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Like it or not, tax season is soon upon us. With that being the case I’m doing a TaxACT Review to go over my experience with the platform. I used TaxACT for a several years in the past and always found the platform helpful. We’ve since hired out our tax preparation to a professional tax advisor due to the growth of our business.

I could spend the time doing them myself, though it’s worth it to me to have a trained expert prepare them for us. If you prepare your own taxes there are many options to consider for tax preparation. Who you choose really comes down to your preference as pricing tends to be very similar across the board.

TaxACT is a leader in the low-cost tax preparation space and offers various tools to help those who are preparing their own taxes. If you’re looking for a service to prepare your taxes, this TaxACT 2019 review will help you determine if they’re the platform for you.

What I Like About TaxACT


Over my time using the TaxACT online platform there have been several things I’ve come to appreciate about it. Some of those items are:

  • TaxACT is free for Federal filing for those filing a 1040 EZ or 1040 A. If you itemize, are a homeowner or have investments, they charge $29.95 for a Federal return. However, if you go with the free Federal option, you also get the State filing for free. If you have a “basic” situation as they determine it, which is a little beyond the standard 1040 they charge $9.95, plus the state filing.
  • The most expensive option with TaxACT comes in at $40.80, which is their Premium package. That includes the Federal return with guidance. If you’re a freelancer or run your own business, they do have a $29.95 package to help with those particular situations.
  • TaxACT online is the pricing leader for tax preparation needs amongst all the major players. I like that!
  • There are no income or age restrictions to get the free pricing from TaxACT. Whereas E-File has limitations on its free Federal pricing, TaxACT does not.
  • TaxACT has a relatively simple process to import prior years’ taxes or inputs on W-2’s if you’re new to TaxACT. They do charge $15 to do this if you go with the free package, but is included in the cost of the others.
  • TaxACT online has a very robust Q & A section that helps you walk through more difficult things like itemization questions and the impact of tax law changes from the prior year.
  • TaxACT is simple and straightforward to use. Having used H & R Block for so many years I prefer the Block platform, but TaxACT is fairly simple to use.
  • TaxACT offers a 100 percent accuracy guarantee and audit support, though that’s admittedly fairly common.
  • TaxACT 2019 has an easy to understand alert feature that makes you aware of errors before you move on to additional sections. It also allows you to bookmark it for further work.
  • TaxAct has a $100 refund bonus if you choose to have part of your return put on gift cards.


Drawbacks to TaxACT 2019


While I do like the TaxACT program overall, there are a few things I would like to see change.

  • TaxACT online does not provide free phone assistance to those using the free version of the system. I never really had an issue with this, but others might.
  • TaxACT is a bit light on the tax deduction tools. If you have a fairly straightforward return then you shouldn’t have an issue with this. However, if you have a more advanced return then you’d likely find the deduction finder tools at H & R Block or Turbo Tax to be considerably more robust.

TaxACT Online Review – My Take


If you need a fairly simple and straightforward platform to prepare your taxes then you really can’t go wrong with TaxACT. This is also not to mention the price, which is among the best in the industry. The TaxACT website claims they handle over seven million returns each year. It’s easy to see why when they offer both low price and an easy to use platform.

While the TaxACT online platform is a bit light on the deduction tools, they make up quite a bit of that with their robust Q & A section. Assuming you’re not filing a really cumbersome return, TaxACT should be sufficient for the needs of most filers.


File your taxes for free with TaxACT today!


Do you do your own taxes? How much do you pay to get your taxes done?



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  • Fervent Finance says:

    I’ve used Turbo Tax for the past couple years, but am switching to TaxAct this year due to price only really. I know all my inputs into my different tax schedules and have a pretty good estimate of my liability for 2014. So for someone who knows personal income tax to some degree, I believe cheaper is better. Plus all the slack Turbo Tax has been getting lately doesn’t really justify its price.

    • John Schmoll says:

      I agree, the price really doesn’t justify what you get with Turbo Tax – especially if you know what you’re doing.

  • Gary @ Super Saving Tips says:

    I’ve done my own taxes for years, and for the last few I’ve filed with TaxACT. It’s easy to use and the pricing is great.

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