How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

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How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of kitchen renovations? Installing new countertops and replacing old cabinets, changing the tiles or flooring, getting new appliances, and lastly, bringing is some style. But what if your budget doesn’t allow so much? Let’s explore your options.

Pay attention to appliances


While some basic appliances may need to be reinstalled, you can choose which ones are absolutely essential. For instance an oven, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher (a must for big families or ones with kids) are common appliances that every kitchen needs.

If you are planning to buy new appliances, look out for offers and discounts. Also make sure they are energy efficient. Another cost-saving tip is to install new appliances in the exact places where the previous ones were installed. That way you can cut down on the costs of plumbing and new electrical connections, which helps you save more money every month.

Worktops and storage


Do you want your countertop to be stylish yet cost-effective? Yes, there is a midway – buy laminate countertops, which look good and are functional as well. They are much less expensive than stone or marble countertops. However, if your heart is set on granite countertops, opt for grade-2 granite countertops. This small adjustment will allow you to make a style statement without spending a fortune.

For storage, ready-to-use cabinetry will save you many dollars over customised ones. It may seem difficult to find something that will fit your kitchen’s dimensions and décor but don’t worry — with plenty of choices available in brick-and-mortar as well as online stores, you’re likely to find something that’ll match your needs.

If nothing works, you can always breathe new life into your old cabinets by repainting them in fresh coats of a new shade. Ditching cabinets for open shelving is a big trend, and it’s also a great way to save costs.

Choose your tapware with care


Before zeroing in on your kitchen’s tapware, it’s always advisable to check different suppliers who can give your kitchen that special touch, without stretching your budget too thin. Next comes your preferences and requirements. For instance, the range of Zip Tapware is recommended as one of the best tapware ranges in the industry. Besides giving your kitchen a sleek look, it scores high on functionality — unlike other taps, it can run hot, chilled, and instant sparkling water from a single outlet. This can be a great option for you if you love having hot or cold beverages often. It can be a bit expensive to install but keep in mind all the fuel and electricity bill you’d be saving.

With the right kind of track lighting (which wins hands down) it doesn’t need any additional effort like recessed lighting. Also, walls, floors, and backsplashes should be redone only if required. With the above-mentioned renovations in full force, you’re well on your way to give your kitchen design a nice shake-up so the pricier revamps can wait until you’re ready to give your kitchen a major facelift. The idea is to get the most by spending least on your renovation, and not putting too much stress on your finances.

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