Seven Reasons To Contact A Lawyer If You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident

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Insurance adjusters are trained to prevent large payouts to accident victims. This means that injured victims will usually have an uphill fight to get the compensation they deserve. An accident victim who wants only to recover from their injuries and move on with their life may question whether they need a lawyer; however, they should consider the following before going it alone:

Car Accident Lawyers Know How to Negotiate With Insurance Companies

These attorneys have experience in this area; most accident victims do not. The insurance company will want to pay the victim as little as they can, but a skilled attorney can fight for their client and ensure that they are fairly compensated. If necessary, they can take the case to court and fight on the victim’s behalf there.

Car Accident Lawyers Often Take Cases on Contingency

This means that the attorney will not get paid unless their client gets paid. This can be helpful if the accident victim does not have the resources to pay for legal assistance. When the attorney takes the case on contingency, the client pays nothing up front. The victim therefore has nothing to lose if they decide to file suit.

The Victim Will Need to Follow the Rules in Order to Sue

It may be necessary for them to file a police report within a certain period after the accident. The laws regarding personal injury lawsuits differ from state to state, so there may be other local requirements as well. A car accident lawyer will have an understanding of the factors that can put their client’s right to sue in jeopardy.

A Car Accident Lawyer Will Gather Evidence on Their Client’s Behalf

Lawyers are experienced in this area, they know what to look for and how to get it. An accident victim is not likely to have the skills needed to gather evidence to benefit their case; furthermore, they may not be in the physical condition to do it.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Handle the Case if it Goes to Trial

While most personal injury cases get resolved without going to trial, some do not. If a case does wind up going to trial, the victim may need the help of an experienced attorney. A lawyer who is experienced in the courtroom may prove to be the difference between winning and losing.

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Provide Advice and Reassurance

Lawsuits can be emotionally grueling for an accident victim; they can also last a long time. An experienced attorney will be able to provide their client with advice and reassurance over its duration.

Free Initial Consultation

Many car accident lawyers will offer a free first meeting with the accident victim so that they can assess the merits of their case. Without paying anything out of pocket, the victim can meet with an experienced lawyer and find out if they have a strong case or not.

Accidents can be expensive. Serious injuries tend to result in high medical bills. If they have been out of work for some time, they may also have household bills to pay and a budget to maintain. It is only right that the negligent party in the accident be held accountable for these expenses. Hiring a qualified lawyer can help to provide that accountability and ensure that the victim is fairly compensated.

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  • The area of expertise definitely feels very specialized. I have been lucky not to be on either side of the accident equation. (knocking on wood) But in “working” with insurance companies in other capacities, I know that finding someone who knows how to handle the situation is very importantt.

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