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need your help

Happy Friday friends! Many of our long-term readers know that Mrs. Frugal Rules and I own our own business. In fact, I’m coming up on my two year quitiversary – the day I finally told my boss what he could do with my job and stepped out on my own. Ok, maybe it wasn’t as it sounds but you get my point. 🙂

Anyhoo…things have been chugging along with our business and things have been going very well over the past six to twelve  months. Business is as high as it has ever been and things seem to only be getting better. I wouldn’t consider myself an optimist by any means, though I am pretty excited to see where business and blogging are going. That isn’t to say that running your own business is all lollipops and rainbows as there are many things I hate about being self-employed but, overall, I’m happy with the arrangement we have.

Enter this week, I was approached with a job offer doing much of what I have been doing with Frugal Rules and blogging in general. It would essentially expand on that and have me doing it for the company. At first thought, I shot it down as I’m very happy doing what I’m doing and watching things grow. Why would I want to give up the freedom I have now and work for “the man” ?

After that moment I took a more serious look at it to make sure I wasn’t overlooking an opportunity that I’d be kicking myself for giving up on six months down the road. The one thing I do like about the opportunity is that it’s entirely remote, so I would still have the opportunity to work from home and rock the PJs most days, save for any video conference calls. They would also still allow me to have the blogs as well as the freelance writing that I do outside of our business. Those are both pluses in my books. There is also the security aspect that I’d have from having W-2 income again and a paycheck that I could count on.

What Would a New Job Mean?

As I wrote the other day, balance in our home is…uh…nowhere to be found. That’s largely my fault, but it’s the current predicament and I’m working to find ways to make it a little more balanced around the Frugal Rules home. Adding a full-time job would obviously not do anything to help that at all. The first thing that came to my mind is what would I do with Frugal Rules? I’m fairly confident that I couldn’t balance the business, the blog AND a new full-time job. Not only would I likely get even less sleep than I do now but I think Mrs. Frugal Rules might shoot me. 😉

With that said, there are ways to get around that. I could outsource even more of what goes on behind the scenes, as well as some other things, and still manage the blog. I’m just not too excited about doing that for a variety of reasons.

The real rub, in my opinion, is that I’m not too terribly excited about the salary. It’s funny, two years ago I would’ve jumped at the chance as I was miserable in my job and would’ve taken anyway out I could get – even if the salary wasn’t a huge bump in pay. Now that I have the perspective of nearly two years of running a business, I’m not so quick to take the opportunity. We’re barely getting by as it is with the business, in terms of time, and while I believe I would consider a job…given the right circumstances I’m not so apt to if the salary isn’t what I’d be looking for. I know that a job means more than salary and I’d likely get benefits so we could likely get into a 401k and still rock the SEP IRA as well, and things like that, but don’t know if that’s enough to get me to take a more serious look at the opportunity.

Here’s Where I Need Your Help

Where I need your help is providing a little objectivity to the situation. I’m too close to the situation and would like to know what your thoughts are, or if I’m overlooking something with it. After giving it some thought I’m inclined to say no, but have not written it off completely yet. Not that I’m asking you to make the decision for me, by any means, just asking for a little friendly input. 🙂


How much would it take for you to leave a job/role you were happy in? Have you ever made a professional decision you later regretted? Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?



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  • debt debs says:

    Sounds like your heart is not in it. Definitely working FT and blogging is difficult enough, but with a business on top, this might topple the apple cart. Plus you have young children, they need your time. If, you were wanting to outsource some work (because you didn’t want to do it anymore, but seems to be not the case, you’d prefer to keep this work) and the salary was better, might make this job opportunity more palatable. I think there are too many negatives about this opportunity. In addition, outsourcing would eat into the additional income you bring in, although I don’t think this is the top concern. Be pumped that the option came along and go on about your bidness. Heeee!

    • John says:

      That’s my concern Debs. We already have enough going on as it as and I believe this would possibly cause needless strain. Great point on the outsourcing. If it’s because it’s needed that’s one thing, but when it eats too much in to what you’re making that’s not worth it.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I’d take it. I know you’ve been wanting more balance between work and life, and this seems like a step in the opposite direction. And if there’s already something about the job that you are not excited about I think that doesn’t bode particularly well for what’s to come if you accepted. Plus any job where you are put at risk of being shot sounds bad for your health to me 🙂

  • Catherine says:

    Tough situation. Something I love about my job is that I get a paycheque. I like the consistency and knowing how much, for sure, I will be getting per month. It makes me sane and anything over and above is gravey.

    In your situation, you already know that you can make it being self employed so if the job doesn’t work out you have a backup plan so to speak. What do you really have to lose by trying? I think you’d know pretty quick of it was or was not going to work!

    • John says:

      That is definitely a good aspect of it Catherine, knowing what I’d be getting each month. I’m just not certain if that’s the best for us right now though with how business is going.

  • Hmm it doesn’t sound like you are terribly excited about the job. If you don’t think you’ll be able to outsource more of Frugal Rules, or don’t want to (I can relate), I think you’re going to overload your schedule. If you DO want the job, I would ask for a higher salary and consider outsourcing as much as possible on Frugal Rules. Otherwise you’ll have even less work/life balance. On a side note I would love a job that is fully remote work and it’s something I’ve personally been looking for, so it sounds like a sweet setup to me!

    • John says:

      It does sound like a pretty nice setup. I’ve been spoiled for working in an office setting and I wouldn’t consider it otherwise.

  • I have made professional decisions I’ve regretted. But I’ve also been okay with giving notice and leaving when those situations didn’t work out. So that’s always a last resort.

    I would definitely ask for more money, especially if you’re going to be sacrificing your work/life balance even more. Of course, you have to decide what that price is for yourself (or if there even is a price at this point in your life).

  • From the way you wrote this post, it absolutely sounds like your heart is not into this and the added stress to your schedule would have all sorts of implications down the road. It’s one thing to add those stresses for something you are passionate about, but not so much when you just feel “Eh.” I would say to go with your gut. I always do that and it never fails me. If you are meant to take this other job, then they will come up with more money or a better one will be waiting for you down the road. Don’t add stress to your life without balancing it with joy or passion.

    • John says:

      You’re definitely right on your first point Shannon. I’m not really looking for anything, so it took me a bit off guard. It’ll be interesting to see if they come back with something else.

  • I sort of in the same boat. I’m blogging full time and loving it, but still have my eyes and ears open to a “real” job haha!! I’ve been approached for 2 so far but have turned them down, mainly because the work wasn’t anything that excited me. Now that I am blogging, I love doing it. I looked at the other jobs and was like, “eh, I’ll probably be dreading getting up and doing that for 8 hours a day”. In other words, if the right job comes along, I’ll most likely take it. But I’m not going to take a job just for a stable paycheck.

    • John says:

      I can really relate to that Jon and it is nice to feel wanted. I love the idea about a “stable” paycheck, but believe I’d likely dread going into an office is sacrificing anything with our business is an awfully huge pill to swallow.

  • You don’t seem very enthusiastic about the opportunity, so I would say that it might be best that you not take it. You seem to love running your businesses and they are clearly going quite well. I’m a big fan of work/life balance that comes with working for somebody else, but sometimes it’s not all about that.

    • John says:

      That’s the thing, I don’t know that my work/life balance would be any better since I’d be working from home. Who knows though.

  • Kim says:

    I think you’d lose a lot of your freedom, even if still working for home. Unless it was a killer salary, I’d pass and keep growing your business. If it was struggling, that’s one thing, but it seems to be doing great and who knows how far you and Nicole can take it.

    • John says:

      That’s an excellent point Kim. Being the realist I am though, it’s hard to see this and not think what if, pass on it and then six months down the road it all blows up in our faces.

  • I would say this, John..

    A friend of mine in a similar situation ended up taking the corporate blogging job, and as a result– they lost pretty much all interest in their own site. It just took the fun out of blogging when you were doing it as a full time job.. for someone else.

    Grain of salt alert, naturally.

    • John says:

      That is definitely something to think about Jeff. That’s the last thing I would want to have happen so it’s certainly on my mind.

  • Elizabeth H says:

    I used to work for a scam company. It was a modeling company that drained money from the wallets of hopeful parents or aspiring actors or models 🙁 ….I mean, management was nice.. But it just felt so morally wrong! Coming from the Christian background, there just came a point where I realized how meaningless this industry was. There are people out there dying, starving, fighting for their lives—–and we’re here taking advantage of our freedom by conducting a supposedly “not a scam” company. I guess because I’m younger, I was fortunately not holding onto the job for the benefits. But really though, you never know where life may take you with each opportunity. Good Luck!

  • Jon it’s nice to be in the position of having choices. I agree with several of the comments above regarding asking for more compensation. Along those lines, you might consider asking the company to be able to work fewer hours for the same comp. Also as you know you need to look at the job’s total comp including benefits like health insurance if that’s applicable. Lifestyle and having the time to watch your kids grow up are huge factors as well, however.

    • John says:

      Those are all excellent choices Roger. I had not thought of the fewer hours for same compensation so that is an idea. It is nice being in the position of having choices, I just hate making the decision. 🙂

  • Kassandra says:

    At this point, you’re in a good place in your self-employment career and there is room to grow it. You don’t sound sure of this new opportunity even though it may hold out some positives as you mentioned. As for the salary, even if you were able to get it up to a level that made more sense to you, would you still feel really excited by it? Take the money out of the equation and list the pros and cons of it. As always, make the best decision with your family in mind! Have a great week-end John.

    • John says:

      I love doing pro/con lists Kassandra! For someone who hates making the final decision those tend to help a lot. You have a great weekend as well!

  • Grayson Bell says:

    You know how I feel sir! I know you will make the right decision, but from how you wrote this, I just don’t see you full confident in the position.

  • You weren’t looking for the position so therefore you don’t really want the position. Sounds like your gut is telling you ‘no’ as well. Everyone commenting is your affirmation.

    • John says:

      I don’t know if it’s so much that as it is that the salary doesn’t excite me and concerned about what it would mean for our business and the blogs as well. If the right job came along I would listen to it, but it has to be a very good one at that.

  • Congrats on the job offer. It’s always a tough decision to make, but it really is a personal decision. And I’m sure deep down, you probably know where you’re leaning…which is to not take it. Although if it doesn’t burn any bridges, I guess it’s an option to test out that job (if the salary/benefits are to your liking and the job is something you would enjoy). And with the other comments above, there are some good points. Maybe you can negotiate a better compensation package. It is good to have choices and options, even though the decision is a tough one. Good luck and have a great weekend.

    • John says:

      Thanks Andrew! It is nice to have the choices, though I suck at making the decision. I’m leaning towards not taking it, especially in light of all the comments…they tell me my gut was right.

  • It’s a tough call. But if your heart isn’t into it then you probably will not be happy in the new position. Good Luck.

  • From the tenor of your post, it’s pretty clear you’re not overly enthused by this particular job offer. If you were financially struggling – i.e. business shrinking rather than growing – than I would probably consider it. But it sounds like the quite the opposite is occurring. You’re at a great point where it makes sense to weigh pros and cons and see where your heart lies. It doesn’t mean that job is the one for you but feeling confident about whether to go back to the man or continue growing your business is pretty priceless too.

    • John says:

      You’re definitely right Shannon. I’m not enthused about it and while the thought of a “stable” paycheck is nice to help supplement things, it just opens up a laundry list of things. I’m going to go with the pro/con list this weekend and see where that takes me.

  • Michelle says:

    TBH, if the money was right, I would sell FR and go work for the man. But I agree with Shannon that you do not sound excited enough to do that. So instead, I would keep this blog and pass on the job.

  • See I think being close to it is key, because if it were me I’d say hell yes, but since you said your first inclination is to say no, then that is what your gut is telling you. Listen to it! 🙂

  • Hey John, thanks for bringing us in on the situation. I recently turned down a pretty good offer as my situation was a lot like yours. The big difference was that the bump in pay from my last job was exponential! Anyway, I turned it down because I just don’t have the time without jeperodizing everything I’m working for. Putting time into something else means less time for my blog and my clients. Although a salary would be cool, I’m very secure with what’s going on in my life financially, and to me, a W2 just wouldn’t be worth the time…even with the few great perks that come along with being a W2 employee.

    • John says:

      Wow, I don’t know that I could have done that. But, that said, I totally get what you’re saying. What we’re building with our business is something exciting and the last thing zi want is to risk that. W2 income is nice, but I’ve learned that just because it might feel more stable doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

  • Miriam says:

    Most of my working life I was an entrepreneur – maybe about 10 years I was employed. I loved my ’employment’ but the company folded. So that meant I hit retirement without a pension. I always liked what I was doing – entreprenurial or employed – so that was a benefit. I had a friend who worked for30 years at a large corp and came out with a good retirement pension – but she hated her job most of those years. It’s a trade off I guess. It sounds like your business is doing as well as you could expect at this point in its life and it could get much better if you are able to give your attention to it. You could maybe juggle the new job and the blog by reducing the daily writing to 2-3 times a week or even weekly with extra posts when you have time. BUT … the key question I’ve learned to ask is about quality of life. Will this new job improve the quality of your life? (Hint – it doesn’t sound like it would from you’ve said so far). Just some food for thoght. Life is more than work.

    • John says:

      You’re definitely right Miriam, it is a trade off and things are going well – which is why I don’t want to risk that. I could balance things out some and pull back, but don’t know if that’s worth it in the long run.

  • Sam says:


    The lure of more MONEY! I’m consulting part-time for 25 hours a week and decided to take 100% equity for compensation.

    I enjoy it so far. Give it a try at least and earn double bank.

    • John says:

      Hey Sam! Sounds like you’ve got a pretty sweet gig set up there at PC. I’m just not certain that I could balance it all and risk what we’ve got going on with our business.

  • E.M. says:

    I just wanted to wish you luck in your decision – everyone else has pretty much summed up my thoughts! If your first instinct was to say no, and the salary isn’t worth it, it’s probably best to continue growing your business. Even if things somehow slowed down in the future, you have a lot of great skills and people to reach out to! There will likely be other opportunities that will come your way.

    • John says:

      Thanks E.M.! You’re right, most have said things along the same wavelength which definitely helps in my decision making. 🙂

  • David @ Simple Money Concept says:

    I think one of the biggest considerations is the rising health-care cost. It would be nice if your company is paying for the premium! That alone can be worth about $10,000 for the entire family. Kinda hard to turn that down, huh?

    • John says:

      That’s an excellent point David. That is definitely a concern. We cover our own insurance right now, and at least we can write it off on our taxes. It would be nice to get someone else to pick up the tab for that, though I’m not too confident as to how long employer covered insurance will stick around for. I see it going the way of the pension as employers look to shift costs to employees. So, while it is a benefit I would definitely be looking for, it’s not one that I’d be counting on keeping.

  • Marvin says:

    Wow John! Glad to here about the new opportunities coming your way. I often tussle with the same problem. While I am starting to get some online success there would have to be a multitude of things in place before I left my W2 income. This is mainly due to the reasons you outlined above, benefits, security, etc. While I dream of working from home and making up my own hours I play devil’s advocate far too often and honestly have the same question you proposed today. It’s been great seeing all the responses. Hope they give you some insight!

    • John says:

      Thanks Marvin! It is pretty nice to feel wanted. I understand the security issue, especially with having a family. I just question the wisdom of pursuing it with how well our business is growing, as well as blogging. Yea, most of the comments have pretty much summed up what was going on in my gut, though I’ll still do a pro/con list this weekend.

  • Have you prayed about it? 🙂

  • Kemkem says:

    Sorry.. I actually feel the opposite of what others have said. I think if it had been a gut instinct , you would have turned it down right away and not really thought much more about it anymore. Sounding it out makes me think you have major doubts, which it think you should. Is it possible for you to have the Mrs pick up more of the running of the business while you take on this job (assuming they increased the pay) . There’s a lot to be said for being independent and blogging etc, but there is a lot to be said for security of a paycheck and especially a 401k plan and health benefits. I don’t know, maybe l’m just old (49) but it seems everyone wants this “freedom” and most think working for the man or whatever is horrible. You could always quit again if it doesn’t work out. I reread your post before writing this, and l still feel the same way. Good luck with the decision, l know it’s not going to be easy.

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