How Much Things Cost According to a 6 Year Old

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six year old saving

As some of you may know Mrs. Frugal Rules and I have three little ones; the oldest little Frugal Rule will be turning six in just a few short months. Just like her parents she is very inquisitive about things and life which has made it quite natural for us to begin the process of teaching her about money and how much things cost. When I saw this infographic I knew right away that I wanted to share it as it really is cute and also funny to see how little ones think how much things cost and when they think they’ll get certain things, like a car. I just had to laugh when I saw that 25% of the kids asked in this informal poll thought they would be owning a car by age 12. This reminds me of how our daughter will often comment that the jar we put our spare change in will fund our entire summer vacation for our family of five. There were some other statistics in this infographic that gave me a chuckle, like the fact that 25% of the kids thought that a house costs roughly $155. Just imagine the real estate empire you could build if that were true! πŸ˜‰

In all seriousness though, as our daughter gets older she really is starting to grapple with the concept of how much things cost – at least to the level that she can. This gives me further ambition to teach her and our other children about money, how to handle it and more importantly how to manage it wisely so they can grow up to be financially literate and impact those around them. As Shannon said last week, that is one of the most loving things parents can do for their children, to which I would also add that it is also our duty to pass on that wisdom so they can have a better life. Certainly life is about more than just money and how much things cost, but we would be seriously remiss to not direct them as they begin to grapple with the concept of finances.

What did you like in this infographic? Do you think it’s only children that grapple with how much things cost?

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