Working on Your Masters? Try These Money Saving Tips

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With health and fitness an ongoing concern in the United States, as well as in most developed countries around the world, schools such as the University of Arizona have seen a significant increase in the number of applicants to the Masters in Public Health online program.

This seems to be the most cost effective way to complete a Master’s Degree for a number of reasons. If you are working on your public health degree online, you are probably taking a full load and unable to work as many hours as you previously had.

Here are some money saving tips that can help you through these financially rough times while you pursue your masters degree.

Balance Work and Study Time


Since you need to make money to survive but you also need time to study your coursework and turn in all assignments timely, you need to learn to budget your time as well as your money.

How can budgeting time be construed as a money saving tip? Here’s how! If you learn to make a schedule and stick to it, you actually can increase the amount of time allocated to both work and study.

Also, by sticking to your schedule you will have less free time on your hands – that time with nothing to do but go to the mall or out for a pizza and beer with the gang. The best way to save money is to work a bit more and spend a lot less. That’s the most important takeaway you will find here today.

Download a Mobile App for Scannable Coupons


Here is a way to save in more than one way at the same time. While we could tell you to print coupons you find online for products you buy every day, that is advice you would have been given in your mother’s or grandmother’s day. Instead, download those mobile apps that allow the cashier at the store to scan directly from your mobile phone giving you discounts on every product you find that offers a scannable digital coupon. Coupons can literally save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.

Forego Traditional Text Books in Favor of Digital Downloads


One thing that you may not have thought of is the fact that most text book publishers now offer eBook alternatives to those bulky textbooks that you would ordinarily cart around from class to class. So, you’ve enrolled in a Masters of Public Health program online as a way to be able to study in your own time and sometimes at your own pace. That’s a very wise move on your part, especially if you work a full-time job.

However, those books that you are often required to purchase may be available in digital format. Usually these are less expensive than their hard-bound paper alternatives, and can be accessed from wherever you happen to be from that little mobile device you carry with you everywhere known as a smartphone. Why not make smart use of your smartphone by letting it dub as a digital textbook. Novel idea, right? Well, maybe not so much but it sure is a cost effective one!

The trick in saving money is to do everything you can to eliminate that extra step. Schedule your time well and let one device serve two functions. You’re always on your smartphone anyway so why not use the time between conversations wisely by cracking the book to do a little study? You really can save money by studying online and these few tips are just the beginning. Try them and see for yourself.


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