How to Save Money When Buying Furniture

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How to Save Money When Buying Furniture

Buying furniture for your home can be a fun experience but expenses can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t know how to save money while covering all the basics.

We’re sharing with you some simple ways you can buy furniture without blowing your budget.

Don’t pay more just for the brand name


When buying furniture for your home, don’t get swayed by brand names. In most cases, the core materials remain the same and aren’t necessarily of higher quality than lesser-known names. Instead opt for local retailers. You’ll usually end up with things that last longer and don’t cost as much. Plus, local retailers will work around your convenience in ways big chain stores may not.

Pick multipurpose furniture


You can’t go wrong with furniture that can pull off double duty. Beds with storage, futon that can become a bed for guests, or benches that can also act as storage chests are all great options. This way you can get more out of a single piece of furniture, which is great if you are minimalist or live in a tiny home.

Go shopping online


Buying online is always less expensive than an in-store purchase. And why not? Unlike retail stores where item prices are inclusive of the overheads they have to pay, online stores either have their own warehouses or they ship directly from the factory, which allows them to keep their prices low so you don’t have to pay those extra dollars.

This is also a great tip for those fancying expensive-looking furniture. For instance, it can be pricey to buy French provincial furniture in Sydney retail stores. But, online stores can fetch you cheaper and better deals.

Don’t ignore shipping and delivery charges


What most people don’t realize is that shipping charges often eat into a big chunk of their budget when shopping for bulky items like furniture. This is why you should look out for any retailer offering free shipping and delivery — this alone can guarantee savings of nearly $100-$200 or even more! When I bought furniture for my home, I did have to pay for delivery, but I was able to split the expense with other people from my hometown so neither of us had to pay full price for delivery and shipping.

Stick to neutral shades


While you may be tempted to buy a bed with lovely wine-red headboard, it may not be a wise choice. Why? Because prices shoot up for furniture in bold color palettes. Plus, your red-loving phase may wear out in some years and then, you’ll probably be looking for a new bed. This is why it’s best to stick to neutral shades of brown, black, grey and white when it comes to furniture. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle down for a drab and boring décor. You can obviously pep things up by adding specks of color in the form of pillows, slipcovers or rugs.

If you want to buy quality furniture, without cutting corners, careful planning is a must. With these tips under your belt you’re well on your way to master the art of frugal furniture shopping.

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