How to Teach Kids About Money in Simple Ways

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Teach kids about money

I’ve written numerous times about how to teach kids about money and why I believe it’s so important. With April being Financial Literacy month, teaching children about money is sort of forefront in our thinking but I believe it’s something that shouldn’t be relegated to one month of the year. I could list various stats as to why you should teach kids about money, but the bottom line is that it’s the loving thing to do. I’m sure you have made your share of mistakes in life, as I have made more than my fair share, and we want different futures for our children. Makes sense, right?  🙂

However, the rub is that many parents hold back from making money matters part of their’s child’s life. There are various reasons for that, from being ashamed of their own past or current mistakes, not knowing where to start, or simply thinking children don’t need to be bothered with money. The beauty is that you can often make financial lessons a part of your child’s life in very simple and everyday events – you just have to look for them. Yes, it does mean you need to be a little more sensitive to finding opportunities, but the nice thing is that they can provide awesome learning opportunities for you and your child(ren).


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