3 Ways Millennials Have Made the World a Better Place

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Millennials get a reputation for being entitled or lazy, but that is an overgeneralization. Here are 3 positive impacts millennials have had on the world.

Each generation always thinks the generation after them is lazy or in some way lacks the positive attributes that they supposedly have.

When millennials entered the work force, that belief held true. Many superiors labeled millennials as entitled and spoiled. Because millennials grew up deeply embedded in the Internet age, they aim for efficiency and sometimes that can come across as cutting corners or not relying on their own talents.

However, as millennials become older, assume leadership positions and move up their company ladders, many other positive attributes have emerged that show millennials have made a tremendously positive impact on the world.

So, if you’re one of the people who still thinks millennials have a lot to prove before they garner respect, consider these ways millennials have made the world a better place:

A Commitment to Entrepreneurship


Many millennials experienced the 2008 recession firsthand. We saw our friends and family lose jobs. We graduated and faced a dismal job market. We know what it feels like to have significant student loan debt without a good way to pay it off. The positives that came out of this, though, were a slew of new businesses and ideas. Millennials make great entrepreneurs because as a whole we think big and believe that we can make the world better.

Some notable millennial entrepreneurs are of course Mark Zuckerberg and Ivanka Trump. The best part is, though, they aren’t the only ones. There are thousands upon thousands of millennials who are self-employed as solopreneurs, whether they’ve created their own photography businesses, a small Etsy store, or a massive digital empire. In fact, a recent study by Bentley University found that millennials are the true entrepreneurial generation.

A Commitment to Following Your Passion


Many millennials grew up with parents who encouraged them to find good, steady jobs with benefits. While there’s nothing wrong with that, if you take a look around, many people who have those steady jobs hate them and are counting the days until they can retire. Millennials are overwhelmingly focused on following their passions. They want a job they enjoy; one they look forward to going to every morning.

While many see this as unreasonable, I see it as refreshing. After all, I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to start my own business if I hadn’t seen so many other millennial bloggers succeed with this business model before me. There is such a strong rhetoric about doing work you love and not doing work that just pays the bills in the milliennial community. There are countless books, courses, and coaches that focus on helping others find their passions but by and large, millennials are the leaders in the quest for happiness and fulfillment at work.

Millennials get a reputation for being entitled or lazy, but that is an overgeneralization. Here are 3 positive impacts millennials have had on the world.

A Commitment to Social Change and Improvement


Millennials love to take action. Remember when the company, Toms, began? That was really one of the first “buy one, give one” companies. Now, there are a variety of businesses dedicated to improving other parts of the world by donating portions of their profits or having some sort of dedication to social issues.

Just recently, I participated in an Indegogo campaign where if you bought their homemade stuffed animals for your kids, you provided 10 meals to children in need in other parts of the world. Now it seems like shoppers really appreciate businesses with a message or a purpose like this. After all, it makes us feel good to shop if we know the proceeds or at least the business itself is doing some good in the world.

While I can’t speak for all millennials (and I am a bit biased being one!) I do think the vast majority of people who grew up in my generation are interested in making the world a better place. They can do this through entrepreneurship, helping others and making smart choices when buying products and services.

While our generation has other big hurdles, like poor financial literacy and crushing student loan debt, we also have a lot of attributes. I know many older generations think we’re lazy or entitled but as our generation matures and leads, there is more of an opportunity for more creativity, more giving, and more tolerance in the workplace, and that, my friends is not a bad thing.


Are you a millennial? How do you make the world a better place? What positive impacts do you believe millennials are having on the world? If you’re not a millennial, how do you see your generation positively impacting the world?

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  • Hannah says:

    I think that one of the most defining characteristics of our generation is that we crave stability and we’re practical in how we approach the need for stability. I think the outgrowth of the desire for stability has been not relying on employers, being more team-oriented, and emphasizing the importance of appearances (online I mean).

    Stable used to mean staying with the same company, now it means figuring out how to leverage your skills in new scenarios. Stable used to mean getting married at 18, now it means deferring marriage until your done with student loans.

    Stable used to mean being a little selfish to get ahead in business, now stable means leveling the playing field where possible.

  • Jaime says:

    Thank you! I’m tired of hearing how millennials are ruining the world, lazy, etc. Thanks for standing up for us!

  • True activism, really crushing the old social norms (have a a job, have kids) and building businesses are indeed some great things we have done in our short lives. For me, turning into a work from home woman (mom, now) was THE BEST thing ever. And traveling as much as we could really opened our eyes.

  • I think the entrepreneurial spirit and drive is one of the greatest gifts millennials have given to the world. Many of the millennial entrepreneurs that I know had to become one out of necessity and lack of job opportunities but it still takes tremendous courage and faith to start your own business and I’m inspired by all of them.

  • Tonya says:

    Love this! I’ve always been a fan of the Millennial Generation. Perhaps I’m biased since I’ve raise two amazing Millennial’s, but I’ve been so impressed with this generation. I see so much positive change from them. (It’s not too late for us Gen X’ers to do the same!) 😉

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