The Future for Wedding Dress Businesses

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The business for designer wedding dresses is always in a state of flux as designers come into fashion and go out again but there’s also the prospect of a trend taking off that may take designers and brides-to-be unawares.

Upcoming Trends


For instance, the wedding dress industry is reporting that brides around the world are increasingly opting for unusual wedding dress designs including those with floral prints.

Others are also opting for tie-dyed and pastel shades rather than choosing a wedding dress in traditional ivory, cream or white.

This means that there is a new world of possibilities when it comes to choosing designer wedding dresses, for instance.

That’s because where a wedding dress trend begins to go, wedding dress designers will follow it to offer brides a wide variety of choice.

Making a Statement


Brides who are opting to wear floral gowns are making a statement while other brides may opt to go for a traditional style of wedding dress in cream, for instance, while having very subtle flowers imprinted on it.

There’s no doubt that some designers are now picking up on a trend to use a lighter color palette. They are also adding pretty but delicate floral prints. It appears that this trend growing and has staying power.

Indeed, many wedding dress designers are predicting that fashion aware brides will increasingly opt for floral prints. These reflect the bride’s tastes either in wanting to make a statement or for wearing a traditional wedding dress with a twist.

Some brides with floral embellished dresses may have the same embellisments in their bouquet of flowers.

Some brides are also looking for designer wedding dresses with a shorter length as well. This goes against the grain for long, traditional wedding dresses.

Repeating History


However, the wedding dress fashion industry should not be that surprised about the latest trends. Many are a repeat of history.

When Queen Elizabeth was married she wore a wedding gown with floral embellishments in 1947.

Another trend that is coming in 2017 is high necklines, which is a far cry from years past when strapless and sweetheart dresses were very popular. High necklines are another instance where history repeats itself when it comes to fashion trends.

Off the shoulder gowns will also be making a comeback in 2017 according to trend forecasters. So it seems brides are beginning to move away from the trends of the last few years.

While the taste for wedding dresses will change with every fashion season, it really does appear that the trend for using floral prints rather than traditional wedding gown colors is here to stay. There will be no doubt that more wedding dress designers will join this emerging trend.

In addition, with many brides wanting designer wedding dresses to reflect their own tastes. They also want to make a statement of who they are on their special day. Those attending weddings should be prepared for some unusual floral designs. Luckily, many are eye-catching, stylish, and suit the bride-to-be perfectly.

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