7 Best Online Tutoring Jobs To Make Money

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The best online tutoring jobs let you make money from home on your schedule. Here are the 7 top online tutoring services to work for and earn $20 per hour.

Do you enjoy helping students of different ages excel in their education? Do you have a background in Math, English, or other subjects? If so, you can use online tutoring jobs as a means to make extra money.

Face-to-face tutoring has always been an excellent way for students to improve their learning. It helps students master areas where they may struggle and provides a way for educators to earn cash on the side.

However, with the growth of work-from-home jobs, it’s possible to make money through online tutoring websites. These jobs range from teaching English to students around the world, to teaching math to students in your city.

Many of the best online tutoring services pay at least $20 per hour, and those companies often handle much of the curriculum work for you. If you want to make money from home as a tutor, our guide shares a few of the top choices.

Best Online Tutoring Jobs to Make Money


It’s not that difficult to work from home as a tutor. Most platforms require the following to start working:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer
  • HD external or integrated camera
  • A headset with a microphone and stable output and input

Many services, though not all, require a bachelor’s degree to work for them. Additionally, most services require at least one year of teaching experience.

This experience can also include homeschooling, camp counseling, and previous tutoring work. If you’re looking for legitimate side jobs for teachers, here are the seven best online jobs to make money.

1. EF Education First


EF Education First allows you to tutor students in over 114 different countries, making it one of the best tutoring companies to work for in the industry. The company has been in business for 50 years and employs thousands of at-home tutors.

You’ll get paid to teach students how to communicate fluently in English. If you like traveling, this company even has options that allow you to teach abroad.

You can fill out your application online through their website. After your call with EF Education First and a tour of the virtual classroom, you then discuss the next steps to getting started, including your contract with the platform.

There are a few qualifications that EF Education First looks for in candidates.

  • Authorized to work and live in the United States
  • Have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and comfortable using computers and headsets
  • Have a minimum 40 hour TEFL certificate or something equivalent
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in any field

All the lessons you teach are one-on-one and only 25 minutes. The majority of the students are Chinese between the age of 5-10 years old.

The lesson is uploaded for you so you know what they are currently studying or what their parents’ preference is. You can expect to earn up to $20 per hour on the platform, and they pay monthly via PayPal.

2. VIPKid


VIPKid is one of the best online tutoring sites in the space and is a great choice to teach English from home. Like EF Education First, you lead 25-minute classes.

Each class period pays between $7 and $9, plus incentives. This allows you to earn up to $22 per hour.

The application process includes reviewing materials and performing a short demo lesson to give the company an idea of your teaching style, along with how you’ll approach your lessons.

Tutors can sign up for a six-month minimum contract. Even though you’ll be teaching students from China, you don’t need to know Chinese.

VIPKid classes are also one on one. Teachers are paid by direct deposit once a month between the 10th-15th of the month. Tutors must enter their weekly availability one month in advance.

3. QKids


QKids is one of the newer players in the online tutoring space, beginning in 2015. The site specializes in teaching English online to students from around the world.

Like the other best tutoring sites, you create your own schedule when working for QKids. The tutoring is not one on one, but your class size is still relatively small at a four student per class maximum.

Applicants have to put together a one to two minute video so the team can get to know you. It must include information like:

  • Where you live
  • Introducing yourself
  • Education background
  • Experience working with children
  • Telling or reading a children’s story

Each lesson is 30 minutes long, and tutors earn $16-$20 per hour. You can hear from QKids in as little as three business days after applying for a position.

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Once you get hired, you will have to complete a trial class period for anywhere from two to five class sessions. During the trial, you’ll teach classes and receive feedback from students after those classes.

If hired, you must commit to six hours, or twelve classes per week.

4. Course Hero


If you want to get into the online teaching field, Course Hero is a great platform to help you get started. You don’t have to be a certified teacher or professor either, making it one of the better online tutoring jobs for college students.

While you don’t need to have specific educational certifications, you do need to verify your background and experience to land a gig with Course Hero.

You earn money on Course Hero by answering questions from students covering a variety of subjects, including:

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • History
  • Math

This feature makes Course Hero one of the best online tutoring jobs for teachers since you can assist students on numerous subjects.

Tutors can earn up to $3 per question they answer from students. Top tutors on Course Hero earn $500 per week.

5. Wyzant


Wyzant lets you choose the subject you want to teach to students online. To list a subject on your profile, you have to complete a proficiency quiz or submit your qualifications for that course matter.

Quizzes typically contain 8 to 20 questions, and you must pass on the first try. You’ll receive your results immediately, and the passing grade depends on the subject.

Like Course Hero, you can tutor a wide variety of subjects on Wyzant. To be eligible for a tutoring account, you must be a resident of the United States.

What makes Wyzant one of the more unique online tutoring companies is you set your own rate. The company keeps 20 percent of your rate, so keep that in mind as you set rates.

Top earners on the platform have earned at least $50,000 a year from being a tutor. New students can be found by viewing your profile or by browsing the posted jobs board.

6. Chegg


Getting started with Chegg Tutors is easy. Top earners make around $1,000 a month. Pay starts at $20 per hour for Chegg Tutors, so this is a great part-time gig.

Plus, Chegg pays weekly.

You can tutor students at all levels, including middle school, high school, college, and even adult learners. Their app allows you to message students and schedule your sessions with ease.

Tutors can earn bonuses when they tutor online in subjects that are in high demand. How often you help a single student may vary.

It could be just a one-time question or turn into a repeating session with a student.

Chegg has a few different ways tutors and students can communicate, including:

  • Virtual whiteboard for live lessons
  • Text chat
  • Video chat
  • Audio chat

Tutors can be in charge of either test prep, writing an essay, or simply helping with a homework assignment.

7. is an online tutoring service that you can use to make money by teaching students. Tutors must be a U.S. resident, a college sophomore or older, and able to tutor at least five hours per week.

Some subjects require you to have a college degree to begin tutoring. Those subjects are:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • College essay writing
  • College statistics

Some of the other subjects aren’t as strict about tutors needing a related college degree. Tutors are open to choose hours when they are the most convenient.

The service is available 24/7, which makes it a convenient online tutoring job for many people, including college students.

You can either set your availability and wait for students to schedule sessions, or log in unscheduled and choose your sessions when you’re ready.

How to Find Local Tutoring Jobs


Are you asking yourself, “How can I find tutoring jobs near me?” and don’t know where to start? It’s possible to locate local tutoring jobs to make money on the side.

Numerous national tutoring companies are always looking for new team members.

Sylvan Learning, which has over 800 locations worldwide, is one example. Just enter your zip code, and you might be surprised by how close a location is to you.

If you find a location near you, go in and apply for work.

If you want to control your work and hours, Sylvan is just one option for local tutoring jobs. Here are a few other options to locate work:

Use Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups are a terrific way to advertise that you’re looking for work. Find the group for your local area and post your services.

Using Facebook is an excellent way to garner recommendations and help you find more face-to-face tutoring work.

List your services on Craigslist: You may not think it, but Craigslist is a reliable option to find in-person tutoring work. The platform is free to use.

To ensure safety, make sure to handle all tutoring services in public places.

Reach out to local community colleges or private schools: Not all schools may offer tutoring services to their students. If you want to find local tutoring jobs, reach out to schools in your area to let them know you’re available for hire.

It may be best to have a simple sheet listing your qualifications, experience, and rates. You might even want to create a simple website to direct potential clients to.

The best online tutoring jobs let you make money from home on your schedule. Here are the 7 top online tutoring services to work for and earn $20 per hour.Summary


If you want to find online tutoring jobs, there are numerous options available that you can start this month.

Some have stricter requirements, while others are open to beginners who have a passion for teaching and helping others excel academically.

Additionally, some solely hire you to teach English online from home, while others have a more expanded focus.

With the average salary starting around $20 per hour, this can be a great way to make ends meet or even help you earn some extra money on the side.

Plus, with online tutoring services, you’ll have plenty of flexibility in terms of setting your schedule. When browsing for online tutoring companies, hopefully, this list will help you narrow down the best decision for you.


What are your favorite ways to make money from home? How often do you look for work-from-home opportunities? How can extra income help you reach your financial goals this year?

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