrs. Frugal Rules always loved that when she worked in the office. If you want to go the extra mile, you could always hand deliver them yourself and even take her out for a surprise lunch. Trust me men, it’ll be very well received.


What are some of the more creative Valentine gift ideas you have come up with? Do you set a budget for how much you spend on a Valentine’s Day present?


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54 comments on “5 Great Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Wife

    • We’ve definitely moved that way the last 5-6 years Brian. I do a little something for my wife, but beyond that it’s just a meal together or even spending it with the kiddos.

  1. Great ideas, John. I especially love the idea about giving her a shopping trip – alone time is HUGE for moms. One of the best gifts Rick ever gave me, which isn’t doable here in Feb., is when he stopped alongside the road on the way home from work one day and picked me a huge bunch of several different varieties of wild flowers. Spontaneous, gorgeous and FREE! :-)
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted..Best Personal Finance Articles for the Week Ending 2/1/14My Profile

    • Thanks Laurie! I know, alone time is a biggie and is something that’s easy to give in my opinion. I can’t imagine many wild flowers are growing there right now ;), but you can’t beat free.

  2. Great ideas, John! I have gotten flowers in the past but ever since my wife said she likes getting them “unexpectedly” more so than on holidays I have taken advantage of the lower prices on non-Holidays. I like the shopping trip idea. My wife loves to shop and thankfully neither of us spend much money shopping. More often than not we are leaving with nothing!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..Three things to consider when shopping for your next vehicleMy Profile

    • Thanks DC! My wife is the same exact way. It took me a few years to learn that, so I’ll get a rose or two on Valentine’s and be spontaneous with the rest.

    • It’s always a popular idea for my wife, regardless of the holiday. I’m the same way, I’d much rather have the time with my wife as opposed to spending all sorts of money.

    • I’d imagine not, though at least he’s in Germany. It’s absolutely beautiful there. That said, I can see how it would be difficult to know what to give since he’s abroad and traveling.

  3. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, other than spending time together, but these are all good ideas! I’m personally just happy with a box of chocolates, preferably purchased at half price the day after. I will probably be baking something for my boyfriend at least, as I would feel bad if he treated me to something and I did nothing in return, though I know men tend to not care about it =).
    E.M. recently posted..January Budget ReviewMy Profile

  4. Doesn’t matter what the gift is-it’s the fact of doing/giving the person you love something they will love! -but it matters that you show you care!

  5. These are great ideas John! You can always go through your wife’s make up or perfumes and lotions to see what she has, take a pic with your phone and bring that to the store and re-fill what she already likes (my hubby did that one year). As for us, we are super frugal on V-day by not buying anything for each other. We say that we love each other year round and do not need to show it on one particular day. Instead, my hubby will get “just because” flowers at random times, and those are my favorite!
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted..Music Mondays – Thrift ShopMy Profile

    • That’s a great idea Shannon! I completely agree with you, it’s a greeting card industry in my opinion. I’ll buy something small maybe or just spend time together. The “just because” flowers are always the best and are very well received.

    • Thanks Raquel. I think it’s easy to stress when you first get married, but then you realize that it doesn’t have to be too big of a deal. Another fan of the “random” flowers – great minds think alike. :)

  6. I think this year, I am going with getting my mother-in-law to watch our son and then I will take my wife out for dinner. We haven’t had a night just for us in over a year.

    I always buy flowers from my local grocery store. They always last longer, look great, and cost so much less.

    • Sounds like a solid plan Grayson. I think we may be going out, but likely not something too extravagant.

      I like to get them at Costco. They’re $20 and usually last a good bit of time and much better than the $60+ you’ll find anywhere else.

    • That is definitely in my arsenal as well. I actually scored a sweet deal through Groupon, or someone like that, for that and a few other things for my wife for Christmas.

  7. I’m still chuckling over, “Does She Like to Smell Good”! LOL! I hope so. :) Great gift ideas. I think what we want most from our husbands on Valentine’s Day is a gift that shows he paid attention. You didn’t stop at (gasp) a convenient store on the way home and grab the first you saw. I love it when my husband gifts me with an afternoon to do what I want. If I want to stay home and relax, he takes the girls out for an afternoon of fun. Of course, I also love the traditional gifts – sparkly things, flowers and dark chocolate. They may be unoriginal but they work for a reason!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted..5 Important Money Lessons for Kids (and Adults)My Profile

    • Lol, I know. The subhead was my idea and I think Nicole about fell out of her chair when she was editing it. How did you know that I buy my gifts for her at the convenience store?! ;) Seriously though, you’re right, the ones that are generally most well received are ones that show thought and time was put in to it.

  8. Hey John, Love the ideas. I usually go with jewelry and a trip, but I think this year, I’m mixing things up a bit. We’re still going on our trip to a nice suite on the coast, but no jewelry. This year, I’m going to spend the excess on massage oils and fun things to do together! Thanks for the great read, I’ll see ya around.
    Josh recently posted..Stock Markets Are Down, What We Should Learn From ItMy Profile

    • Lol, I know. Nicole couldn’t stop laughing at that one. That sounds like an awesome gift Kim! We get so much crap in our backseat with the kiddos that I shudder to think what’s under there.

    • I agree, it is the little things and making it personal to your wife (or husband for that matter) is what makes it special. We enjoy the experience type gifts as well as you can always take the memories from that, unlike some random gift.

    • Lol, glad I could give you a laugh Travis. My wife got a kick out of the subhead as well – she said I was being a “total guy” with that one. ;) Those carnations can’t be beat in my opinion.

    • That is an awesome idea Pauline! We like those kind of gifts as well as you can have the memories from it as opposed to some random or impersonal gift.

  9. Great ideas, John! Sounds like you have this Valentine’s Day thing down pat! I think the best thing I could give my husband for Valentine’s Day is a free pass to avoid it altogether, but that’s not happening. You’re right that it doesn’t matter how much money is spent, but rather that some thought was put into the sentiment. My dad always gets my mom a thoughtful card and single rose, which she loves. Easy and frugal!
    Kendal @HassleFreeSaver recently posted..It’s Not Me, It’s YouMy Profile

  10. V-Day budget for the wife (me): $0…unless it’s chocolate. My husband is in the Navy and I’m lucky if he’s even home on V-Day. He won’t be this year but I think Valentine’s Day is kind of overrated and shouldn’t be an excuse to waste money on me.
    Kasey @ Debt Perception recently posted..January SuckedMy Profile

  11. These are really great ideas John.U need to know the lady well before buying a gift for her.Generally women are attracted to some of the
    basic gifts like flowers,chocolates,shopping trip,jewellery etc.but if u want to give her something special or innovative then u have to apply ur thoughts.
    U may go for above conventional gift options bt u need to present it to her in a new way,like u did by offering flowers to her at her office and not in ur home.
    Also u can make simple yet delicious dish for her or take her for a surprise long drive or compose a song for her if u can play guitar.
    J. Pean recently posted..Comment on How To Get Started In Forex Trading? by Matthieu BoisMy Profile

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