Discover it® Card Review: A Good Option to Have in Your Wallet

Discover IT Card

The Discover it® card by Discover is a worthy card to consider if you’re someone who likes to use credit cards to earn some cash back from your everyday spending. My wife and I both have had Discover cards in the past which helped me as I did the research for my Discover it® card review.

My favorite aspect of the Discover it® card is that you get 1% cash back on all of your purchases, with a different rotating category each quarter that earns you 5% cash back. The new Discover it® card has other nice features, which I’ll get into below, but I love the fact that their call center is completely U.S. based and is open 24 hours a day. In addition to that, the Discover card also provides your credit score for free with each monthly statement so you can stay on top of where your credit score is.

Get the Discover it® card today and earn 1% rewards on all of your purchases!

Considering the features of the new Discover it® card, I’d have to say that the card is a solid one to consider if you’re looking for a new credit card to add to your wallet. That said, if you’re struggling with debt, especially consumer debt, then no rewards (especially those offered by the new Discover card) are worth bringing on more debt.

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I’ve recently started credit card churning in order to earn points for spending I’m already doing. I’ve used my Chase Freedom card for years to earn extra cash, much like can be done with the Discover it® card, which made this Discover card option stand out to me. The Discover card attracted my attention at the beginning of 2013 when I saw commercials on TV advertising it. If you’ve not seen the commercials, they point out many of the same features that I do with this Discover it® card review. Before I get on with my review of the Discover it® card, I do want to point out again I would not recommend getting a new card unless you already practice discipline with credit card usage.

Great Features of the Discover it®Card

  • The Discover it® card has virtually no fees. There are no annual fees and no over the limit fees. It also has no foreign transaction fees and allows a one-time no fee on missed payments.
  • You receive 1% cash back on every purchase you make with the Discover card. You also get the option to select from a different rotating category each quarter in order to receive 5% cash back on purchases up to $1,500. * Which is currently at Home Improvement Stores, Furniture Stores and Bed, Bath & Beyond from April through June 2014 and 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • There is an introductory 0% APR on the Discover it® card for the first 14 months, including balance transfers, with a variable rate thereafter.
  • You can set your own due date on the credit card payment and can do so up to midnight (Eastern Standard Time) online or by phone. This seems like a beneficial feature and offers great flexibility.
  • The call center is entirely U.S. based and is open 24 hours, so when you call you’ll be speaking to a human and not to a machine. This is a huge bonus to me knowing that I can call and get someone right away.
  • Do you like to shop at Amazon? If so, you can link the Discover it® card to your Amazon account to purchase items with your rewards points. Since I love to shop at Amazon this seems like a great feature!
  • The Discover card also offers a free FICO Credit Score on your monthly statement to help you stay on top of your credit score.
  • They claim to have a lower rate or payment option if you lose your job. To be fair, I could not find much on this, but sounds intriguing and something I hope I never have to partake in. :-)

Drawbacks of the Discover it® Card

  • Probably the biggest drawback to the Discover it® card that I could find was that there is no bonus for signing up for the card. It is not something that would hold me back from applying for a credit card, but it is definitely a nice feature to have. That said, it can be a great everyday card option with the 1% cash back feature you get on all purchases – just like the Chase Freedom card.
  • The variable rate APR is another drawback in my opinion. This is not a huge deal to me as we pay off our credit cards in full each month, but might be a detractor for some.

My Verdict on the Discover it® Card

After taking a balanced look at the Discover it® card, I would have to say that it looks like a very attractive option if you’re in the market for a new credit card. I love the flexibility it offers and the fact that I can reach someone who is based in the U.S. 24 hours a day.

As someone who has worked at a call center in the past, I know this is an important feature to many. Although the Discover it® Card does not offer a sign up bonus it does offer an attractive cash back feature that can be used to earn a nice little sum of money throughout the year if you plan it right. Credit card balance transfers are also an attractive option with this card if that is something you’re in the market for.

Do you like to take advantage of credit card rewards? What’s your favorite rewards credit card?


*Updated from original post on April 28, 2013

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38 comments on “Discover it® Card Review: A Good Option to Have in Your Wallet

  1. We just now started using a credit card for rewards, but only b/c we’re certain that we’ve got our spending under control. Just in the last month we’ve earned the ability to cash in for a $25 gift card, but we’re saving our rewards for a bigger payout to use for groceries or to put toward our debt payoff. We have the Discover card, and love it not only for the benefits, but because they’ve always had great service when we call.
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted..An Interview with Shannon Ryan, from The Heavy PurseMy Profile

    • I agree Lance, I think it really does hold them back. I would also agree that they have stepped up their play in the market…now all they need is that sign on bonus.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the research on this. I have a Discover card but after reading, there doesn’t seem to be many added details except for maybe choosing my own due date, 5% cash back on rotating categories and no overage fees. I do like Discover but one downfall is that now all merchants use it as I believe they charge a slightly higher fee for merchants to use.
    Alan@escapingmydebt recently posted..What is the Price You Put on Customer Service?My Profile

    • Not a problem Alan. The rotating 5% cash back is nice. I don’t know that I would benefit from many of the other offerings…but the 24 hour call center here in the States is a very nice one to have.

    • Thanks Grayson! It’s intriguing to me too as we had a bad experience with them in the past. I agree, they need to up the ante on the sign up bonus.

  3. I’d seen the ads too and was intrigued. I’m not interested in opening another card at this point, but this seemed like it had some nice features. They have done a good job increasing their presence and getting accepted at more businesses. I remember when that used to be a huge drawback to Discover. I don’t churn credit cards either, but definitely enjoy the reward points I earn on my current cards. :)
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted..Want to Experience Financial Freedom? Then Set GoalsMy Profile

    • I agree Shannon, they have done a nice job at increasing their presence. I think Discover was really looked down upon years ago and I think this will be a nice way for them to gain that back.

  4. I received this card a few months ago. I got a nice sign-up bonus (by using an affiliate link). It’s pretty worth it though, either way. Right now we’re planning on spending a pretty good amount of money at hardware stores. Boom, that’s 5% off the bill. Since we’re a military family, we already receive 10% off at Home Depot and Lowe’s. So this card is just the icing on the cake :)
    Johnny Moneyseed recently posted..Establishing a new American DreamMy Profile

    • That is a good idea on the affiliate link thinking. :) I like the rotating 5% cash back myself. We don’t have the Discover card, but do have the same thing with our Chase Freedom which comes in handy with our bathroom remodel and Lowe’s is offering 5% cash back this quarter. It’s not much, but it’ll add up to a nice little kickback.

    • It really is tempting to do it when you see what some are able to earn through doing it. Who knows, I just may do it. Thanks for the vote!

    • You’re right on Stefanie, it’s very much like the Chase Freedom – which I love as well. :) I agree, I hope the FICO aspect becomes common on most cards – if the bigger ones start to offer it more, then I think many will follow suit.

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