Discover it® Card Review: A Good Option to Have in Your Wallet

Discover it card review

The Discover it® card by Discover is a good card to consider if you’re someone who likes to use credit cards to earn cash back from your everyday spending. With that in mind I thought I would do a Discover it® card review to go over some of the ins and outs of the card. My wife and I have both had Discover cards in the past, though they have updated a number of things with the new Discover card.

My favorite aspect of the Discover it® card is that you get 1% cash back on all of your purchases, with a different rotating category each quarter that earns you 5% cash back. The Discover it® card has other nice features, which I’ll get into below, but I love the fact that their call center is U.S. based and is open 24 hours a day. In addition to that, the Discover card also provides your credit score for free with each monthly statement so you can stay on top of where your credit score is.


Get the Discover it® card today and earn 1% rewards on all of your purchases!


Considering the features of the new Discover it® card, I’d have to say that the card is a solid one to consider if you’re looking for a new credit card to add to your wallet. That said, if you’re struggling with debt, especially consumer debt, then no rewards are worth bringing on more debt.


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Credit card churning is something that has grown in popularity over the past several years as more banks offer rewards to lure new clients. Personally speaking, I started out using my Chase Freedom card for years to earn extra cash, much like can be done with the Discover it® card, which made this Discover card option stand out to me. I’ve since moved on to churning travel rewards cards so we can earn free tripsthough I do still love a good cash back card.

The Discover it® card attracted my attention at the beginning of 2013 when I saw commercials on TV advertising it. If you’ve not seen the commercials, they point out many of the same features that I do with this Discover it® card review. Before I get on with my review of the Discover it® card, I do want to point out again I would not recommend getting a new card unless you already practice discipline with credit card usage.

Great Features of the Discover it®Card

  • The Discover it® card has virtually no fees. There is no annual fee, no late fee for your first late payment – APR won’t go up for you paying late, no overlimit fee and no foreign transaction fee.
  • 5% cash back at gas stations on up to $1,500 in purchases from July through September 2014 when you sign up. 1% cash back on all other purchases automatically.
  • Each Discover  purchase is monitored. If it’s unusual, you’re alerted by e-mail, phone or text -and never responsible for unauthorized Discover card purchases.
  • You can set your own due date on the credit card payment and can do so up to midnight (Eastern Standard Time) online or by phone. This seems like a beneficial feature and offers great flexibility.
  • U.S.- based customer service – anytime, day and night. This is a huge bonus to me knowing that I can call and get someone right away.
  • Do you like to shop at Amazon or use Amazon Prime? If so, you can link the Discover it® card to your Amazon account to purchase items with your rewards points. Since I love to shop at Amazon this seems like a great feature!
  • Free FICO® Credit Score online and on monthly statements to help you stay on top of your credit.
  • They claim to have a lower rate or payment option if you lose your job. To be fair, I could not find much on this, but sounds intriguing and something I plan to never have to partake in. :-)


Discover had launched a new version of this card – the Discover it® Chrome. Sign up now to earn 2% cash back on all restaurant and gas station purchases every quarter!


Drawbacks of the Discover it® Card

  • The main drawback of the Discover it® card is that there is no bonus for signing up for the card. It is not something that would hold me back from applying for a credit card, but it is definitely a nice feature to have. That said, it can be a great everyday card option with the 1% cash back feature you get on all purchases – just like the Chase Freedom card.

My Verdict on the Discover it® Card

After taking a balanced look at the Discover it® card, I would have to say that it looks like a very attractive option if you’re in the market for a new credit card – especially if you’re in the market for a cash back rewards card. I love the flexibility it offers, the fact that I can reach someone who is based in the U.S. 24 hours a day and can use rewards for purchases on Amazon.

As someone who has worked at a call center in the past, I know this is an important feature to many. Although the Discover it® Card does not offer a sign up bonus it does offer an attractive cash back feature that can be used to earn a nice little sum of money throughout the year if you plan it right. Credit card balance transfers are also an attractive option with this card if that is something you’re in the market for.

Do you like to take advantage of credit card rewards? What’s your favorite rewards credit card?


*Updated from original post on April 28, 2013

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