Things That Make Me Scratch My Head

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I am a curious person by nature so there are always things that make me scratch my head. What makes you scratch your head and say to yourself "WTF?"

I am a curious person by nature. I often look at why some people do certain things and it often makes me scratch my head and wonder what on earth those people are thinking. Add that to the fact that I realized I did not have anything scheduled for today, I thought I’d go with something fun and lighthearted. To be fair, I have to credit Kim and Mackenzie who ran similar posts the last few weeks which probably seeped their way into my subconscious and inspired me to do something similar. Without any further ado, here are some things that make me scratch my head:


Why little kids wake up at 5:30 in the morning then complain at 6:00 that they’re tired.

Why people enjoy raisins…I mean, after all, they’re shriveled up grapes!

Why people use the self-checkout at the grocery store when they have a cart full of groceries.


Single ply toilet paper; wouldn’t sandpaper do the same trick?

Why some people don’t look in the mirror before they go shopping at WalMart

Why, when ordering from a restaurant, when I ask for a sandwich without mayonnaise that just means I get more of it?

Why cats always land on their feet no matter how they fall.

I am a curious person by nature so there are always things that make me scratch my head. What makes you scratch your head and say to yourself "WTF?"

Why you’re woken up while sleeping in the hospital only to be asked how you’re sleeping.

Why TV producers spend millions of dollars promoting a successful new show only to put it on a four month hiatus before bringing it back.

Why nursing homes are riddled with venereal disease.

Why basic finance is not taught at the high school level to all students.

Why people line up in droves for free samples at Costco…has it really been THAT long since you last ate?

Why Seinfeld ever went off the air.

Why we can find Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole but not cure the common cold.


So, what are some of the things that make you scratch your head?


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