How To Save Money When Buying A Car

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No matter what type of vehicle you buy, and no matter whether it is new or used, it is an investment. Vehicles are investments that continue to cost you money throughout their entire lives. If you lease your vehicle you start out with monthly payments, but the cost doesn’t end there.

How to Save Money Shopping For A Vehicle


You can probably get a good deal on a used vehicle. If you do shop for a used car you want to make sure you know about the vehicle’s history. If it was in an accident you may find it doesn’t continue to run as well as it did when you did your test drive. Your test drive should take you to a service station to have it looked over, before you make any commitments to buy.

Some people just don’t like used cars and prefer new. There is less worry about where the car has been and what it has been through when you buy new, although you may still find it is subject to recalls, which happens a lot these days.

Start out by doing some research online to find the best deals. You can also shop around and work with different dealers to get the best price. If you plan to finance your vehicle you’ll also want to bid down for the best interest rate and monthly payment amount.

Saving Money On The Road


Think about how much money you’ll be spending on gas before you purchase as well. A big and bulky truck or SUV isn’t going to get as good of gas mileage as a Ford Focus. However, maybe you need a bigger vehicle for your family or work. Look at the vehicles estimated MPG before purchase. You may find an electric or FlexFuel vehicle is the better choice for you as well.

Once you have your vehicle on the road you want to make sure you keep it well maintained. Regular car maintenance saves you money in many ways and it extends the life of your vehicle. That means you won’t need to invest in a new vehicle too soon.

Regular maintenance also includes your own regular check ups on your vehicle, like checking your lights and tire pressure. Nothing costs a driver more than having an accident. If you can prevent that with good tires and new wipers, why wouldn’t you check them often? You will also avoid a ticket by making sure your lights are all working properly.

Don’t Forget To Get Insured


Driving with no insurance also raises your risk of tickets, huge expenses in the case of an accident and larger monthly fees for letting insurance lapse – not to mention that it’s the law! Every driver needs to have vehicle insurance, which keeps you and your vehicle protected. You can shop around online and locally for the best insurance price.

One of the most important things about keeping your vehicle insured is that it does help out if you are ever in an accident, whether it is your fault or someone else’s. If you wreck your vehicle without insurance everything comes out of pocket, including a hefty ticket. Don’t risk it.

No matter what way you look at it, vehicles are costly. But they are worth the investment when they allow you to get from one place to another faster than by foot. Imagine grocery shopping with a bicycle, or never getting to go to family Christmas. Look for the best deals in everything to do with your vehicle, from purchase to maintenance, and you’ll find it’s a bit more tolerable.


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