In Just Two Days, Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday – Start Now!

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I have always been enamored with the quote in the title: “In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.” I’ve never found out who said it, but it bodes true each and every day and in every situation. I even took some time to create a little image and send it out on Twitter. I use this quote to inspire me to get my mind right and stay on track. This quote is powerful in more ways than one.

What Does This quote Mean?


I think this quote is simple and to the point. What it means to me is if you constantly say you will do it tomorrow, yet you don’t, then time, and the things you want to accomplish, will get away from you. Tomorrow will become yesterday in just two days. Taking action is extremely important in life. This is especially true with it comes to finance.

I know I was guilty of butchering the “I’ll start tomorrow” line when I was deep in debt. I just kept putting it off by saying I would work on it tomorrow. Tomorrow would come, pass me by, and I would say it again. Tomorrow just worked it’s way into days, weeks, and months. I didn’t start attacking my debt until about three months after I first said I would tackle it. That was three months longer I had to pay interest and lose more money to the credit card company. I can’t take it back, but I can learn from it.

Why Do We Push Things Off?


I have been fascinated with our reasoning for putting off things we don’t like. Maybe it’s as simple as we just don’t like doing them. I know I hate cleaning the house or washing the dishes, but if I don’t get them done, then it just takes me longer to do them. What time I think I’m saving is actually just costing me more time down the road.

I do think fear has a lot to do with some things getting pushed off. Debt was a big fear for me. I didn’t know how to tackle it. I didn’t know what to do first.  When I can’t find or figure out a solution to a problem, I tend to just push it off and tackle something I can do. It’s the little victories. This is the premise of the debt snowball, by Dave Ramsey. While I didn’t use this method, I understand it. Motivation is huge in debt repayment. Huge, I tell you!

How to Use this Quote


No matter what your goals are or what you want to accomplish, this quote can get you there.  This is a powerful, yet simple quote telling you to get started today. I use the hashtag #startnow and I think we should get this bad boy trending.

Starting now can be for anything.  Do you want to pay off debt? #startnow! Want to earn more money? #startnow! Want to start investing? #startnow! Want to create a business? #startnow!

You’ll never achieve what you don’t start. While there may be fear of failure with everything we do, we have to overcome said fear and push through; that’s the only way to live without regrets. If I let fear run my life, I would still be in debt, spending money uncontrollably, and contemplating starting a business. Everything in my life has been put there because I started.

If you have some goal that you need to accomplish, put this quote somewhere visible where you’ll see it all the time. Use it to motivate you to start something today. Don’t put it off any longer. This is especially true since the new year is about to begin. With a new year come new goals and responsibilities. Start the year off with a bang and tackle your goals. The longer you put something off, the worse off your situation gets. This is especially true with debt. While it can be scary to try and tackle such a large problem, just starting today and putting a small dent in it can be motivation enough to knock out the problem once and for all.


Have you set any goals for 2015? What’s one of the things you want to accomplish next year? What do you need to start but haven’t yet?

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Grayson is the owner of Debt Roundup and Empowered Shopper. He also co-owns Sprout Wealth and Eyes on the Dollar. After going to battle and winning against consumer debt, he decided it was time to learn how to use credit wisely and grow his wealth. He discusses all things personal finance and is not afraid of being controversial. He also is a freelance writer and blog manager.

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  • JD says:

    I have never read that quote before. Very true. One thing that has helped me to stay motivated on the journey to be debt free is to have a chart showing the progress. It is so encouraging to look back over the months and see the balance drop.

  • There are a ton of things I need to do but haven’t found time yet. I am hoping to get some time off in January to catch up on some things I’ve been putting off.

  • Vanessa D. says:

    I’m guilty of procrastinating with my money. I avoid opening the bills as long as possible, I put off looking at my accounts to see where I’m at. I know this behavior does not serve me well. It causes anxiety because I never know if I’ve got enough money to make it through the month, and thinking of upcoming necessary expenses becomes worrisome because there is no plan in place to look after them. I said last year that I was going to start doing things properly and never got around to it. This year, I hope to do better.

  • No 2015 goals yet, but I will set them soon. Still in the middle of the holiday rush.

  • Love this, Grayson. We are really feeling this way about our debt. It’s now or never time to kick it to the curb for good.

  • I want to get more into low vision, which works with partially sighted people. I need to do some training and probably invest in some equipment, so that is what has been holding me back. I also want to join the library board, and I’m hoping to do that next year. I just haven’t made the time to make the connections but should do that.

  • This is a great quote, #startnow is the way to live. Procrastination never did anything good for me. Do more today, and grow more tomorrow. -Rich Uncle EL That quote is on me, hope it will motivate someone.

  • great post! I used to get so annoyed reading tweets, fb status updates, posts, etc, that said, “starting monday I’m going to start an exercise program, lose weight, save money, bla bla bla. Then they would go out that weekend and stuff their face, spend a lot of money, etc. I always wondered why they wait until that arbitrary day of the week and not start right friggen now? To me if you wait to a certain date (and how many people do we know that will wait until jan 1st to “get healthy,” then you really are committed to changing. Because when you want to change, you want to start RIGHT. NOW!

  • This is the same attitude as “start now. Later you’ll be glad you started when you did.” Great reminder!

  • I am unfamiliar with this quote, Grayson, but it’s now one of my new favorites! So thank you for sharing it with us. Generally I am not a procrastinator, but when I find myself making excuses or avoiding something, I know there is something deeper going on. Working with clients, I see their fear every day and it absolutely paralyzes people (myself included). It’s not always easy to face but waiting for it to go away magically never happens and time slips by and so do opportunities. Next time I or one my clients is feeling stuck, I’ll have to share this quote with them!

    • Grayson Bell says:

      I’m glad you like it Shannon! I try to get things done today, but there are only so many things I can do. I will prioritize something when I hear myself say I will do it tomorrow.

  • I have never seen this quote before, but I LOVE it!!! I have set my goals for 2015 and I have some big ones around my business. It’s going to take lots of work, but I am excited about it.

  • Mrs. Maroon says:

    I’ve never heard this until now but now that I have, it’s so very powerful. I admit that I’m a procrastinator, for sure. Take dishes for an example… I am guilty of leaving them in the sink to clean the next morning. Yet I know how happy and satisfying it feels to wake up to a clean kitchen. Sounds silly, I know, but very true. I can start the day right by having a clean kitchen. So why do I allow myself to do the opposite by leaving dishes in the kitchen?

    I don’t have the answer. And neither do most people that procrastinate in one way or another. It’s human nature. But something we certainly have control over. We’d all be much better off if we could just quit it!

  • It’s pretty incredible how quickly time passes, and how much it can work both for or against you. For example, I put off starting my blog by 6-12 months. I don’t regret putting it off, but it’s incredible how much time has passed since starting it. It’s already been two and a half years, but definitely doesn’t feel that way! I didn’t make a dime the first 7 months, but since then have consistently made some money due to the blog. But if I had continued to put it off I may still not be at “day zero” and I would have missed out on utilizing the past 2 1/2 years to build a website, learn new skills, and meet some really great people.

  • Mrs SSC says:

    I love this quote. I need to write it on a post-it and put it in every room of my house. I think my goal will be that every time I hear myself think “I’ll do that tomorrow” I will force myself to suck it up and do it now! I know sometimes I spend so much time thinking about procrastinating, I could’ve done whatever task it was in the time I justified procrastinating!

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