What Kind of Thanksgiving Eater Are You?

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Thanksgiving eater

Happy Thanksgiving eve to all my U.S. based readers! The moment I saw this infographic, I knew that I wanted to share it with you my readers. I’ll admit it, there are a few things on it that are just a bit over the top, but it’s funny overall nonetheless. I’ve seen numerous statistics as to what the average American consumes over the Thanksgiving Holiday and most would fit in the “Hoarder” category of the Thanksgiving eater diagram as most sidle up to somewhere north of 4,000 calories for their meal. Wow! That said, we’ll be enjoying a low key affair with some family in town, some football watching and, most importantly, no shopping on Friday!

Anyhoo, there were numerous things that made me either chuckle or cringe in this infographic, namely:

  • The Thanksgiving eater categorized as “Last Place” – I HATE both cranberries and green bean casserole, so I’d hate to be in that person’s shoes.
  • That serving Tofurkey guarantees you enjoying the Holiday on your own next year.
  • Dad being thankful for whatever Mom said she was thankful for – I’ve totally seen that!
  • I did not know that the little Frugal Rules’ enjoying Charlie Brown Thanksgiving put them in the same camp as stoned 20-somethings. 😉
  • That Black Friday shoppers could be compared to riot enthusiasts.
  • I don’t even know what a Hillbilly Handfishing Marathon is and I lived in the south for nearly 20 years!
  • I am SOOO guilty of appearing busy so as to not help with the dishes…too bad Mrs. Frugal Rules is my editor. 😉

A Comprehensive Guide to Thanksgiving

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Anyway friends, I hope you have a fun and safe Thanksgiving Holiday! How many calories will you be consuming and will there be any Tofurky on your Thanksgiving menu?

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