How to Monetize Your Existing Skills and Knowledge

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monetize your existing skills

All of us can imagine how things would be if we had a different educational history. Maybe if we had tried harder in high school, we could have made it into a better program in college. Maybe if we had kept it up, we’d be fluent in that foreign language right now. There are a lot of what-ifs when it comes to the stuff we know and how we make our money. It makes us wonder if maybe we should take the time to go back to school, or something like that.

What many of us forget is that there are existing skills that we already have, which we can use to change our financial lives. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you are old enough to read this sentence, you already know you can monetize your existing skills. There are a few examples below.

Forex: If there is one thing you know about by adulthood, it’s money. You not only know about what your money can buy, but how money’s value has changed over the course of your life. If you’re old enough, you remember the days when a gallon of gas costed less than a dollar. Part of this is due to the relative demand and availability of oil, but it’s also due to the value of the dollar.

Currencies fluctuate in value all the time. Forex is an investment form related to these value changes. New users make an account with a trusted Forex broker like ETX Forex Trading. From here, they’ll take their knowledge of one or more currencies, usually their own, and make investments about the future values of the currency they choose. If, at the end of a chosen period of time, the currency has changed value in the direction the user chose, dividends are earned. The more you know about your currency, the better you are liable to do.

Translation: If you are fluent in a different language, you can likely get work in your area translating, teaching, or mentoring. Hospitals are in frequent need of native language translators, as are many other local institutions. Most people don’t think of a language they learned as a child as a skill. But knowledge is valuable relative to its local scarcity. If the language you know isn’t commonly spoken, it’s valuable to you and your community.

Writing and Editing: If you can write, you can likely find a way to do it for money. Freelance writing and editing jobs are easy to find online through companies like Upwork. Users get feedback from clients after performing jobs. As your rating goes up, it’s easier to get jobs, and you can start to make real money. There are easy jobs and hard jobs, and with the endless variety available through this site, you’ll be able to find a job fit for you.

There are lots of ways to use skills that you already have to make money. Take stock of skills you have, and imagine new ways they could be used to add to your present income.

Can you think of any ways to monetize your existing skills?

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