I Need Money Now: 13 Legit Ways to Get Money Today

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I need money now is a common feeling by many to make ends meet. Here are 13 ways to get money today to pay bills or put extra money in your wallet.

You may need to make money fast because you want to buy concert tickets, your car broke down, or because you want to pay off some lingering debt. Regardless of the reason, if you’re telling yourself “I need money today,” then keep reading. We’re sharing 13 legit ways you can get money today.

1. Deliver Meals with Uber Eats


Thanks to the explosion in the rideshare space there are many ways to make money delivering meals.

With Uber Eats you earn money based on the number of meals delivered and mileage you drive. Uber Eats pays you a pickup fee, a drop off fee and mileage. You can either use a car, bike, or scooter to deliver meals and you must be able to life up to 30 pounds.

You get to keep 100 percent of your tips. If the recipient pays a cash tip, that’s money you get now without having to wait the week.

There are numerous ways to get paid for driving your car. Don’t overlook them if you need a way to make extra money quickly that requires little skill and a flexible schedule.

2. Drive People Around Town


Working for a rideshare company like Lyft empowers you to make decent money working part-time, while setting your own schedule.

Lyft pays you weekly and you make money when a rider gives you a cash tip. Plus, they’re currently offering a $1,000 earnings guarantee in your first 30 days. You just need 125 rides in the first 30 days to reach the guarantee.

Once you’re approved to drive for Lyft, you download the app to accept riders. You can be logged in whenever you want, allowing you to work whenever you want.

If you want to learn about how to make money in the rideshare industry, check out our guide on how to make money driving for Lyft.

3. Make Money on Your Phone with Swagbucks


Swagbucks, and other similar sites let you make money in your free time. These aren’t labor-intensive tasks; these are things you might already be doing anyway.

Swagbucks pays you in points for different activities, such as:

  • Playing games
  • Taking surveys
  • Using their search engine
  • Using their shopping portal
  • Watching videos

You won’t earn a lot of money with Swagbucks, but they have a low payout threshold – $3. Cash is paid via PayPal so you can get money fast. Swagbucks also pays out a $10 bonus for new users to help you start earning.

4. Sell Your Stuff Online


The two best sites to sell items and make money today are Decluttr and SecondSpin.

The sites are separately run, with both allowing you to sell items you no longer use to make money quickly. You may not make as much as if you were to have a garage sale, but it also saves on the time investment of running a garage sale.

Items you can sell on Decluttr and SecondSpin include:

  • Books
  • Cell phones
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Lego sets
  • Video games

Both sites work similarly. You scan the UPC barcode of the item you want to sell and they tell you what they will pay for the item. They provide a packing slip for you to mail the item and once they receive your items they pay via direct deposit or PayPal.

5. Take Surveys with Survey Junkie


One of the best ways to get money now is by taking online surveys with Survey Junkie.

You will not get rich quick taking online surveys. It will not replace your income. However, if you have spare time on your hands and need a way to make some fast cash now, online surveys are a great option to consider.

We recommend Survey Junkie as they compensate you right after completing a survey. They give you points that can be redeemed as cash or converted into gift cards to Amazon.

Survey Junkie does not charge a fee to redeem cash and has a minimal $10 payout threshold.

Many survey sites make you wait longer to cash out, but Survey Junkie allows you to get money quickly without a hassle.

 6. Negotiate A Bill


One of the best ways to get money today is to negotiate a bill to a lower price or get rid of a membership or subscription you no longer use. Cutting needless expenses is one of the best first steps to take to free up money without much effort.

If the thought of calling service providers to negotiate or cancel seems overwhelming, use Trim.

This powerful little app automatically scans your transactions on a regular basis to find money saving opportunities. Plus, Trim is free to use!

7. Make Money Shopping for Groceries


With Ibotta, you can make money through your normal grocery shopping. The last thing you might think of to make money today is to go shopping, but with apps like Ibotta you can. Instead of clipping coupons, you get money back for many things you buy at the store.

Just download the Ibotta app to your smartphone, select a retailer (they support over 300), unlock rebates on items you want and buy them.

Then, scan your receipt into the app, and get paid. Once you have a $20 balance (which is relatively easy to reach), you’ll be paid via PayPal or Venmo.

8. Rent A Room


Airbnb lets you rent out part or all of your house to travelers that need a place to stay. There are a variety of factors that dictate how much you can make renting your room or house through Airbnb.

The biggest contributor is often where you live. The higher demand your location, the more you can charge.

You can also charge more if you offer certain amenities. If you can think outside the box, renting a room or a property through Airbnb is a great way to make fast money.

9. Pawn Something You Don’t Really Want


When I first started paying off debt, I pawned my TV and other items around my apartment I was not using on a regular basis. This provided money I could use to help pay a bill and provide a little relief.

Just make sure not to pawn items that have sentimental value to you. I pawned my high school class ring and wish now that I would have tried to find another source to bring in extra cash.

10. Sell Your Old Phones or Other Devices


We already discussed selling items you have around the house in #4. However, there are other ways you can sell items online if you need to get money fast.

Old cell phones are a great source to earn extra money, but you can also sell items like old laptops, tablets, and computers to earn money through sites like BuyBack Boss and Gazelle.

Just like with Decluttr and SecondSpin you scan the UPC barcode and BuyBack Boss and Gazelle tell you how much your item is worth. You ship the item with the provided packing slip and they pay you via direct deposit or PayPal.

11. Sell Old Clothes


Selling some clothes you don’t wear can be a great way to get money now. There are various ways you can sell clothing to make money, such as:

Facebook Marketplace – convenience without the fees you run into with eBay

ThredUp – an awesome virtual consignment store that buys from a select group of different brands

If you have a larger family, selling clothes is a good way to make money now – especially if you have gently worn children’s clothing.

12. Become A Tasker


TaskRabbit is a site people use to get small and large tasks done.

Just sign up to become a Tasker and indicate the types of jobs you can take and special skills.

Once you do that, TaskRabbit notifies you of jobs they have available in your area – both currently and on a regular basis.

When you complete the task, you invoice TaskRabbit directly, and they collect payment from the clients, minus any tips you receive right away. TaskRabbit pays out on a weekly basis, and you set the schedule you want to work.

I need money now is a common feeling by many to make ends meet. Here are 13 ways to get money today to pay bills or put extra money in your wallet.

13. Sell Unused Gift Cards


If you have unused gift cards, selling them online through CardPool to get cash is one of the better ways to get money quickly.

Just list the card and once it sells, you send it to them for free, via their packing slip. They send payment the day after they receive the gift card via paper check or Amazon gift card.

There’s no maximum on the amount they will take and they pay up to 92 percent of the face value.

Do you need money today? There are many legit ways to make money really quickly to help in your time of need. If you have the time, willingness to work, or a specialized skill, there’s no reason you can’t earn money now to pad your bank account.


Have you’ve tried any of these side jobs to make money fast? What are some other legit ways to make money quickly? What’s one thing you would not do to get money today?

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  • Thomas Bell says:

    To get paid doing surveys online how do I receive the money. And what’s the first step to getting started,can I get a phone number to talk to someone about getting started,

    • John Schmoll says:

      Most online survey companies will pay out via PayPal or check. When you open an account with a survey company they’ll ask how you want to get paid. 🙂

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