Why User Experience Matters When Designing an App

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As a student, designing a new app can be an amazing achievement. It can be a great way to earn a little extra money, a valuable skill to put on your resume, and possibly even a way to help other students with their studies.

Designing an app for students could be a wonderful use of your time. People studying online, for example an online masters in social work from Rutgers University, often struggle with networking. An app to help could be useful. Or just an app to entertain, as online MSW students need some light-hearted fun. There are even apps to help with your taxes.

Whatever kind of app you have in mind, when it comes to making it a success, user experience is absolutely everything.

What Do We Mean by User Experience?


When we talk about user experience or UX, it simply means, the overall experience of the user. From the point of view of an app, this would include:

  • Ease of install and set up
  • Ease of use
  • Visuals
  • How it makes the user feel
  • Does it mean the users’ needs?
  • Is the app a joy to use?
  • Will the user return?

A good user experience is when all of these features are met, the app does everything the customer needs, easily, and they enjoy using it.

What are the Advantages of a Good User Experience?


A good user experience could be the difference between your app and ten others offering the same features. It’s what will get people coming back, talking about, and sharing your app. Having a great design is wonderful, but if no one enjoys actually using the app they won’t bother. Remember, Google wasn’t the first search engine; it’s just the easiest to use.

What Can I Do to Offer the Best?


Firstly, you need to make sure you know what it is you want to offer. Is it a networking app? Or is it a research or note taking app? Does it address student finance or budgeting? With a whole host of things available, what is it that you want to do differently, or better than others? The best apps tend to be those that don’t offer too much. Pick a niche and do it well. Don’t try to do everything. As you develop your app, go through step by step, as a user. Try everything. Anything you can think that a user might want to do, try it. Then ask others to try it for you. You want things to look good, be effective, and simple, moving seamlessly from one section to the next. Consider hiring a user experience designer to help you.

The very best apps, programs and websites offer the best user experiences. Others can do well, but it’s those select few that make it big by really conquering all aspects of a great user experience. An app with a good UX can be something truly wonderful. It can entertain, inform, and stimulate, as well as many other things. It can do whatever you want it to do.

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