An Ode to Grilling!

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Happy Memorial Day everyone! One thing I love about Memorial Day is that it’s sort of the unofficial start to grilling season. Truth be told, I’m a fan of using a gas grill so I can pretty much grill any time I want. 🙂 Since today is Memorial Day I thought I’d share this neat little infographic I found over at on grilling as I know most aren’t looking for something serious today.

As I’ve shared numerous times, Mrs. Frugal Rules and I have completely changed how we eat this year by replacing a bunch of the junk we had been eating and replacing it with more fruits and vegetables. At first I didn’t think I could do it, but it has gone well so far and I know a big part of that is that we’re doing it together and keeping one another accountable.

That said, the one thing I have missed big time around our house is using the grill. I know there is the debate between gas and charcoal and some feel strongly about one versus the other. I don’t care which it is though, anything that is done on a grill is guaranteed to taste exponentially better than things that are not done on a grill. 🙂

Anywho…I better stop talking about grilling as my mouth is watering at the thought. The infographic below is a fun little look at some items related to grilling. The thing that stood out to me was that gas grills supposedly account for five out of six grilling related fires. I’ve been using a gas grill for years and never ran into a fire, but know it can happen. I’m also thankful we don’t live in a state that has regulations, or at least none that I know of, against grilling. I think I’d be breaking the law though if it was. 😉

That’s all I have today. As you’re enjoying the day off, give thanks to those who fought and died so we can have the freedoms that we do. Happy Memorial Day all and be safe in your celebrations!

Grills Gone Wild!

by GrubHub.
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Do you like to grill? Are you a charcoal or gas fan? Have you ever started a fire while grilling…come on…I KNOW there’s someone out there who has. 😉

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  • Grilling. Wow! I haven’t grilled in so so long. But you have my mouth watering and lips smaking. I can’t wait for that next bbq. Thanks for the memories, in advance.

  • We grill all the time. For us, grilling season started a few weeks after the snow melted. We even grilled in the snow once this year, as my hubby had the grill out and everything ready to go one day last month and then it started snowing! That’s not our first time grilling in the snow either 🙂 I guess we are hard-core grillers. 🙂 We’ve never had a fire either, and hope to never have one!

    • John says:

      Ha ha, you sound like us Dee! As long as I can get the grill started then I don’t let any kind of weather hold me back. 🙂

  • I am SO happy it is grilling season again, not only because it is cheap and yummy, but that my hubby is the griller so it is one less dinner thing I have to do AND the clean up is super easy. I am convinced though that the grilling gene can be found somewhere on the Y chromosome. If I grilled, all I would do is char everything up.

  • I have a small gas grill in my yard, but honestly I use my small electric george foreman way more than that grill. It’s just way easier to grill up one chicken breast on my kitchen counter top that way. I think my gas grill is collecting serious dust. Need to break it out soon and have a small bbq with friends.

  • There’s a start and and end to the grilling season? I grill year round…..and I use charcoal. I saw the title and KNEW I had to read this one. lol..happy grilling John!

  • I love to grill, I don’t care if it’s gas or coal, I just love the taste. Gas is more expensive in the beginning, but cheaper in the long run when you consider the costs of purchasing the amount of charcoal against the amount of propane needed to actually cook something. .

    • John says:

      I’m the same basic way Josh. I like how gas is less of a hassle. You just go out and start the grill and you’re ready to go. 🙂

  • I like grilling using charcoal than propane or gas type. I love to have pork and chicken BBQ in the park while having a family picnic.

  • I went to several bbqs this weekend, but I’m realizing I should always bring my own veggie burgers just in case. Always amazed at how meat centric meals are.

  • I wish I can be grilling today, but my grill is all packed up. This just makes me hungry!

  • My wife loves to grill veggies. I don’t particularly care one way or another if our veggies are grilled, but I like grilled steak. We don’t grill that often, so we only have a charcoal grill. We actually have a large kettle grill for home and a small portable grill to take camping. We have never started a fire with our grill. We have a wide open area in our back yard that is far from trees and buildings. We put our portable grill next to the fire pit when we are camping.

    • John says:

      We have done that some, though not much to speak of. If I’m going to fire up the grill, I’d much rather have some sort of meat on it.

  • MMD says:

    Is there any better tasting meat than when you grill? I love cooking out!

  • Debt Hater says:

    We have a propane grill that we use all the time, grilling season is long for us (even when it’s chilly) because we like to do it so much. It’s on a deck, but no fires started here. When I go camping I bring a small charcoal grill with me too. Charcoal is a lot of work on a daily basis, and the propane is a lot easier to just turn on and get right to cooking. Almost everything tastes better when it grilled!

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