The High Cost of Divorce

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The High Cost of Divorce

Just as it is usually quite expensive to tie the knot, it can be just as expensive to untie the knot with a divorce as well.

In fact, divorce costs have gotten high enough that some people actually stay in unhappy marriages to avoid the hassle and expense of legally divorcing their spouse. In 2016 CBS News reported that the average cost of divorce in the US is around $15,000 to $20,000, although it varies from state to state.

But just what causes the high cost of divorce?

Attorney Fees


The fees charged by attorneys can be vastly different depending on what region of the country you live in, who you hire, and how much experience they have. Of course, one of the other contributing factors to how much you will have to pay in attorney fees is how much you have to use your attorney. If there is a lot of conflict in the marriage, you may have to involve your attorney many times during the divorce proceedings which can rack up the cost in a hurry.

Paperwork & Court Costs


When arguments break out over who gets the house as well as all of the other joint owned possessions, couples tend to end up in court. All of the associated paperwork and court costs can add up if you find yourselves arguing over every little thing. Of course, one spouse may end up being directed by the judge to pay for the legal fees of the other, but that is after going to court. Most of the legal fees and court costs will still have to be paid up front which can add up fast.

Missed Pay


Don’t forget all of the time away from work when calculating divorce costs. Each time you clock out to go to another meeting or to court over your divorce can cause you to lose income. In addition, the messier the divorce is, the more time away from work you will experience. If you own a business the missed pay could end up causing you to close your business altogether.

Child Custody


If you have children the costs of getting a divorce can go up even more. Most parties would prefer to settle child custody issues as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Unfortunately, it can’t always be done. When you need to hire an experienced law firm that can help you resolve child custody battles in Sydney, turn to Prime Lawyers.



Sometimes one spouse will ask for alimony during the divorce proceedings. How much, if any, alimony is awarded can vary in each situation.  It can depend on a lot of factors. One is where you live. Another could be financial contributions of both parties during the marriage. The length of the marriage, and other many other factors are considered as well. There are different types of alimony that can be awarded, such as temporary alimony. The costs, therefore, vary greatly depending on each unique case. But, they can add to the overall costs of getting a divorce.

As you can see, the high cost of divorce is caused by several factors. If you are considering divorce, perhaps you could try mediation with your spouse first to avoid as many of these costs as possible.

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