How To Successfully Sell Photos Online

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Photographers need to find new ways to make money since the competition is stronger than it ever was. In most cases there is a need to have a blog that would advertise services, showcase portfolios and take full advantage of social media for digital marketing purposes.

The problem is that this website is often just a presentation. It is just not used to the very full potential. If you want to sell photos online and increase your brand awareness, you need to take it one step further to make money.

In the past photos were sold online through microstock sites. When applications were approved, photographers could sell pictures but these sites sometimes took up to 70% of the sale amount. Obviously, this is unacceptable.

Selling Photos Online Now


There are so many sites online that allow you to sell your photos directly, ranging from Shopify, which allows you to create a unique standalone shop, to Visual Society, which is more tailored for selling stock photographs with a 100% profit.

The idea is to basically compare the different sites that are available. You want to create an account where you would get good money for the pictures and where people that would be interested in the types of photos you should would be present. Selling on Deviant Art if you photograph just nature, as an example, may not be a great idea.

Stock Photography


Stock photography is now in really high demand as self-publishing grew in popularity. So many sites are now working hard to create images that are affordable to business owners, bloggers, authors and designers. Photographers can sell photos through them. A stock photograph is a great way to make some money when you start out as a photographer since the demand is really high at the moment for such images.

The only problem is that stock photography would only work as an option to sell your photos online when you create images that would be appropriate for many different types of people. Stock agencies are a great option when trying to sell photos as stock online.

Selling Photos Through Your Own Site


This is an option you will eventually need to consider. Think about the regular website that you completely own as your very own online brand. It can help you to get so much more than just money for when you sell some photos. For instance, you can get hired as an official photographer for some events even if you just offer free stock photos.

One of the best options to start with your site is WordPress because it is open source and gives you access to complete customization. However, for this you will need some cash on the long run. Have patience and work on the site as you get money from selling your photos through other websites. As an extra tip, be sure you take advantage of blogging when you launch your own site to make extra money.

This does mean you want to learn as much as possible about search engine optimization and what it can do for you. Some really well-chosen SEO links can boost your traffic and bring new buyers to your site but you do want to be sure that you do things right.



The best thing that you can do when you sell your photos online is to start with the sites that already have a huge audience. Then, you want to move towards launching your very own online shop.

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