Will Using a Timeshare Help You Save Money on Vacation?

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Will Using a Timeshare Help You Save Money on Vacation?

Do you love to travel and vacation? If so, you might be put off because of the high cost of travel. But what if you could considerably cut the cost?

Yes, it is possible to save money on travel. One way to do so is by using a timeshare to save money on vacation. According to USA Today, timeshares can offer great savings compared to hotels. Here’s how:



Timeshares are usually located at high end resorts in beautiful locations. Most typically have several bedrooms as well as a kitchen, living room and one or two bathrooms. They almost always have a swimming pool, hot tub and exercise room as well as many other extravagant options. Of course, this comes at a price. But if you were to compare the price of a timeshare to a 5 star resort you might be surprised to find the timeshare to be the cheaper option.



Don’t spend an enormous amount of money on restaurant meals while you are on vacation. Instead, cook your own meals in the kitchen of your rented timeshare for a fraction of the cost. This can be a terrific money saver when you are figuring out the cost of a vacation.

Can Accommodate Large Groups


If you are traveling with a group of several people, the cost of renting a timeshare can be even more affordable. Because there may be multiple bedrooms, you could split the cost among more travelers making it more affordable for everyone. Your family and friends could enjoy a luxury vacation for much less than it would cost at a hotel.

Price Can Be Negotiated


While it is true that the initial cost of a timeshare is usually in the thousands up front, it is possible to negotiate for a lower price. If you haggle instead of accepting the first price you are quoted you could save thousands making a vacation more affordable. Be careful of con artists trying to steal your money, though. If you get quoted a price that is too good to be true, you could be falling for a scam.

Rent When You Can’t Use It


Another way to save money is renting it out when you aren’t able to use it. This allows you to get some money back when your schedule doesn’t make room for a vacation some years.

Seasonal Prices


Luxury resort prices are not affordable to the average traveler at peak travel seasons. However, cost of renting a timeshare could change that. If you already have a price locked in on a timeshare you may be able to take the same vacation for a much more affordable price.



If you already have a timeshare and wonder about your timeshare value, you can find out what your timeshare is worth. This can help you determine if you are really saving money or not by using your timeshare for your vacations.

If you should decide, “I need to sell my timeshare now,” you can also recoup some of your money by selling.

As you can see, there are ways using a timeshare can save you money on vacation compared to staying at a 5 star resort for the same length of time.

Can you think of other ways to save money on vacation?


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