How to Learn Anything For Free

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learn anything for free

I’m all about free education, especially after taking out large sums of money to go to college and graduate school. Had I known what I know now, I might have chosen a completely different path. Still, that hasn’t stopped my love of learning or my desire to learn anything for free whenever I can.

In the past few years, I’ve considered going back to school numerous times. The problem is that I am interested in way too many things. Would I go back to school for business, finance, digital marketing, or hey, maybe law school?

It’s never been a better time to be a lifelong learner. In the past, learning has always been really expensive but that’s not the case anymore. Here are some ways you can learn anything for free.

1. Use the library


It seems simple, I know, but how many people actually use the public library? Even if the books in there seem outdated, they likely have numerous books that you can get for free through a library loan or through e-books. If you like to scribble in your books as you learn from them, consider a used book store. The Barnes & Noble near my house has a massive used book collection. Just last week I got a personal finance book there for $1 and it was autographed by the author.

2. Read the paper


The paper can get expensive, but you can always share it with someone. I loved living next to my father in law because he got the Wall Street Journal every day and let me have it when he was finished reading it. Now that I live far away, I have to rely on the free app and it’s not nearly as good!

3. Talk to someone older and wiser


I love chatting with other bloggers on google hangouts or via e-mail every week. I am constantly soaking up knowledge from them whether it’s about new tools to streamline work or just to get some encouragement. I’m now in the business of meeting bloggers in real life too. I’ve spent a good deal of time with Shannon, and I just love listening to her stories and getting inspired by her business smarts.

4. Use free online videos


If I can learn how to put on make-up with YouTube videos then anyone can learn anything online. I especially like how many top schools, even Ivy League schools, are offering free videos of their courses. You don’t get credit but you can learn from some of the best. If you want to learn a new skill without forking out thousands of dollars for a new degree, this is likely the best way.

All in all, there is nothing stopping you from learning something new. Money is not a barrier because there are so many ways to educate yourself without having to fill out endless applications and paying the price tag that comes along with going back to school. Since I won’t be taking any classes anytime soon, I’ll just have to enjoy a few videos and a nice book here and there. To be honest, I think we’re all so very lucky to live in an age where this type of information is so readily available!



Have you ever learned something new totally for free? Are you considering going back to school? Is there a way you can learn what you want to without needing to invest the time and money in a degree for it?

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