5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Haircuts

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You can save money on haircuts if you do a little homework. I show different ways we save on haircuts as opposed to spending $30+ each time we need it done.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about ways to save money on haircuts and it’s quite simple really. Frugal living is about making value-based spending decisions that help you stretch your budget and saving money on haircuts is one of the easiest ways we save money in our house.

Don’t believe me? The average haircut is $28 and $44 for women, and that’s not including any sort of tip either. Seeing as I typically get my hair cut every 5-6 weeks (max) and my wife every 8-10 that’s roughly $252 and $308, respectively, we could expect to spend per year – not including tips or our kids (which seem to be around $15 or so a haircut.

So, if you’re looking for ways to save money on haircuts I’ve listed some of our favorite ways to do so.

Save Money on Haircuts By Doing It Yourself


I know this may not be an option for everyone, but the top way I’ve found to save money on haircuts is by going the DIY approach. I’ve done this for about the past 20 years and have likely saved upwards of $5,000 over that span that I’ve been able to allocate toward other things in our budget.

I’ve used this Wahl Haircut Kit for the past five years or so and used a very similar one prior that lasted for about 15 years.

At $20-25, it can’t be beat for the durability and the features it offers. As you can tell from my picture in the header above I keep a pretty simple style so it’s easy for my wife to cut. For some reason though, I can’t convince her to let me cut her hair. 😉

Go To School


Another great way we’ve found to save money on hair care is by going to one of the beauty schools here in town. At $9, plus a tip, my wife can get her haircut or for $14 she can get a haircut and styling.

Yes, there is the risk you get a “bad” cut, but we’ve not experienced that over the few years she has gone as there are always teachers assisting and roaming the floor as students are cutting hair. So, not only do you get to save money but you also provide them an opportunity to learn and everybody wins.

Mrs. Frugal Rules had previously been paying at least $45 plus a $5 tip previously so this one simple change helps add a little more to our budget each year. Most will also do children’s haircuts, though it’s not as big of a savings as it is for men’s or women’s haircuts.

Give to Charity


Another option to save money on haircuts is to give to Locks of Love. You can find out more about Locks of Love on their site, but it’s a solid charity that offers something very simple to those in need.

Anyway, how this can help you is many salons have arrangements with Locks of Love in which they’ll cut your hair for free if you donate it. Their site lists the different things they look for, but if you qualify and can locate a salon to do it for you, this can be another way to save money on haircuts.

Use Coupons


If you want to find the best places to get cheap haircuts near me, look no further than using coupons. Groupon, Living Social, or any other Daily Deal site this can be a great way to get a coupon to save money on hair products, or cuts for that matter as they run regularly in our area.

Of course, this means you are okay with trying out someone new regularly, but it can be another potential option for saving money on haircuts.

Ask For Someone New


This was something I’d do when I was still paying to get my hair cut. I’d simply ask for someone new. Many times you’ll find in a salon or barber shop they’ll have a junior stylist who is simply looking for experience and to build a good reputation.

The end result is you’ll likely get a lower cost for that haircut. It’s not a guarantee that your salon will have someone in this role, but it never hurts to ask. Now, I just go for the DIY approach with my Wahl Haircut Kit.


How do you save money on haircuts? What do you pay for a haircut? Would you let a friend or family member cut your hair if it meant getting it for free?

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