Five Fun and Frugal Last Minute Valentine Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day

Let’s be real – Valentine’s Day is a gal’s holiday. Finding perfect last minute valentine gifts for him that are  frugal is the trifecta of gift giving; it won’t be easy. It’s difficult to know what to get the man in your life for Valentine’s Day, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute AND you’re trying to be frugal. Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing what to get him. Rest assured, Frugal Rules is here to help. I’m going to share a few frugal gift ideas that I’ve used myself over the years to find gifts for my husband that he ended up enjoying. Hopefully, these five frugal last minute valentine gifts will help you in your quest to do the same.

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#1 – Pick a Personalized Frugal Accessory or Gadget Gift

Does your man like to play guitar – then look no further for one of your last minute Valentine gifts. Get him a pack of pics. If he plays drums, pick up a pair of sticks for him. Then, personalize them by writing him a special message on the sticks and pics. Is he a bookworm? Look for or make him a bookmark or grab a book light for his paper books or eReader. Heck, you could make a ‘Book Lover’s’ gift package complete with highlighters, candy or nuts to munch on and the aforementioned items, all of which are frugal, fun, easy to find and well-suited for last minute valentine gifts. The key is to think little, ordinary and personal. When packaged together and presented with a thoughtful card, your man will see you put time and thought into his Valentine’s Day gift, and should feel loved and appreciated, which is ultimately what you’re trying to achieve.

#2 – Make Him a 12-Pack for Valentine’s Day

If your guy likes beer, what better way to show him you care than by hand-selecting 12 different brews you think he’ll enjoy. This concept is popular enough that you should be able to go to your local grocery store and put one together and it could soon become one of your favorite last minute Valentine gifts you give him every year. Two local grocers in our city offer this option and there are a few specialty liquor stores in town that do as well but have a wider variety of beers to choose from. They may even be running a Valentine’s Day special! If your man is a DIY nut, you could also purchase him a beer making kit so he can try out home-brewing. Mr. Frugal Rules started brewing his own beer a year or so ago and loves it!

 #3 – Two Last Minute Valentine Gifts for Your Sports Nut

If your man loves all things sports like mine does, then these two frugal, last minute valentine gifts ideas should do the trick this Valentine’s Day. Get him a subscription to a magazine – either electronic if he has a Kindle, iPad or other e-reader, or paper. If he likes ESPN or Sports Illustrated, you may even be able to score him a subscription to “ESPN The Magazine” for free as I did by getting him my other frugal sports gift idea – a subscription to ESPN Insider. I chose the two year option for about $30 and he loves it. It’s seriously one of the best gifts (last minute or otherwise) I think I’ve ever given Mr. Frugal Rules. :-) With spring and summer upcoming, many men may be looking for new sports gear for their favorite team which can make a great last minute Valentines gift.

#4 – Cheap, Quality Cologne is Right Down the Street

The most important piece of advice in finding frugal last minute Valentines gifts is to stay away from the mall and department stores. Most of the time, you can find the same item for less online or somewhere else. If you’ve waited too late to buy even a few last minute valentine gifts online, and you know what kind of cologne your man wears, go to Walmart. I was surprised to find several well-known cologne brands that my husband likes there for around 40% less than I saw anywhere else. Plus, by shopping at Walmart, you won’t get your savings eaten up by shipping fees. And, the cards aren’t far from the cologne so you can pick up  your gift, a card and a nice little bag to wrap it in, all at the same frugal place, saving you time and money.

#5- Bake a Cake (or Brownies or Cookies or Candy)

The night before you and your husband or boyfriend are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, turn your kitchen into his personal bakery. If you like to bake, this is a fun, frugal Valentine’s Day gift idea. If I was going to do this for Mr. Frugal Rules, for example, I would make my killer brownies since they’re his favorite desert that I make. Buy a red or Valentine’s Day themed plate, place the brownies, cookies, candy, cupcakes or whatever you decide to bake on the plate, wrap it up and place a bow on top. If Valentine’s Day falls on a week day and you feel comfortable doing it, surprise him at work by dropping the plate and a small note off to him there. He’ll surely be the envy of his co-workers and you will have accomplished your goal of giving him some satisfying last minute valentine gifts! Another option is to pair this sweet treat with a gift card to a favorite store of his so he can purchase something for himself.

The Sentiment Behind Frugal Last Minute Valentine Gifts

Frugal and cheap are two different sentiments. Frugal gifts pack value for their cost; cheap Valentine’s Day gifts are just, well…cheap. You know the difference. Look for a good deal, not necessarily a cheap product. Remember that the goal of Valentine’s Day gift giving is to make the man in your life feel loved. Valentine’s Day is a special day (albeit probably contrived by the greeting card industry to make billions off us each year)  that we get to show that special someone in our lives just how much we love them. Take advantage of it as an opportunity to remind yourself, and him, what you love, appreciate, respect, and admire about him.

What’s are some of the best last minute valentine gifts you’ve given the man in your life?


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The preceding was a post from my lovely wife, Mrs. Frugal Rules, who wanted to share about the kind of last minute Valentine gifts she has given me in the past that I have enjoyed. :-)

*Updated from original published on February 6, 2013

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