6 Simple Things to Enjoy in Life

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Sometimes, the best things in life are the most basic things we forget to appreciate, and they're often free. Here are 6 simple things to enjoy in life!

When’s the last time you stopped to smell the roses or enjoy the simple things in life?

If you’re like most people, you’re a probably a little too busy rushing around. There’s housework, actual work, keeping your kids entertained, meeting with friends and colleagues, or running your business, to be concerned about.

But where’s the fun in that?

I’m a big believer in stepping back to enjoy the simple things in life, and as a bonus, the simple things are often free.

If your budget is a little tight, but you need some quality time away from the everyday hustle and bustle, don’t despair.

You can save money and still enjoy all life has to offer. How? Here’s a list of 6 simple things to enjoy in life, and most of them you can enjoy right now!

1. Sleeping and Relaxing


Sleeping is such a simple thing – so simple, we might it for granted…until we wake up after three hours of sleep, grumpy and in need of coffee.

I’m willing to bet most people enjoy sleeping in on the weekends or during vacation. Even going to sleep after an exhausting day is nice.

Let’s not even mention the luxury of napping. 😉

We spend quite a lot of our lives in bed. We might as well take the time to enjoy it.

Relaxing goes along with sleeping. Both are good for your health and both are necessary aspects of self-care. Even if you’re a workaholic, you need to sleep and rest at some point.

There are plenty of ways to relax without spending a cent. Curl up on the couch with a good book and some coffee or tea; lay out in the sun by a pool; go for a walk around your town.

Prioritize relaxing and sleeping – your body will thank you.

2. Good Company


Even as an introvert, I have to admit there’s value in having a nice time with family or friends. You might need to recharge afterwards, but simply gathering around with your loved ones can be a great time.

Some of my favorite family memories are from Sunday’s at my grandma’s house. Sunday is pasta day in my family, and my grandma loves to cook. There’s nothing better than a free home-cooked meal and getting to hear my relatives tell amusing and embarrassing stories about each other from back in the day.

Similarly, my friends are always capable of making a good time from nothing. Whether it’s relaxing in a backyard around a bonfire, playing a board game, or having random conversations, there’s always fun to be had.

Hanging around people that make you laugh is definitely high on my list of simple things to enjoy in life!

3. Furry Company


Okay, pets aren’t free, but their presence shouldn’t be taken for granted, either.

It’s been documented that cats and dogs enhance people’s lives. Petting a cat or a dog is therapeutic and calming, and I can personally attest to that.

My cats love taking over the bed on a weekend morning. Heck, one of my cats was pretty much sleeping on my head today. I love seeing them happy and adorable, and they love the attention. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

While I would love to get a dog, we don’t really have the space. However, playing and walking with dogs is quite fun. Playing with any pet can result in some hilarious moments as evidenced by thousands of YouTube videos.

4. Cuddling


You can always cuddle with your furry friend, but I’m talking about cuddling with your significant other here.

Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing better than being together in silence, but still feeling connected. Cuddling is perfect for that.

Physical intimacy is pretty darn simple when it comes down to it, but once you’ve been together for a while, and are busy with kids or work, it’s something that can get lost in the mix.

Take some moments to reconnect with your spouse. You’ll both appreciate feeling the love.

5. Music


Music is yet another simple thing that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. If I’m not writing, I almost always have music playing at home.

It can invoke many different feelings. Music is great when you need motivation, when you need to feel inspired, when you need to relax, or even when you need to have a good cry.

Music has a way of being able to transport us to another place, and I also have fun singing along. If I’m feeling down, music is my go-to solution. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Sometimes, the best things in life are the most basic things we forget to appreciate, and they're often free. Here are 6 simple things to enjoy in life!

6. Cooking and Eating


Last, but certainly not least, cooking and eating are simple joys we get to experience on a daily basis, but rarely fully appreciate.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t often get excited about cooking. Getting to the end result is nice, but the journey of preparation isn’t amazing.

If you’re like me, it’s time to change that (or pass the cooking duties along to someone else). Rushing around the kitchen just for the sake of getting to eat isn’t fun, but you can use a few things from this list to turn it into a better time!

First, if you like to get your groove on, turn up some music in the kitchen. Put together a playlist of feel-good tunes you can dance around  to, and feel free to sing while you prep.

You could also recruit some help. Ask your kids, friends, family, or significant other to come over and join in. Baking by your lonesome can be pretty boring, but baking with other people can be tons of fun.

If you’re cooking a meal for you and your special someone, turn meal prep into part of the date.

By doing this, you’re actually turning cooking into a fun experience, and you might come to enjoy it.

On the other side of the equation – remember to actually enjoy your food, don’t inhale it. Eating slower is better for digestion! 😉

Back to Basics


As you can see, most of these simple joys revolve around things we already do or have access to. It’s just a matter of taking the time out of our day to be in the present and immerse ourselves in them.

Next time you get to sleep in, relax, cuddle, spend time with friends and family, or cook, savor it. Be thankful for these little things, and you’ll find life becomes more enjoyable without spending anything extra.


What are the simple things in life you enjoy the most? Do you think the simple, free things in life outweigh the things you have to pay for? What’s your favorite way to relax?

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Erin M. is a personal finance freelance writer passionate about helping others take control over their financial situation. She shares her thoughts on money on her blog Journey to Saving.


  • says:

    The simple things in life are the best things. Focusing on the connection with others, like cuddling for example is better than anything you can buy at a store.

  • Vanessa D. says:

    This is a great list. I recently switched jobs and I now indulge myself in all of these areas. Although pets are definitely not cheap, I enjoy spending my time with them and watching their antics.

    I would add gardening to this list – again it’s not a cheap activity but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one either. Even better, if you grow your own vegetables, gardening can be an activity that saves you money.

    • Erin M says:

      That’s great you’ve been able to start enjoying the simple things again. Gardening is a good one! I can’t personally vouch for it, but I know it can be relaxing for some people.

  • Kayla @ Hello Pre Nurse says:

    These are the simple things in life for sure Erin and they are the best thing in life too. Best part? They don’t cost much (if anything). 🙂

  • Shannon @ Financially Blonde says:

    Well, you know from following my blog that I am a HUGE fan of music. I love creating a playlist to help inspire me, make me laugh, make me cry, work out to or just hang out with. It’s an inexpensive way to entertain and motivate.

    • Erin M says:

      Yes! Music is awesome, and I actually almost forgot to include it. It makes just about everything better.

  • Hannah says:

    It really is the little things. Thes are things that I’ve been enjoying lately:

    1. Walking by my neighbor’s houses right after they’ve mowed their lawns.
    2. The smell of sunscreen as I lather up my son before daycare.
    3. The sound of a roll of thunder in the distance (provided its not while my husband is biking home).
    4. Holding hands with my husband while the sun sets (even though I am probably covered in primer, paint, or construction dust).

    • Erin M says:

      I’m (irrationally) scared of thunderstorms, but I love the rest of those! I have something similar to #1 where I just enjoy walking around a neighborhood and commenting on the houses with my fiance. I think it’s interesting you focused on the senses, too – seeing, smelling, hearing, and touching. All it takes is being more aware and in tune with our surroundings.

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar says:

    I probably don’t take time to enjoy the simple things as much as I should. Taking a walk at the end of the day is a great way to relieve stress, and I should make a point to do it more often.

    • Erin M says:

      It’s hard when we’re so busy with everything else! I think it becomes easier once we create the habit. I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy more walks!

  • DC @ Young Adult Money says:

    It’s pretty incredible how easy it is for us to forget about the simple things in life and focus only on those things that cost a lot of money. I think pets are a great example, though as you pointed out they aren’t free. Our pets bring a lot of enjoyment to our lives for very little cost.

    • Erin M says:

      Yes! Pets are so much fun to have, and in my opinion, very worth the small cost for the amount of joy they bring.

  • Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says:

    Nothing can ever beat sleeping as a form of enjoying life. It can take us any where we want to be. Haha! and because we need energy to fully enjoy life.

  • Thomas @ i need money ASAP! says:

    Cooking is an awesome way to relax and super cost effective. My next cooking goal is to learn how to make home made pasta. Even the thought of it makes my mouth water 🙂

  • Tonya@Budget and the Beach says:

    I need to find a husband who can cook because I find that activity stressful. lol! I actually find beach volleyball very relaxing because although you are moving your body a lot, my mind goes into the “flow” which is an extremely relaxed way to be.

    • Erin says:

      I am definitely with you, Tonya. There’s usually always something that goes wrong in the kitchen when I’m cooking!

      Oh, good point about sports/physical activity!

  • Amanda @ My Life, I Guess says:

    Being laid-off and trying to manage on a minimum wage income has sort of forced me/us to go back to the basics. And it really isn’t so bad! We decided to spend $100 to get an outdoor table and chairs. Being able to enjoy our backyard was worth every penny, and is such a better investment than one fancy dinner at a restaurant or something like that.

    • Erin M says:

      I love that idea, Amanda! That sounds like a nice and simple way to enjoy being outside. Plus, as you said, you get a lot of value out of it as opposed to going out to eat just once.

  • Camille says:

    Great article! It is currently raining outside and have my bedroom window opened and I am enjoying the sound of raindrops in the street and against the house. I thought i’d share…

  • Derek - Tools 4 Retirement says:

    We’ve recently started weekly picnics at either the beach or a local park. It’s a great mashup of relaxing, good company and eating with a sprinkle of nature and the great outdoors. We consciously started this to replace a night out at a restaurant with something more wholesome and lighter on the budget.

    • Erin says:

      That’s an awesome idea, Derek! Picnics are always fun and it sure beats waiting around for food at a restaurant.

  • Brittney @ Life On A Discount says:

    Some great tips here! Sometimes, life gets so busy we forget to do the simple things and take a breather. The busier I get, I actually find that I enjoy doing the simple stuff more than a vacation because travel can be just as stressful as work sometimes!

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