Taking a Cruise Vacation on a Budget

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Going on a cruise is one of the most comprehensive holiday experiences you can have – everything in close proximity, directly at your disposal – you’ll be in the lap of luxury. With so many services and activities on offer, it can be a bit bewildering if you’re trying to save money on your cruise vacation. This little guide will help you on your way because it is possible to save money on a cruise vacation.

Navigating Rates


Cheaper rates are available – don’t go straight for the first advertised rate you find. There are usually different tiers of accommodation rates available and your cruise vacation can be booked in conjunction with flights to save you more. The lowest rates tend to be rooms without a view on the inside of the cruise liner. This won’t be too much of a sacrifice if you only intend to use the room as a place to sleep, wash and dress before and after enjoying all the cruise has to offer.

Save Money on Food and Drink


Look into whether a drinks and meal package is right for your budget and make sure you thoroughly research what is and is not available to you at no extra cost. Some cruise providers let you bring your own drinks under certain amounts, but alcohol will usually be confiscated. Bring non-perishable snacks to keep you going instead of buying large meals three times a day – save your money for special evening meals you’ll really make the most of.

Laundry Services


Some cruises offer laundry services that will wash your clothing for a fee. If you want to save money on cleaning your clothes, there may be self-serve laundry rooms for you to wash your clothes yourself. If you are feeling really thrifty, you can always use travel wash to clean smaller items in your bathroom if you have access to your own.

Internet and Phone Access


Getting access to the internet can be pricey on board but some companies offer free access. Check with your service provider if you can get roaming data added to your plan for a reasonable price. Some mobile providers give better rates to certain areas with certain price plans. Alternatively, you can buy certain amounts of data to use per day and will let you know before you go over your allowance.

And Finally… Choosing Activities Wisely


Avoid caving to unnecessary temptation by staying away from petty spending. Casinos are usually available on board, but if you’re being careful with your spending, these are definitely activities to avoid. Fees will add up; make the most of the free things and keep a note of what you spend day to day. This needn’t take up much of your time at all and will ultimately ensure you have enough budget to enjoy yourself without being stopped short of cash on your cruise vacation.

It may sound counter-intuitive to say that taking a cruise vacation can save you money, but if done right it might actually be cheaper and more luxurious than other types of vacations.

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