How to Save Money at Costco Outside the Store

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save money at costco

I’ve found over the years that people either love Costco or they hate it. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, if you shop there, you want to know how to save money at Costco. If you’re prone to buying five gallon vats of BBQ sauce and a three-month supply of dried fruit you’re likely going to have a challenge on your hands. But, if you do it in moderation you should be able to find ways to cut your costs while shopping at Costco.

I’ve written before about saving money at Costco but that really just covered the more every day things like groceries and other things you may need around the house. I always knew there were other ways Costco allows members to save money that go beyond the store but never really took advantage of those opportunities. I’ve learned that some of these savings opportunities can be significant. For example, I found that by being a Costco member we were able to get a minivan for almost $300 less than anywhere else for our upcoming vacation. That’s even better than the discount available through our USAA membership! We’ve also done recent comparisons with Walmart vs Amazon Prime to see which option saves us more money. You’d be surprised to see the results.

If you’d like to read about more ways to save money at Costco than just what you can get in the store, please read my latest article over at Daily Finance



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  • Thanks for sharing the tips! I’ve found that they also have a lot of items online that aren’t in the store, from bulk wedding flowers, to 1 year’s worth of emergency food packets, to caskets!

  • LOL, the trolls even found reasons to criticize this post!!! I love Costco for the wide variety of organic offerings, but we’ll keep our Sam’s membership as well.

  • Syed says:

    Great post. I love finding ways to maximize those resources you already have (like a Costco membership) rather than always looking for something new.

  • Michelle says:

    We do not have a Costcos where we live, but I love to go there when visiting with relatives or friends.

  • I recently got a flyer saying you could save money on Car Insurance…and one of the companies they compared themselves to was my current agent. I think it’s time to pull some numbers….

  • Kay Lynn says:

    I usually rent cars through Costco travel (but always compare prices). One of the benefits of renting through them is the second driver is free. No matter who you choose, use your AMEX to rent and pay for the car rental. We had a rock chip in a rental in June and am being charged for replacing the entire windshield (versus fixing the chip) by Alamo. The AMEX insurance is handling the claim.

    P.S. Regarding Travis’ comment. We have found the cheapest car insurance is through Costco for us in California.

  • sara says:

    Great tips! I have thought about trying them for travel deals, but have never pulled the trigger. Thanks for the reminder to at least check out Costco first.

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