Need A Drink This Holiday Season? Look No Further!

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Holiday Season

How crazy is it that Christmas is nearly upon us? It feels like just yesterday it was summertime and we were busy in the garden. I knew I wanted to post an infographic today and looked high and low for a Christmas themed one. What I found was a bunch of the same things…history of the Christmas tree or 12 days of Christmas. Those are fine and all, but honestly, they were sort of ho-hum. Then I found this one on drinks during the Holiday season and what quicker way to get rid of boring than alcohol?! 😉   I actually started brewing my own beer this year and have found a hobby that I really enjoy. I know…I do sound a bit like a booze hound, but really, I just enjoy a good drink every now and then.

Let’s face it, the Holidays can be a bit on the stressful side. You might be dealing with getting last minute Christmas gifts or simply dealing with extended family, either of which can be a good excuse to try out a good drink. Well, Frugal Rules is here to help with this infographic! 🙂

I loved this infographic because not only is it actionable in that it gives you some drink recipes, but it also tells you how to prepare them. Not only that, it has some drinks that claim to be from different areas of the world. Truth be told, I don’t have any clue if they’re all truly accurate in terms of being from the specific countries, but they do look tasty all the same. So, my friends, I’ll spare you talk about money on this fine Christmas Eve day, but leave you with something even better – a new drink or two! 😉

And, of course, please make sure that when you do choose to enjoy one of these new to you drinks, to NOT drink and drive!

Christmas Drinks from Around the Globe

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Where will you be “traveling” for the Holidays? From the looks of it, Siberia, Paris or the Caribbean all look great to me!     🙂

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