How Being a Work at Home Mom Can Save You Money

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Being a work at home mom offers many benefits, including some beyond the obvious, like saving money on everything from clothes to makeup to coffee.

I’ve been a work at home mom for a few months now, and I’ve learned several important lessons about balancing life and finances along the way.

When I first started working from home as a mom, it was so easy to burn out. I tried to squeeze in work every second of the day, rocking the babies with my foot while I finished typing away on my MacBook Pro to complete a blog post. I was really stressed, tired, and felt like I was failing at pretty much everything.

After a few months of that, I’ve re-structured things and have a better balance. There are still many days that don’t go as I planned, and that continues to be the hard part of being a work at home mom. The easy part, though, is enjoying all of the financial savings that come with working from home.

Here are a few examples that other work from home moms might relate to:

1. You’ll Buy Far Less Makeup as a work at home mom


Just the other day I realized I hadn’t bought makeup since I had my twins. I very specifically remember going to the mall to buy some new waterproof mascara to wear during my c-section just a few days before having them. (I know, I know – priorities!) 🙂

Since then, though, I haven’t purchased any makeup at all. It’s not that I want to let myself go or anything. It’s just that I don’t really care what other people at the grocery store think of me (they’re too busy asking strange questions about the twins anyway.) I imagine this alone has saved me at least a hundred dollars if not more this year.

2. You’ll Have No Reason to Buy Nice Clothes


There was a sidewalk sale in my small town this past weekend. Tons of stores put clothes out on the sidewalk at far reduced prices. In another life, I would have been in heaven, but as I looked through all the nice dresses and shoes, I simply had no reason to buy them.

I have a blazer at home that I wear (with yoga pants of course) if I have to do a video interview, and it’s not like my husband and I are going out on the town to ritzy parties right now. I have some work clothes that I kept if I need to go to a conference or some other work function, but otherwise you can find me in some leggings and a sweatshirt.

Being a work at home mom offers many benefits, including some beyond the obvious, like saving money on everything from clothes to makeup to coffee.

3. You’ll Be Free From Temptation


When you’re at an office job, you’re constantly exposed to other people. You’ve got your office bragger who loves talking about where they went that past weekend. You’ve got your office fashionista who is always wearing new shoes, and you definitely have someone who just bought a new car. All of those interactions, whether you realize it or not, make an impression on you.

When you work outside the home, you’re also more likely to go out to eat, go shopping when you get off, grab a coffee on the way in, spend more in gas, etc. As a work at home mom, you’re free from the daily pressure of quite a number of those temptations.

Some of those savings are more obvious than others, but the point is, there are numerous ways to cut costs when working from home.


Do you work from home or do you want to? How do you save money as a work at home mom? Try running the numbers and compare hidden savings like the ones above to see if it’s right for you!

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