How Keeping Better Track of Subscriptions Can Save You Hundreds

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How Keeping Better Track of Subscriptions Can Save You Hundreds

If you have a growing list of subscriptions to different magazines, publications, or various online services, keeping track can become difficult. Expiration dates can vary, making it hard to remember when you should renew. Or worse, when some of those online subscriptions auto-renew.

The companies offering these products don’t make it any easier because they often send renewal offers for different amounts as well as different quantities. This can cause consumers to forget that they have already renewed and send payment again.

Of course, the opposite is also a possibility. You may not renew when you need to. Either scenario can cause confusion and loss of time and money.

Making lists to keep tabs on your subscriptions and their expirations dates is one solution. However, it is time consuming and you may miss a subscription in the process.

But there is a way you can keep better track of subscriptions and save hundreds. Introducing TrackMySubs.

TrackMySubs lets you set alerts and reminders to help prevent paying for unwanted subscriptions or renewals. It can even be used for other recurring expenses.

How it Works


The first thing to do to start tracking your subscriptions is to type in the name of the subscription you wish to add to the application. After adding it, proceed to the next subscription and so on until all are added. If you forget one you can always update your list later.

Next, add your email address so TrackMySubs can send alerts and reminders to you. You will also add your name.

Setting a password is the third step in the process of getting started with TrackMySubs. You can connect to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts to login easy and quickly in the future.

Once you have entered your subscriptions you can set up alerts and reminders. These can be sent to you as well as partners or friends.

Additionally, you can add notes to provide more information about the subscription. You can even track your monthly spending, set up folders and view everything in a calendar if you choose.

How Much You Can Save?


Since getting started with TrackMySubs is free under their starter plan, you can save on those fees in addition to saving on subscriptions.

Once you have entered 11 or more subscriptions you will automatically be updated to their Entrepreneur plan which is only $6 per month. If you should hit 51 or more subscriptions there is also an unlimited plan for only a few dollars more per month.

How much you save each money on your subscriptions can vary depending on the number of them you have. It is possible, though, to save as little as only a few dollars or as much as hundreds each month.

How to Use Your Savings Wisely


There are lots of different ways you can use the additional money you save each month through TrackMySubs. If you are having trouble meeting your monthly bills, use the extra money you save to help pay them. Or, use the money to save for other expenses, pay off debt, or even invest for your future.

Tracking your subscriptions doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Let TrackMySubs help you to keep better track of subscriptions and save hundreds.

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